Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's the name of the game?

Talking about broken english LOL. Intentionally did the title like that. It's owez hard to come up with titles for your posts *rofl.

I wanted to explain myself. I actually have all the time in the world (well sort of). But, I've been bz doing things I shouldn't be doing. What's that? Playing games *rofl.

Hence, this post won't be about fewd. Uh oh, eventhough I'm so tempted to post some photos of fewd to make people drool. Hehehe.

Anyways, I'm not the best person to describe about these games. But I'm gonna say which is fun to me! XD

Game 1: Facebook's Mafia Wars.

I've been playing this everyday. It's crazy. Seriously. I'm level 70 now. Not as high as the other "addicts" I've seen, *roll eyes to some of the bloggers hahahah but yeah. Join my mafia thank yew!

Why does this clicking game is so addictive? I have no idea. I seriously can't explain it.

Game 2: Habbo Hotel

I bet most of you guys notice some sites with this advertisement. Habbo Hotel? I think they're rich! They're frigging rich I tell ya.

Habbo credits are sold at RM6 per card/voucher. Which is equivalent to 10c. With 10c. You can get some interesting furniture.

What is this game actually? Why issit so addictive? I can't explain myself.

What you do there is just walk around, visiting rooms, talk to people, trade furniture, get badges etc etc. There's no hitting monster there.

I'm telling you, pixels are cute. Look at my room.

credits to shiki for the print screen

They are all CSPians and bloggers hahahahahah. *rofl.

CSPians Habbo Hotel thread, here.

Game 3: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
This is a DS game.

It's not a new game. I mean it was released in 1992 for Nintendo Super Famicom, then remade in 2004 for Playstation 2. According to Wikipedia that is.

It's such a fun game. I'm yet to finish it. The storyline is damn nice. It's about exploring from one island to another in search for the character (your hero) mother. Crazy weapons, magic, castle, towers and monsters. I love this game. I'm still trying to finish it. One of the reason why I end up sleeping late also.

Game 4: Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Campaign.

I've blogged about this previously about my DnD session at ButterBliz. It's my first game. Believe it or not. It's fun playing with friends. Dice rolling kills heheh. Having another session this Saturday.

Game 5: Left 4 Dead (Click link for wiki).

I've blogged about this also in my previous post. This game is about getting to your safe house. But along the way, you'll encounter zombies. I love it when I get to blow up a zombie head with an Assault Rifle.

It makes me happy. Multiplayer, 4 players.

You also can play vs mode as survivor vs the infected. 8 players, EPIC moments kills.

Though, I haven't been playing this game lately. Hehehe.

Game 6: F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin

I love this game. I mean at times you'll get some shock factor. If you have a weak heart, please don't play this game. *rofl. Reminds me when chiaki scream. Waw, high pitch screams.

I'm yet to finish it though. Orz.

And last but not least, my current "addiction", Call of Duty 5: World at War.

A chaotic game. Heck, I sometimes got so confused that I shoot my own team mate. -10 penalty there. Still trying to get use to the controls. You know how your finger tends to press the wrong alphabet? *rofl. And I don't get the whole grenade thing but to run away from it. I mean you can throw it back, but when I attempt to do it, I end up "Suicide and Die".

But it's totally a fun game! XD Lets play Prebet Panja *giggles.

That concludes it. I'm free but bz with games. Yay! Oh yeah, those computer games, I'd play at Internet Arena, Citymall. *rofl.


  1. I agree...coming up with post titles can be a tricky thing sometimes.

    Anyway ur post could be in reference to the song 'The Name of the Game' by ABBA XD

  2. Chester: I actually thought of another title but it sound way weird.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    * awkward silence *

  4. Panja: XD kekekekeke..4 days in counting XD

  5. waw massy GG


    massy is enjoice

  6. leechon: hehe XD

    arine: u oso enjoice kan? XD

  7. i never knew you were such a gamer...double wow @_@""

  8. Nova: erm, I'm not a gamer. not hardcore. I just play games at times XD

  9. That Left 4 Dead game is quite scary.

  10. cicak: no no no, that's not scary at all XD kekekekekek...fear2 is scary XD to some

  11. make the titles one syllable.. hehe..

  12. 'It's owez hard to come up with titles for your posts'... I have the same problem. Titles are important :D

    Wah, nice la dat Habbo game. Your Habbo room looks so cool! This game kenot play for free ka?? Trial version pun teda?? I laik... macam The Sims but this is cuter and no monster to hit! LOL

  13. cube: hahahaha yes prebet cube, ribit ribit XD

    jard: oh man, susah oh title, sometimes i'll leave it untitled XD hahahaha

    nessa: the game is free, i mean free registration. first time play gets furniture like table and chairs, window and er cooler (mini fridge) kalau inda silap se XD sometimes they give free credit recently we got 5c for free which is equivalent to RM3 XD

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