Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warhammer: 40,000 - Apocalypse

Last Sunday, I get to experience playing Warhammer 40,000. Mind you, I was still down with the fever and didn't want to miss out. Hehehe. We newbs (+1 crazy veteran, *roll eyes at Rizal) as Imperial Guard against the veteran (Panja, Oliver, Ben & Revliss) as the enemies. Confused. I thought Revliss is in our team. *blurs. Isn't it? I hope I'd explain this correctly coz I'm not familiar with the names and the game itself but this is roughly what I understand about it.

This game basically means war between each players. Depending which side you're playing on a tabletop battleground. In this case, it's on the floor. XD

When talking about how big the battlefield is, check this out.

plus this

This is one big terrain. I don't know how many figure pieces on that board.

Me and Arine shared the yellow colored Ultramarines while my bro, cubex, control the blue ultramarines + terminators + dreadnought + thunder hammers.

Fighting against er chaos demons, er orcs and er I don't remember the other one @_@ sorry.

This game uses d6 dices. Oh measuring tapes for movement and range? Interesting.

We were there around 1:30pm. It's hot and sunny. The game started around 2pm-ish? @_@ I can't remember. The game ended around 6pm-ish? It rained for awhile which is gewd.

Come to think of it, this somehow gonna be a long post. Nevermind, I'm gonna summarize it, my style kekekeke.

Lets just say that the enemies manage to dug some tunnels at our side and at one point there's like nearly 100 orcs there. @_@ We were told not to panic kekeke.

We're outnumbered. 30 orcs vs 6 terminators. Prepare to die!!!

Uh oh, I'll post some photos XD

Sorry bah, when it comes to details, I blur.

Album 1, Album 2.

The important thing is that, we won! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! XD

This is fun. But it'd be more fun if we know what are their skills and when I'm not sick XD

More info about W40k on Wiki, *giggles.

And sorry if I can't explain this a lil more better, I'm still recovering. This is the worst time I ever been sick and my appetite is low, way low, I only manage to have 1 meal a day.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Now?

While everyone enjoying their weekend. Here I am. Sitting in my room (well not all the time but yeah). Feverish. =_=" what a mood killer.

I had planned how my weekend gonna go by. DnD session and Lamb Stew at ButterBliz. But today, eventhough I manage to wake up for my morning run around 6am, I couldn't seem to go about doing what I'm suppose to do.


I was coughing really bad and what I thought was a slight fever turns out to be a major one. I was home all day and what I had for lunch is liquid. I mean porridge. I'm dead hungry now. And I felt as hot as the sunny weather outside the house. GAWD! I'm burning up.

All I did was sleep. I hated it. I wanted to go out, enjoy the rest of my day but I couldn't *sigh. How nice it is to be spending time at home? NOT! *sigh.

Anyways, gewd to let everyone know that I'm feeling slightly better now. Only having minor headache but I'm uber hungry.

My bro hasn't come home yet. I want my Lamb STEW!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Panja

It's the end of Panja (shiVER / Daniel)'s actual birthday.

I'm sorry coz I didn't invite everyone. I only manage to call up some of the people who eat at ButterBliz during lunch time XD

Thanks for the people who came for lunch!

We did a surprise party at ButterBliz today. I've requested Susy to bake a special Banana Cake, she added chocolates and chips on to it with the help of Arine and Alien. Thanks! You guys are the best!

Susy never make banana cake before. Sorry for the trouble.

I'm sorry I can't help myself

My bro picked me up from work around noon and we went ahead with the plan.

I was worried that Panja wouldn't make it to ButterBliz coz DaSaru said they gonna have a surprise party at his work place today too. orz~

Oh and we didn't have candles. HAHAHAHHAA. Me and cube manage to find some candles at the japanese shop at KAC. Hence, colorful candles.

I actually planned to hide somewhere but I was too late. Panja came for his "tapau". I asked Arine and Alien to stall him XD


He went off after he got his "tapau". Some of the guys brought him back *rofl.

So here's some of the photos I manage to take XD

More photos, here.

He had to be back to office at 1:30pm for another birthday surprise. orz~

Anyways, we went to Internet Arena at 7pm and played COD5 again. YESTH! Eventhough I still sux with killing enemies, I had fun! XD

We were there for less than 4 hours. *rofl. I still can play if I'm allowed to. XD But everyone is sort of tired already so we went for yamchar and went home afterwards.

