Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life So Far...

I've been listening to Supercar - Otogi Nation and some They Might Be Giants songs. Super nice XD

Wuah, the monthly parking haf a new look oh O.O Btw, for those who're not aware. This is my monthly parking ticket/sticker. I wouldn't call it a sticker coz it's not a sticker. I had to stick selotape on it *tsk~ 1 month RM52.50. 1 year omg! Kaya DBKK!

Anyways, I went lunch with Amy today. Yay! We ordered set lunch. Total cost RM16.61. The bolognese is nice XD

And the regular pizza. Since I only can take fish/chicken *sigh. Thank yew Amy T_T. Anyways, this pizza is called Cool Lime something. I couldn't remember. Sorry. The taste. Erm, wait, lemme take my moment to think. Hmm. No, I still can't come up with anything yet. Anyways, the content, *hiks, actually is a mixture of chicken, onions, cheese, lime?! and mayo *cough yes u heard me. Guess how I ate it? With loads of tabasco sauce and cheese mwahhahaha XD I lurve!

I want go lunch outing again XD weeee

Amy tomolo we go eat Claypot Rice that day de? *drools. Well if u're around my area lur. If not then next Wednesday. Oh wait, next Wednesday is 4th ka? *blur blur.

Anyways, my fren, who is an ex Bina Purian will be getting married on 7th July. I'll be going on the 14th July with some other ex Bina Purian. Time to serbu~! I hope his house at Tuaran not far *tsk tsk. Did him a favour by contacting and informing the other ex Bina Purian and some other Bina Purian XD

My plan for today is to go look for working clothes. Seriously. My working clothes are limited. I could be asking for some from my sis even. But, erm, nvm. Couldn't find anything T_T *sigh. I went to Wisma Merdeka *sigh. Nothing for me to buy. Instead, I bought this. Mwahhahaha! Double tongue navy color Converse shoe mwahhaha XD I'm enjoying it.

I feel like a little kid again! XD Ogie, too much. *cough I was actually putting it on and walking up to my room. Yes, I was jumping around with it *cough lululu~ *whistle.

Ahh, have anyone heard of this new brand called "Love Moon"? My sis been promoting it to me for days man. I got really annoyed at one point. But today, to my surprise, my mum was into it too. After the demo. Anyone know about this? This is actually a panty liner.

But u can oso use it on ur leg. U know like those Negative Ion Health Pad thinggie? I dunno much about it. Maybe I should get my sis to explain to me again *cough. I'll tell u about it on my next blog entry. Once I get myself to pay attention XD

Till then, off to bed I go XD

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

>_< *sigh

Talking about getting ur pc infected. Today is the day where my pc at work gets screwed! *sigh~ I was transfering some files to my colleague's thumbdrive. Guess wut happen? Everything turn really slow. And when I rebooted my pc. I can't open any darn frigging application! >:(

It must be her computer at home or at work that caused this problem here! *sigh~ Am so annoyed.

I'm currently running on Safe Mode with networking. I'll be scanning my computer >:(

Monday, June 25, 2007

T_T *tsk

Am so sad. I had chicken rice from Vietnam Peppermint *tsk~ Gahh!!! stewped freaking rashes. Told my mum about it. Guess wut she said? "Osyter Sauce". *tsk~ Am so annoyed.

So wut can I eat lah?! *tsk~ Vegetarian la like this.

When I'm Bored

Got this from Alsa's blog XD

You Have a Choleric Temperament

You are a person of great enthusiasm - easily excited by many things.
Unsatisfied by the ordinary, you are reaching for an epic, extraordinary life.
You want the best. The best life. The best love. The best reputation.

You posses a sharp and keen intellect. Your mind is your primary weapon.
Strong willed, nothing can keep you down. Your energy can break down any wall.
You're an instantly passionate person - and this passion gives you an intoxicating power over others.

