Sunday, June 03, 2007

My 1st plushie making *cough

This is my 1st trial of plushie making..*cough cough..well exclude the dice for cars thinggie I did before, which was way easy than this.

This took roughly a day to make. Well, a day meaning to say, I started at nite and continue the next day ^^;

Sorry, no tutorials, only photos XD

the drawing

First, I did some doodle-ing. Hmm, then saw something I like, actually this reminds me of my cat hahahahah XD my bad~ And redraw to make it slightly bigger ^^; Not that big la, coz not enuff black felt.

on the hand XD
stand up straightflat kitty butt ^^; boogie!
the blur lookside view


  1. Its very cute! XD

    now u can open 4 business!!! XD

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Aww.. it's so cute!
    I love the side view tho. SO SLIM!! Hahahaha..

    Hey, maybe you should make is as a hobby that could earn you some $$$ :D

  3.'ve got your first customer riiight here. *points to self*


  4. lee: ^^; not skilled enuff to make more yet ^^; *sweats

    cin: *cough cough, lack of motivation XD

    t.p: wakkakaka u're interested in buying this one? ^^; omg~ XD mas no confidence in selling XD

  5. hehehe..don't sure people will buy from you..ganbatte! =)

  6. awww tp..thanks XD u wanna be my 1st customer ^^; i dun even know how much i should sell it...XD *evil a bid hohoho...*evil grins~