Conclusion to that, it was overall a fun day. And I'm so happy that everything turns out great today, eh I mean yesterday. But that's not the end. XD

It's almost 1am and I think I should get my beauty sleep.

Uh oh, anyways, ButterBliz will be having Lamb Stew on Saturday. I've reserved my share already at the thread. I don't have the image of how this would be served, but Nex posted a shot of what it'll look like.

I'm not sure how much does this cost, maybe RM9.

So if you want to have this on Saturday, reserve it here.

Till then, gewd nite everyone. Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's the name of the game?

Talking about broken english LOL. Intentionally did the title like that. It's owez hard to come up with titles for your posts *rofl.

I wanted to explain myself. I actually have all the time in the world (well sort of). But, I've been bz doing things I shouldn't be doing. What's that? Playing games *rofl.

Hence, this post won't be about fewd. Uh oh, eventhough I'm so tempted to post some photos of fewd to make people drool. Hehehe.

Anyways, I'm not the best person to describe about these games. But I'm gonna say which is fun to me! XD

Game 1: Facebook's Mafia Wars.

I've been playing this everyday. It's crazy. Seriously. I'm level 70 now. Not as high as the other "addicts" I've seen, *roll eyes to some of the bloggers hahahah but yeah. Join my mafia thank yew!

Why does this clicking game is so addictive? I have no idea. I seriously can't explain it.

Game 2: Habbo Hotel

I bet most of you guys notice some sites with this advertisement. Habbo Hotel? I think they're rich! They're frigging rich I tell ya.

Habbo credits are sold at RM6 per card/voucher. Which is equivalent to 10c. With 10c. You can get some interesting furniture.

What is this game actually? Why issit so addictive? I can't explain myself.

What you do there is just walk around, visiting rooms, talk to people, trade furniture, get badges etc etc. There's no hitting monster there.

I'm telling you, pixels are cute. Look at my room.

credits to shiki for the print screen

They are all CSPians and bloggers hahahahahah. *rofl.

CSPians Habbo Hotel thread, here.

Game 3: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
This is a DS game.

It's not a new game. I mean it was released in 1992 for Nintendo Super Famicom, then remade in 2004 for Playstation 2. According to Wikipedia that is.

It's such a fun game. I'm yet to finish it. The storyline is damn nice. It's about exploring from one island to another in search for the character (your hero) mother. Crazy weapons, magic, castle, towers and monsters. I love this game. I'm still trying to finish it. One of the reason why I end up sleeping late also.

Game 4: Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Campaign.

I've blogged about this previously about my DnD session at ButterBliz. It's my first game. Believe it or not. It's fun playing with friends. Dice rolling kills heheh. Having another session this Saturday.

Game 5: Left 4 Dead (Click link for wiki).

I've blogged about this also in my previous post. This game is about getting to your safe house. But along the way, you'll encounter zombies. I love it when I get to blow up a zombie head with an Assault Rifle.

It makes me happy. Multiplayer, 4 players.

You also can play vs mode as survivor vs the infected. 8 players, EPIC moments kills.

Though, I haven't been playing this game lately. Hehehe.

Game 6: F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin

I love this game. I mean at times you'll get some shock factor. If you have a weak heart, please don't play this game. *rofl. Reminds me when chiaki scream. Waw, high pitch screams.

I'm yet to finish it though. Orz.

And last but not least, my current "addiction", Call of Duty 5: World at War.

A chaotic game. Heck, I sometimes got so confused that I shoot my own team mate. -10 penalty there. Still trying to get use to the controls. You know how your finger tends to press the wrong alphabet? *rofl. And I don't get the whole grenade thing but to run away from it. I mean you can throw it back, but when I attempt to do it, I end up "Suicide and Die".

But it's totally a fun game! XD Lets play Prebet Panja *giggles.

That concludes it. I'm free but bz with games. Yay! Oh yeah, those computer games, I'd play at Internet Arena, Citymall. *rofl.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DnD at ButterBliz

First of all, I have to apologize. My blog somehow will every now and then be about fewd *rofl.

Next, before I start with my other related post. I'd say my bro is creative and lowmantic! XD He made this colorful longcat for his gf. How cute. Well exclude the "cacat" sewing techniques. I'd say it's gewd effort. Applaud! *double thumbs up!