At your worst, you are a narcissist. Full of yourself and even proud of your faults.
Stubborn and opinionated, you know what you think is right. End of discussion.
A bit of a misanthrope, you often see others as weak, ignorant, and inferior.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life Progress

This is why, one should not mix too many junk fewd in a day *cough. Bad example massy bad, very bad. Yes, I woke up at 5am this morning for *cough toilet XD kekekkekeke. And I'm super fresh now, so I decided to browse around XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Talking about getting hyper? Yes, I am slightly not entirely hyper weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I did some browsing at COLOURlovers, as recommended by cindy. Umm, I love some colors but I dunno how to mix it in a layout *cough. Yes I'm very bad at it. Hmm, definately not pink, choose the same color again ah?

I'm super hungry now, try going to the toilet twice!!! *cough. Umm. Maybe I should sleep on it so I won't be hungry? Hmm. Stomach growling XD oh nois~ T_T hunger!

Oh, btw, I would wanna say now and today that I seriously hate arse kisser, posers, sweet talkers *sigh. Juz so that I got this fren. Ogie, maybe my fren concept is so wrong and slightly weird but as I said, I got this fren, who is the anti-social, dunno dun care type turned into the opposite which is very annoying to me now. *cough yes. I dun like ppl who doesn't care suddenly cared about ur well being. BE YOURSELF gawd dammit! *pftttttt. I could ignore a person behaving like this and I did. And my explanation is, "u're being weird" XD I can't explain myself for this behaviour but yes I'm confessing that I am psychotic and I'm weird XD *whistle~

Gahhh, super hungry! Sleep on it.

Mimi *pst mimi. Come find ur lingling.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's Up?

Lemme see, this is wut I had yesterday for breakfast

And chocolate cupcake for er tea time? XD

Mum and bro went to have their hair cut. I didn't wanna cut there. Didn't like the place. Well I cut there before but they screwed my hair. So, yeah. I'm very er picky. XD Need haircut! Need haircut!

New shot I took earlier today. Was playing with color accent er...i think i pick color wrongly opps. I was in a hurry coz mum was rushing me XD

Other than dat, haven't been doing much stuff lately. Been lazing around and eating omg~ T_T help!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Yet another test layout

And yes, I did another test layout. *cough pemalas.. I need to include photos into my banner. Seriously. In this case I use brush ^^; lalala. I know the color sucks T_T

Check it here.

Yes, I'm still doing a lot of layout testing before I finally decided to change it. I still like this layout though XD

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life Progress

Nothing much happened today.

The only thing I'm gonna post is fewd XD

Ogie, so, I had lunch earlier. Fewd wasn't so great coz the rice is like "ketupat". I call it "nasi ketupat". Yeah, it all stick together. I dun like that. And I had sweet and sour fish er and er "sambal terung" *cough. But, guess wut? Amy called me around nearly 12 noon and I teman her lunch at Gaya Street. She had Claypot Rice. Oh, this is the chinese restaurant next to the book store. Anybody know? The one selling laksa. Nice oso the laksa. My parents owez tapau on Sundays. XD But since I can't eat prawn. I haf to find alternatives. Poor mas.

Btw, I had some taste of it and it's great. I'm refering to the rice ogie. Tasty~ I love half boiled eggs XD

Anyways, there will be a Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run 2007 on the 7th of July 2007. Some CSP forumers are joining XD I wonder if I should. Coz I know I won't be running, I'll be walking maybe taking photos XD

Wut should I do now. Envy looking at ppl's blog layout ler. T_T I wanna redesign tsk~ Why am I not talented in designing? *tsk~ again~

Lunch at Kopitiam & The sick me T_T

Every Wednesday I could hope for Amy to have appointment at my area so we can go out for lunch. Yes, having the same boring meal everyday kills. We walked across to Kopitiam. I could only see 2 kinds of lunch meal set on the menu. Which is Rice with beef stew and rice with smoked chicken. So wut choice do I have? Chicken obviously. Here's a shot of wut we had.

I did some photo shooting while Amy finish her meal. Quite a number of ppl come here to eat. And a nice place to shoot antiques XD

a comparison between old and new ka?

