Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Layout Update Progress

Apart from playing a lot, I mean seriously a lot of facebook games (I'm currently addicted to Treasure Mania), I've manage to completely organize my blog list as follows:

Bloggers (from all over) = 196
CSPians = 112
Blogshops, craft shops, camera shops = 182

A total of 490 blogs. These are from my following (blogger function) and blog list widgets (in the page). I hope I categorize them correctly. Next thing I'm gonna check for dead links. I notice some of the blogs are locked. @_@"""

After this, I'm gonna copy all my widget codings, so I won't have to reopen all the links I joined and recopy the codes hehe~ *smart~ We'll see when I'll manage to finish this.

New blog layout transition might take a lil bit longer coz I'm cleaning (seriously cleaning) my room during the weekends @_@"""

And I seriously need to give away/sell some of my clothes XD


  1. Have fun finishing your layout & cleaning your room Massy! ^____^

    Darn, I can never finish cleaning my room. It is full with comic books and whenever I start cleaning, I'll end up lying in my bed reading those books all over again. =___="

    BTW, you are a hardcore gamer. I barely can stand 1 game. Farmville. :P
    BTW again, U gave me Farmville gifts before rite? Thanks ^___^"

  2. @cicak: wakkakaka omg, I randomly send gifts oh. And randomly click games..I could play 3-4 games at 1 time and check blog at the same time LOL ancus..and chat multi tasking XD

  3. 490 people following you? Wadui, banyak neyr :D I think I only have 2 0r 3 la ... hehehe!

  4. @Nick: It's the other way around. I follow that many blog XD well not that many la but I feel a lot also XD

  5. Phew I made the list! :-)

  6. @Dan: yar, banyak duplicate link ko at my blog LOL. I had to combine all XD sot my feeder.

  7. i get addicted to fb games coz u keep on posting them ! its all ur fault! :P

  8. @elfie: My bad but but, I want members for GG game XD kekekekeke ;) tempting ain't it? XD

  9. Ya..ya!! FB game (Ghost Trappers) is controlling my life now..LOL!! I hate FB games coz' its addictive..

  10. @kadusmama: yah!!! and it's taking over mine too thank yew @_@ aduh~