I didn't take photo of the actual item but, I took a shot of him putting it on his head *rofl.

This whole sewing thing took him few days to complete. With some sleepless nites. So, that's why he's been missing from being online at nite huh? *rofl. Oh yeah, notice that blue round thing on his head? That's the cat's head. Those felts/fleece? cost RM15 (3 colors for RM5 from Daiso actually).


I had my 2nd session of DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) at ButterBliz yesterday (Saturday) from 3pm to 6pm. Or so I think it ended that time. I went there around 1pm, reached 30 mins later or so for lunch. Yesterday's menu was, Lasagna.

Check out my rave, here.

I was surprise that I'd finish it eventhough I had Fish Mee and Foo Chuk (at Kedai Kopi Janggut, Hilltop) in the morning after my morning jog. Talking about having my appetite huh?

This bowl of fish mee cost RM6.50. It's even tastier with the chili and soy sauce. My bro finished it all! Can you believe it. It's like when you add the chili you'd go crazy hehe. Well to me that is.

Oh not forgetting, I was tempted with the Bolo Toast. No!!!! Last 2. I didn't get to try it yesterday. But good news is, it'll be available today! For RM5++ served with mashed potatoes! Check what's Bolo Toast, here.

Uh oh, and there's a new pie available! Peach PIE! OMG! I'm yet to try it though. Hey sorry, I have 2 banana muffin with me that time. And I don't wanna stuff myself that day.

Anyways, back to the session.

The DM tweeked my necromancer and gave me new powers. So called "balance". I was annoyed with the noise as we're about to start the game. Noise coming from *sigh. I better not say who. You guys know who la. Even we asked them to shut up. DM skipped the dialogue. Urgh! =_=" I couldn't hear a thing even I was sitting next to him. WTH man. urgh~ Yes the noise was that loud.

I only realize that we've reach the location. *sigh.

Anyways, I'm unfamiliar with my skills when I first got it. Hence, it left me confused and frustrated. The noise was the focus killer. I was too tense with it hence, got to me, which lead to the major headache last nite. As the game progress, I slowly get how my minions actually work. Neato. Thanks DM / panja. Eventhough, you make my necro damn weak! XP

Being the only female player in my group, The Talon Company. With "hamsap" Paladin and "hamsap" party leader Cleric. I'm pretty fine with it. And NO! my chain spirit is not a spider!!! *blames the DM.

Overall it was fun! Exclude the headache.

Here's some shots I took from the session. Oh yeah, and my bro help took some of these shots. He needs a camera, seriously. *giggles.


*points to the necro at the right.

Emixora: (necro): "A little help here ppl!!!! "
Everyone else: "nahh, she can handle herself"
Emixora (necro): orz~

Other photos, here.

1st Group's session today at 11:30am.

I'd skip dinner becoz of the headache last nite. It's the earliest I went to sleep EVER! *sigh~ It felt like my head was shot and blow up into pieces. No I'm not relating this to killing zombies.

So before I end my post. I wanted to say that, the sunset last Friday was beautiful! So beautiful that I'd took photo of it when I was driving home from 1 Borneo. I'd stop but it was getting dark and I was alone. So, I rather not stop. Not my usual style of taking photos but yeah. Have fun!

Oh yeah, I manage to watch American Idol for this week's session yesterday. OMG I'm so in love with Kris Allen's voice! I mean him singing Garth Brooks's To Make You Feel My Love is so, OMG *drool! It's perfect for my ears. It was indeed a great performance by all the contestants. I'm not gonna diss any contenstants this time around. Eventhough some of them gave me a bland impression. Adam Lambert = Confusing hahahaha. I was speechless with his interpretation of Ring of Fire. I mean the music arrangement is kewl and all, but it's not country but it's his style so yeah. Can't wait till next week's session!

Oh, a friend of mine, Tomu intro me this kewl song from Bat for Lashes called Daniel. I've been repeating it since I got it. Well apart from the other songs like Kourin - Aishiteru (from Natsume Yuujinchou's anime) and Rufus Wainwright's Bewitched.

Here's the vid.

Last but not least.


Friday, March 20, 2009

LETS VOTE!!! KL Photo Awards 2009

Our friend, Flannie (Flanegan) is the finalist for KL Photo Awards 2009. His detailed post, here.