The furnitures. We sat on the table at the top left *points the photo. Ogie, warning, well maybe juz to be cautious. If u're heavy, please consider seating at the marble wutever u call it, type chair. Coz, the wooden chair won't be able to support ur weight. I'm serious! Not trying to be rude, but I would consider myself heavy and slightly freaking out from sitting at that chair XD Scary, scary indeed.I went around a bit to shoot. Erm, as I still have problem shooting when lotsa ppl around. XD I dun like ppl looking at me. Well, more shots. Coffee? O.o?

No, I'm not stalking the old man. I'm juz taking a shot of him. Oh, he was telling us to take shots of the hand XD Other things u can shoot XD

Lalala, guess which is my hand? XD

Pigeons can be found around Gaya Street XD Amy did an experiment by running through them *lol. They went to the same place XD Oh darn, I didn't get a shot of dat. T_T

The weather here is crazy. I mean seriously. Hot in the day, raining in the afternoon. Wot?! And this month, wait this year, I keep getting sick. I'm weak~ Yes, I was sick. I was yawning every 5 mins and burping every now and then. *pftttt. The time I got home, I feel crappy. Wanted to blog but I couldn't stand/sit coz I'm feeling all woozie.

I showered, ate dinner (chicken soup makes me feel slightly better for awhile) and medicine, watched Duke of Hazzard: The Beginning and went to bed right after. I'm still burping and yawning this morning but it wasn't as bad as last nite.

Ahhhh, btw, Amy told me about this Vegetarian Western Fewd Restaurant somewhere at Bundusan? I wanna go eat there! Lessi go! XD Well since, I only can eat fish and chicken. Geez, no excitement at all T_T I want soft crab!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The rainy season

It's been raining, and raining, and raining. Not to say I hate rain but I can't stand looking at my dirty car. ^^; This morning I saw a car which is so superly clean. Macam baru kena wax ni. Damn! I wanna wax my car. Wait, not me waxing it, torture tu, bagus send carwash XD

You know how I'm owez in my room and partly missing out all the gossip in the office? Well, even so, I'm still able to hear wut they were talking about. Yesterday, hear minor part of story about our previous PA (personal assistant). Yeah, the one I call the "bitch"? I dun think she's working rite now but I heard, she's not putting on any "tudung" anymore, gained weight (seems happy) and guess wut? She's been getting free cash from somebody in the office *cough. *whistle. It's too obvious about these smses going on. And most of the time he go "minum kopi" with the other 2 office mates, sometimes he go some place "minum kopi" with this "bitch". *lol. Sometimes the auntie cleaner will tease him. Wut a funny scene.

On other story, I so heard again yesterday, that my colleague red something on I dunno, harian metro or berita harian online about some kinda cult in er i dunno somewhere in west malaysia? Something about group naked dancing to cure illnesses? O.O

Today, I had this thought about how my life is somewhat boring hahahahahha. This is seriously funny. I'm reviewing my life, I've been doing a routine thing everyday. OMG! I'm boring! Save me! XD

Oh, and today, I had a thought about if I were to reborn, I wanted to be somewhere near the beach surfing XD *blinked few times. Ogie, it's juz me. Save me! XD

I wanna go out and eat. Amy bring me out and eat please. T_T

Gawd, now I sound a bit pathetic. OMG! ^^;

Btw, my cousin started on blogging too. *hugs cuzzie. Check her out at my links. Under cuzzie *cough XD I'm not promoting.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life Progress

I'm screwed! I forgot my medicine today. Hope my eye won't itch. *pray~

It's been raining a lot lately and I've (as usual) would be damn lazy to wake up. It's so nice to sleep. It's really weird to see less cars around my office area today. I wonder why. One of the restaurant is closed. I wonder why too. But hey, thank gawd for parkings! XD

My mum cooked some crabs yesterday. Noi!!!! Temptation! Mas must control temptation. *tsk~ U know wut I'm dying for? Soft crabbies. I want!!! I want em! *drools. *tsk~

Scary, must control eating. Can't eat this and that. Gahhh~ I feel old. *shiteness. Me hate!

Remember when I said the electricity was out yesterday morning. The big tv at our tv room is out, my sis's modem is out and the oven is out too. Burn! Short circuit? I dunno. I couldn't remember any lightning. Hmm..I wonder.

