Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Panja

It's the end of Panja (shiVER / Daniel)'s actual birthday.

I'm sorry coz I didn't invite everyone. I only manage to call up some of the people who eat at ButterBliz during lunch time XD

Thanks for the people who came for lunch!

We did a surprise party at ButterBliz today. I've requested Susy to bake a special Banana Cake, she added chocolates and chips on to it with the help of Arine and Alien. Thanks! You guys are the best!

Susy never make banana cake before. Sorry for the trouble.

I'm sorry I can't help myself

My bro picked me up from work around noon and we went ahead with the plan.

I was worried that Panja wouldn't make it to ButterBliz coz DaSaru said they gonna have a surprise party at his work place today too. orz~

Oh and we didn't have candles. HAHAHAHHAA. Me and cube manage to find some candles at the japanese shop at KAC. Hence, colorful candles.

I actually planned to hide somewhere but I was too late. Panja came for his "tapau". I asked Arine and Alien to stall him XD


He went off after he got his "tapau". Some of the guys brought him back *rofl.

So here's some of the photos I manage to take XD

More photos, here.

He had to be back to office at 1:30pm for another birthday surprise. orz~

Anyways, we went to Internet Arena at 7pm and played COD5 again. YESTH! Eventhough I still sux with killing enemies, I had fun! XD

We were there for less than 4 hours. *rofl. I still can play if I'm allowed to. XD But everyone is sort of tired already so we went for yamchar and went home afterwards.

Conclusion to that, it was overall a fun day. And I'm so happy that everything turns out great today, eh I mean yesterday. But that's not the end. XD

It's almost 1am and I think I should get my beauty sleep.

Uh oh, anyways, ButterBliz will be having Lamb Stew on Saturday. I've reserved my share already at the thread. I don't have the image of how this would be served, but Nex posted a shot of what it'll look like.

I'm not sure how much does this cost, maybe RM9.

So if you want to have this on Saturday, reserve it here.

Till then, gewd nite everyone. Sweet dreams.


  1. wah that lamb stew looks yummy,and banyak juga the portion. ada lamb, ada potato,ada nasi lagi XD

  2. owh epi befday to Panja or Daniel kan his name...hehehe...:D

    lamb stew really tempting *aaaargh*

  3. Mell: yeah I think I won't add rice, maybe fries. I love fries.

    Amy: yeap his name is Daniel. Panja is a given name. *rofl~ XD from me hahahahahah..I tend to randomly give ppl nicknames kekeke opps~ XD mari kita makan lamb stew! XD

  4. sedapnya kek tu mas...have a nice wiken :D

  5. angriani: yeap yeap, sedap. u too!

  6. My grandmother used to make the best banana cakes, but like so many things the details of her cake when to the grave with her. Sorry didn't mean to bring any gloom--its just part of being.

  7. Ron: awww. It's ok.

  8. Ooohhh.. heppi belated besday Mr. Dan! nanti sia belanja makan roti Bom! err.. besday cake masi ada ka??

  9. eshark: b'day cake abis sudah lur XD hahaha sorry