Start voting!

Finalist photos chosen, here.

The anima photo that was chosen! His other photos, here.

Here's how to vote.

1. Go to
2. Click the List and press NO.5 Flanegan Bainon Hey Kitty.
3. Press Submit Vote
4. Type in your regular E-mail address
5. 10mins later check your email.
6. Confirm and activate your vote.
7. Done!!
8. Thank you Very Much!!

RESULTS WILL BE OUT ON 7TH MAY 2009. I hope I get this correctly XD

All the best Flannie! GGTotoro FTW!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ButterBliz got a blog woot?

Yeap, you heard me! Click here.

Check out their latest menu there.

It's been awhile since I had pies. ARGH! I want pies.

Oh but, that's not wut I'm constantly craving for lately.

What is?


These are sold at BB for RM1.20 each. Limited no. of it. *drool.

image leeched from BB blog

I haven't been to BB lately. It's just that, the other day, when they have Grille Chicken on their menu, I sort of asked my bro to "tapau" for me. Btw, I think you'd get this muffin for free with Grille Chicken purchase. XD

I so love the banana muffin!

Here's what I think. It's not that sweet and it's not that bland. It's just as I liked it. I want more *cries. I hope they have it on Saturday. I want at least 2 and have it when it's hot and oven fresh.

I'd also tasted the Chocolate Cake last Monday. I forgot to take photo, sorry. At first glance, it was mouth watering. Rich chocolate, but why does it taste like raisins? *confused.

Don't forget also to check my raves, here.



Monday, March 16, 2009

UMS Japanese Cultural Week

I was at UMS last Saturday for the Japanese Cultural Week. Was there since 11am or was it noon. I'd thought that parking might be a problem but it wasn't that I end up being there till nearly 11pm. The morning was pretty quiet and the weather didn't help even one bit. It was so hot that I feel sticky from sweating and I was bothered with my pimples. Lets just say that it looked kinda popped out.

Crowd wasn't near to gewd in the morning and it started to rain just like the usual days. I hang at Moe Yume booth for hours and at some part I think we were kinda bored. I'd give up if I brought along my car, I could drive home and do other "important" stuff at home.

Here's some of the shots me and my bro took in the morning. I didn't get much shots at nite coz I was tired. And distance from the booth doesn't really help. Talking about exercise.
*note: Oh the new facebook layout is so bad that I can't find my photo album @_@"""

Abum 1 and Album 2.

Japanese food booths:

Japanaese Dream Food, Sushi King, Yoshimi, erm a booth selling cupcakes (looks pretty but *sigh) etc etc.

Cosplayers from Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club (KKCC).

Martial arts demo at nite (I didn't take any shot coz I was too far away and I'm tired).

This is wrong. It's TeamDayDreamers (TDD), not what's printed there @_@.

Team Day Dreamers, 40 copies of The Da Dinci code for RM10 each. I'm not sure if they sold everything or not that day. I'll check with them later.

The event needs more crowd and booth. Maybe combine the food booths? It's so far apart @_@ Oh and they need a better playlist. The songs been repeated like forever. Now I'm annoyed with the Ike Ike song, the para para sakura song and another song urgh~

The event more happening at nite. But I think they need to point the spotlight somewhere else. Coz it's pointing at Moe Yume the whole nite, I think some of us are are blinded by it. *rofl.

*points at the album link, for more photos.

The post is this messy and un-energetic coz I'm still feeling tired.

Lets just say that I went to play F.E.A.R 2, Dawn of War II and Left4Dead at Internet Arena, Citymall from 1pm to 9pm (minus dinner at 6pm) yesterday.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The week when everything turns EMO

Not that this involves me in any way.

But I just wanna complain about the weather. It's been raining everyday after noon. There goes 1 week of jogging session after work. Not only that, the internet connection been shitty lately.

Like how shitty? Just today only, I've rebooted the modem more than 5 times. Yes, that's how shitty it is.

I've bought a new miniature furniture set from the Cottage House at Karamunsing (facing McDonalds) yesterday. I'm yet to take any photos. But I saw another set which someone already reserve. *cries. It's a beautiful kitchen set. With stove and nice woody kitchen table which I love so much. *cries again.

This week, I'll be going to the UMS Japanese Week. While on Sunday, I'll be at ButterBliz for another DnD session.