Lemme think of wut to eat today hmm..

Monday, June 18, 2007

Talking about having a bad day

Blackout twice this morning around 7am. Yes, I owez iron my clothes at the very last minute. I know I shouldn't. I cleaned my computer table yesterday. It's clean now. Thank gawd. Scared I might be allergic to dust maybe too? XD

Mimi was crazy last nite. Should cut her nails but I couldn't. So, I'll end up getting scars on my leg again T_T oh nois. But mas couldn't cut it XD save me save me.

Was trying to make the bunnie plushie but am at doubt. Oh nois. Maybe should do the drawstring bag. Oh nois. T_T

Need to organize the cupboard too. It's all messy now. Can't stand looking at it. Even my sister's boxes in the room is irritating enuff for my eyes to see. Oh geez. Here I go. I'm going crazy.

Was gonna take some photos yesterday but it rained. Oh nois again.

I got in to the office at 9:40am today. No parking and old building bad cabling problem again. Boss told me I had to go help at Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Expo in September. Omg~ I so hate being thrown around like this. I hate joining expo thinggies. Seriously. Never gewd with ppl. ^^; Save me again plz~

Till then...I'm speechless T_T I juz need to rant this morning. *tsk~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life Progress

My eye is getting better. But it still itch every now and then. *sigh. Feel like scratching T_T

this was my itchy eye ^^;

eye cream XD

some other medicine

Was watching 200 Pounds Beauty and Babel yesterday. I love 200 Pounds Beauty. Babel umm, boring XD

Anyways, 200 Pounds Beauty is a korean movie about an obese woman who suffers from low self steem because she thinks she's not beautiful. Han na (played by Kim A-jung) is a kind woman with a great heart, as well as a great singing voice. She finds a job as a lip sync vocalist for a famous Korean pop singer, and a phone sex partner. After having her heart broken she desides to undergo a mayor full-body plastic surgery. The surgery ends up being successful, and she becomes part of a whole new world. She finds that she is treated differently when she makes mistakes, gets all the men she desires, and even gets to become a singer on stage. On the other hand there are those who think her plastic surgery is mostrous, they become the challenges she must face. All and all this is a great movie, and it's nice to see her fairy tale come true.

Babel i know the story is related but going back and forth from one story to the other is too confusing for me XD

Friday, June 15, 2007

Gewd bye seafood, beef and lamb

My right eye haf been itching for days and it's slightly swollen today. Slightly reddish. My mum said it might be an insect bite. I also dunno.

Went to the clinic. Got eye cream, antibiotics, medicine for itchiness and one to make the swollen go away. Tsk. Remember when I got the rashes few days ago. Must be because of that. So, no seafood = shrimp, squid anything seafood, beef is totally out of the question, which I had a wittle bit of it yesterday and no lamb/mutton or wutsoever. The only thing I can eat now is chicken and fish tsk~ T_T

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Slowing Down

My sleeping hours is screwed. I could sleep as early as before 8pm or could be as late as midnite and feeling fresh the next morning. Weirdness. My room is a mess. I got the need to clean it but couldn't seem to get it done. Even a haircut omg! I'm getting lazy. Super overly lazy. Oh wait, I am lazy XD oh nois~ Save me!

This morning, waited for parking till 9am. I was looking at ppl while waiting. Then notice, the parking lady was taking picture of a kancil which parked at the same parking spot for days, maybe months. Maybe they gonna tow it away? Finally? I dunno. We'll juz have to wait and see.

I wanted to make a bunnie plushie but I couldn't yet coz I dun wanna sew at nite. My eyes are bad as it is. I'll put the new layout on hold coz I hate looking at it now. I want new ideas XD maybe I should put it as my portfolio. Photos everywhere hmm I wonder.

Haven't been going anywhere lately and haven't been taking any photos. The rain aren't helping also.

Till then, I'm gonna mapuru XD

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Layout

I'm still not satisfied with my new blogger layout. So, I'm not gonna change it yet. But if you wanted to see it. Click here.

