Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life So Far...

I've been listening to Supercar - Otogi Nation and some They Might Be Giants songs. Super nice XD

Wuah, the monthly parking haf a new look oh O.O Btw, for those who're not aware. This is my monthly parking ticket/sticker. I wouldn't call it a sticker coz it's not a sticker. I had to stick selotape on it *tsk~ 1 month RM52.50. 1 year omg! Kaya DBKK!

Anyways, I went lunch with Amy today. Yay! We ordered set lunch. Total cost RM16.61. The bolognese is nice XD

And the regular pizza. Since I only can take fish/chicken *sigh. Thank yew Amy T_T. Anyways, this pizza is called Cool Lime something. I couldn't remember. Sorry. The taste. Erm, wait, lemme take my moment to think. Hmm. No, I still can't come up with anything yet. Anyways, the content, *hiks, actually is a mixture of chicken, onions, cheese, lime?! and mayo *cough yes u heard me. Guess how I ate it? With loads of tabasco sauce and cheese mwahhahaha XD I lurve!

I want go lunch outing again XD weeee

Amy tomolo we go eat Claypot Rice that day de? *drools. Well if u're around my area lur. If not then next Wednesday. Oh wait, next Wednesday is 4th ka? *blur blur.

Anyways, my fren, who is an ex Bina Purian will be getting married on 7th July. I'll be going on the 14th July with some other ex Bina Purian. Time to serbu~! I hope his house at Tuaran not far *tsk tsk. Did him a favour by contacting and informing the other ex Bina Purian and some other Bina Purian XD

My plan for today is to go look for working clothes. Seriously. My working clothes are limited. I could be asking for some from my sis even. But, erm, nvm. Couldn't find anything T_T *sigh. I went to Wisma Merdeka *sigh. Nothing for me to buy. Instead, I bought this. Mwahhahaha! Double tongue navy color Converse shoe mwahhaha XD I'm enjoying it.

I feel like a little kid again! XD Ogie, too much. *cough I was actually putting it on and walking up to my room. Yes, I was jumping around with it *cough lululu~ *whistle.

Ahh, have anyone heard of this new brand called "Love Moon"? My sis been promoting it to me for days man. I got really annoyed at one point. But today, to my surprise, my mum was into it too. After the demo. Anyone know about this? This is actually a panty liner.

But u can oso use it on ur leg. U know like those Negative Ion Health Pad thinggie? I dunno much about it. Maybe I should get my sis to explain to me again *cough. I'll tell u about it on my next blog entry. Once I get myself to pay attention XD

Till then, off to bed I go XD


  1. Uhu! New shoes! Nice. :)

    Pads on legs huh? Sounds kinda weird. Have you tried if it works? 0_o

  2. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Oooo nice pair of Converse! :D Very attractive color oh.

    Oh the pads on the foot that changes color after a few hours due to "ionization" ka? I've heard about that one tho..

  3. acom: my mum told me she went to this demo put on leg gewd for leg pain and gout oso. i ono. i'll try it later XD

    cin: yeap yeap..only this one i dunno. i'll try it first..see got any changes. *curious

    thanks..i lurve this shoe XD terus beli bah..after test gila... XD

  4. how did panty liner can become Negative Ion Health Pad thingy? very weird... ba mas, go investigate!!

  5. LOVE MOON?!

    that sounds so wrong..

  6. amy: er. ^^; mo investigate la ni XD

    dori: wot? :P