All I wanna do is to laze around at home. Maybe DIY some stuff.

Friday is always the day to be lazy. Well for me obviously. Anyways, I hope it won't rain tomorrow. It will kill my mood if it does.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Procrastinator went to watch a movie

I went to pick up the pies I ordered from ButterBliz for babe earlier the day. You can say that I was half an hour late. *points at cube. Went to rule's house to drop it off. Went to pick Arine up at her home. We waited in the car while playing Mario Kart.

Since Monday was a holiday. Me and 13 other CSPians went to watch Watchmen at Growball, Centre Point (CPS). It was the 3pm show. It was my first time watching it there. We had the middle part of most of the back row seats. It's nice for the fact that we get to sit together. Since the cinema is a public place, I can't complain much. But, I do want to complain.

This place is bound to have stewped people in it. I think there was a person who sits at the end of our left corner reading! Outloud! OMG! WTH. You wanna watch movie or read a book? @_@ *confused. Oh yeah, for those who never been to Growball Cinema, the seating is whack. Seriously. The numbering is so confusing. Odd and even numbers are separated. Left side is odd and right side is even numbers? *eyes twitching. We'd understand the seating better. Don't get the end row, coz of high traffic. Yes, during the show, lotsa people walk in an out in front of us. You're bound to get distracted.

Enough of those complaints. Now about the movie. Not bad! It's like a like or not to like kinda movie. For me it was ok. I'd give it a hmm 3.5/5. Why? Coz I'm not a big fan of over exaggerated sound effects eheheh. Expect humour. *noticed the guys gigging every now and then. I'm not gonna spoil anymore of it. Just go and watch it. Some might like it, some don't. I'm ok about it.

It's a near 3 hour movie.

We left to Citymall after the movie to test a game called F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin.

Heavy rain. Parts of the road flooded. What I fear most. I could barely see the road. What I rely on was break lights from cars in front of me. It's a combination of pain and struggle. Especially with my vision. I don't have perfect eyesight you see. Eventhough my eyes tend to be sharp at times (I spot $$ at times *rofl), but when you spend too much time in front of the monitor screen, forget about not putting em glasses.

Went for dinner at Old Town. We tend to get confuse between Old Town and Old Station *giggles. Had Curry Mee. I couldn't finish it. The lack of sleep pretty much killed my appetite.

Here's shots of dinner. Sorry if it's blur. The eyes needs rest.

Curry with Toast? They said this is tasty. But I'm yet to try it. Maybe next time.

Prawn Mee

Curry Mee was ok. I can't remember how it taste like I'm sorry. My brain sort of on sleeping mode that time. Though I thought it might taste like prawn mee?

Anyways aWell just so that a friend played this game the other day and screamed. It's fun but I need headphones. I dun like reading conversations. Somemore when I'm lack of sleep.

Wento off before midnight. But since I was driving. Had to send my bro's gf home. I feel his pain. Inanam to Lok Kawi is GG. @_@ Reached home around midnite, had some minor browsing, showered and slept around 2am. Oh crap! Woke up at 7am with a headache and my eyes barely can open.

*I sort of forgot what I wanted to type before the polaroid part. OMG!

On another note, I've been bz bidding for a polaroid at ebay. Thanks to Flannie. *roll eyes.

Argh, I hate bidding. *sigh. I can't win this bid *cries.

Ogie, I guess I'm gonna head off to bed now. My eyes barely can open. Gnite peeps~

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Weekend

Here I planned to talk about jeans and I couldn't seem to.

But instead, I'm gonna talk about my weekend.

But before that, I'm gonna say that

I GOT MY YUNA EP!!!!! Autographed! Woo hoo!

Been listening to it since I got it. I'm ecstatic. I love love love "After Midnight".

If you wanna get a copy, go to her myspace, here. Order details there. It cost RM18+RM5 shipping (Pos Express).

I stayed home for my previous 2 weekend. Which was fun. For me that is. I get to have a peaceful weekend.

This week on the other hand. *recalls, oh gawd. I can't remember what I did on Saturday hahahahah *rofl. *thinks harder. *blank~ oh well, lets go to Sunday (yesterday) instead. Thank gawd it's a holiday today.

My friend got married. Congrats!~ Sorry I couldn't go. It was so last minute. I had plans.