Life Progress

Do you follow your instinct? I know I should today. I already got this feeling that it gonna start off bad. Which it did. I waited for parking nearly 1 hour again *hiks~ I reach office and one of my colleague cut her hair oledi. Oh man, I still haven't cut my hair OMG! I know I know.

I found a plastic with cloth on my table. I keep on wondering whose is it. Somebody gimme or it's the auntie cleaner's? This is the thing about me. I dun really ask ppl. *hiks. Couldn't be bothered actually *hiks. Yes, bad habit I know. *tsk~

I should go ArtJam yesterday but somehow I felt really really tired. Felt like lazing around the house whole day. I even left my handphones in the room. Couldn't be bothered again XD So, guess wut I watched on astro yesterday?

Now, lemme see. Fantastic 4, ElizabethTown (oh this movie is nice), Sweet 16 on MTV ahhahahah this owez cracks me up and Casanova XD

I've been slowing down on blogging I know. I was bz creating a new layout with this blogger. Maybe coz I take shortcut in learning codings hahahhaha opps. I owez do that. XD

Well then, I'm gonna take some time to post some photos of wut we had last Saturday at Giant Kolombong Fewd Court XD
dim sum. er...this is century egg. not bad
mongolia chicken rice? i think
fried tang hoon yummie XDwa tan mee XD banyak oh the fish and chicken meat XD

And we did some mapuring.

And my sleepyhead cat on my bag XD

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Progress on a new layout

I've been trying to make a new layout with that widget thinggie but still not right. *sigh. It's harder than this one T_T tsk.

This gonna take time. I got some fewd photos I wanted to post. But I guess I'll post it in juz a bit XD

I'm hungry.

Oh btw, we kana stalk by the CSP stalker, Mir`. Check it here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Allergic Reaction

The horror! This is the first time I get any allergic reaction from eating something. I dunno which fewd to blame. *sigh. I had 2 piece of bread and 1 chicken wings for breakie. Kon Lou Mee with fish, fishcake and prawn soup for lunch. Fish, 1 tiny squid and rice for dinner. So which caused this? O.O

I was panicking but lucky my mum haf some medicine for itch, I mean allergies. But wait, it doesn't itch. Well it did earlier. Weird. Very weird. It's slowly going away now, as you can see from my photo.

before take medicine

after take medicine

The Bz-Bodiers *pfttt

My office is filled with these kinda ppl. Gawd, it's so annoying. Everything also wanna know. From wut u eat to wut u do everyday. And sometimes, ask whether ur hp is new or not. O.O. Like hello?! I've been using it for years oledi. Are their life so boring that they had to bug others? OMG! Get a life! Geez.

I brought along with me a map and some other poster to frame (as instructed by my dad), they also wanna know wut izzit geez~

Another thing I'm annoyed with is how they sleep in the office during lunch hours and ask me to wake them up. Wut am I? Their frigging alarm clock? Dui~ Get an alarm clock la. Haiz~ So annoyed. If u think this is normal or u're fine with it, try having people keep asking u "wut time izzit?" repeatingly. *sigh~ Like yesterday, one of my colleague slept in my room and ask me wut time izzit. I told her once and she asked me like 2 other times *sigh. I had to raise my voice for her to hear me. WTF!?

Meanwhile, last nite went to Wawasan Plaza with my sis. Bought a new top for myself. Er, I'm suppose to look for working clothes hee~ XD

I need a replacement for my pillows in the car. Well, my bro wants it. And I want a new one XD And I found these

i love the blue greenish ones XD those cost rm23.90 each. damn~ i want 2. my sis said it cost too much ^^;

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My 1st plushie making *cough

This is my 1st trial of plushie making..*cough cough..well exclude the dice for cars thinggie I did before, which was way easy than this.

This took roughly a day to make. Well, a day meaning to say, I started at nite and continue the next day ^^;

Sorry, no tutorials, only photos XD

the drawing

First, I did some doodle-ing. Hmm, then saw something I like, actually this reminds me of my cat hahahahah XD my bad~ And redraw to make it slightly bigger ^^; Not that big la, coz not enuff black felt.

on the hand XD
stand up straightflat kitty butt ^^; boogie!
the blur lookside view