Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warhammer: 40,000 - Apocalypse

Last Sunday, I get to experience playing Warhammer 40,000. Mind you, I was still down with the fever and didn't want to miss out. Hehehe. We newbs (+1 crazy veteran, *roll eyes at Rizal) as Imperial Guard against the veteran (Panja, Oliver, Ben & Revliss) as the enemies. Confused. I thought Revliss is in our team. *blurs. Isn't it? I hope I'd explain this correctly coz I'm not familiar with the names and the game itself but this is roughly what I understand about it.

This game basically means war between each players. Depending which side you're playing on a tabletop battleground. In this case, it's on the floor. XD

When talking about how big the battlefield is, check this out.

plus this

This is one big terrain. I don't know how many figure pieces on that board.

Me and Arine shared the yellow colored Ultramarines while my bro, cubex, control the blue ultramarines + terminators + dreadnought + thunder hammers.

Fighting against er chaos demons, er orcs and er I don't remember the other one @_@ sorry.

This game uses d6 dices. Oh measuring tapes for movement and range? Interesting.

We were there around 1:30pm. It's hot and sunny. The game started around 2pm-ish? @_@ I can't remember. The game ended around 6pm-ish? It rained for awhile which is gewd.

Come to think of it, this somehow gonna be a long post. Nevermind, I'm gonna summarize it, my style kekekeke.

Lets just say that the enemies manage to dug some tunnels at our side and at one point there's like nearly 100 orcs there. @_@ We were told not to panic kekeke.

We're outnumbered. 30 orcs vs 6 terminators. Prepare to die!!!

Uh oh, I'll post some photos XD

Sorry bah, when it comes to details, I blur.

Album 1, Album 2.

The important thing is that, we won! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! XD

This is fun. But it'd be more fun if we know what are their skills and when I'm not sick XD

More info about W40k on Wiki, *giggles.

And sorry if I can't explain this a lil more better, I'm still recovering. This is the worst time I ever been sick and my appetite is low, way low, I only manage to have 1 meal a day.


  1. I simply love Warhammer 40k too! :) I play Daemonhunters & Sisters of Battle and Eldar. We could have a game sometime.

  2. david: I'm still kinda new with this game XD

  3. WalauA....

    You guys won??!!

    Especially against that Black-floating-pyramid thingy belonging to the Necrons???!!!

    Sembah 99...

  4. Nick: ngehehehe. 4 dreadnought attack black pyramid malatup 1 XD

  5. Yeah massy we controlled the Imperial Guards

  6. arine: yeah we GG coz I coughing u tertido hahahaha XD

  7. I play Mage Knight before, it's a type of miniature game as well, really need to try out Warhammer if got chance, but it's sooooo expensive.

  8. Paco: have to agree about the costly part XD

  9. Fuyoh, macam susah btl mo main game ni. Takut sia tingu dia punya kelengkapan!

    I'll stick with Scrabble and Boggle... tu seja sia tau main ba... hehe

  10. Nessa: I know wut u mean, when I first saw it. Takazut, but time play siok XD

  11. Wow, the game looks incredible. I love it. I want to play also!

  12. Nick: You're welcome to join us XD kekeke lai lai lai XD

  13. Phwoar! This is absolutely cool!!!!

  14. Perry: it is. wanna play? XD

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