Anyways, I had my 1st DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) session yesterday. 4th Edition to be exact. It was fun! I'm an Eladrin Necromancer and have 3 skeleton minions kekekekek. Thanks to panja.

The DM (uhhh~ I'm scared, NOT XP).

The players

One of my friend, rob (acing) did a sketch of our characters.

I am Emixora. Rizal said my character's name sounded like p0rn. =_=" and he keeps picturing my minions in bikini. Perverted Paladin! *smacks. Our cleric is crazy. *roll eyes at demented duck.

Hmm, *thumbs for the sketch but it doesn't look like what I had in mind. I should look more zombified and I don't have an owl. I have skeletons XD kekekek.

Overall it was fun! *giggles. Killed some orcs and *cough cough, I got myself souvenirs! Frozen head. Well I want em skulls ogie! And no, I'm not like that dwarf. He takes everything while I'm being selective XD

I pretty much didn't remember much of what actually happen. I should try and sleep early next time. But I know there's some EPIC moments and it's uber fun. Too bad for acing, he had other stuff to do then so he missed out on playing. Jack substitute him. XD

ButterBliz been having lotsa new menu lately. Assorted pie flavours. Most recent ones are Butter Chicken, Mushroom and Tom Yam. I'm yet to try it but everyone loves the Mushroom Pie. I'm getting some for babe today (fly all the way to KL).

And also, this is what I missed out on Saturday.

Mixed Grille (Chicken & Beef) w/Mashed Potato & Brown Sauce

*cries. Oh yeah, I leeched this photo from the forum. Thanks to Jack. *rofl.

You can get updates of their menu at the forum, here. Everyday the menu is different.

Oh yeah, I had Spaghetti Meatballs yesterday for lunch there.

Does this make you drool? XD

After DnD I had meeting around 3pm. I forgot what time I went off though. But I went to Citymall for L4D. Actually to check out Dawn of War II. But erm, I think I'll suck at that game. But I saw a friend playing F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin. WAW! I rike it! Maybe gonna try one of these days. Oh nois, I left 1 hour for gaming! *reload.

Had dinner at Hana Japanese Food. This was on promotion. I forgot what this is called but it cost RM18.

But, the fish is not fresh and the sauce was bland.

Rina had salmon. But I dunno how that was.

I'll rave about this later. I can't remember what it's called actually. *rofl.

I've uploaded and cleaned part of my dA page. And some of the photos are available for prints. I actually have some request for prints so yeah I make it available for prints to everyone.

*click the deviantART tab on top.

Anyways, I'm going to watch Watchmen with CSPians today! Woopie! Thanks for holiday!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Life so far...

Life been gewd.

I actually wanted to blog 2 days ago but I've been caught up with doing other stuff.

It was about how beautiful the sky was. Covered by dark gloomy clouds with a layer of blue. I love it.

I notice I've been drinking lotsa tea lately. Like everyday. *sweats~

I also been doing lotsa online shopping @_@ urgh, I must stop.

Went to 1 Borneo last nite for dinner. It was a late dinner, yes late as in past 8pm hmph~ I was dead hungry since 6pm, I nearly didn't wanna eat. But I had chicken cutlets instead. @_@"""

These chicken cutlets cost RM6.99. Love it!

The sweet and sour chicken are complimentary from the manager.

Oh yeah not forgetting the pricing of certain things are a bit ridiculous.

Check out my raves, here.

I went to Daiso and bought myself some threads *giggle.

I've bought a cute shirt XD Ignore my pose and how zombified I looked.

Sorry 'bout the blur image. Oh yeah, notice my new choker? I got that for RM10. I saw the exact same one for more than RM20. GG rite?

I actually wanted to wait for the Yuna EP before I blog about this but heck! Since it's the most happening song of this moment. I'll post it.

Bet everyone been listening to Yuna's song, Dan Sebernarnya lately rite?

I know who! *points at Amy C.

The EP has 5 songs and cost RM23 including shipping. If I remember that correctly. You can order it from her website at myspace, here.

Hmm, I'm wondering when Rocket gonna come out in a CD? XD I love that song!

Oh yeah, you can get more updates at Yuna's Facebook page too, here.

Aight finally I'm done, it took me nearly half an hour to finish this and I'm late for work wakkakakak. Happy reading!