Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day at the beach

My dad was outstation and I had to pick my sis, Tina from work. This time, we went to the beach. I wanted to capture sunset for quite awhile already. We went and found out the mango stalls aren't there. Ogie, all the stalls aren't there. Wut happen to all the stalls?! Anyone know? *sigh.

Oh, this seems new. Mediterranean Bar thinggie? I forgot to get a shot of the signboard. I think it's new? Or it's been awhile since I went there?

My sis and me decided to have a walk in the park while waiting for sun to set. Erm, no fun. The water lilies aren't blooming yet *sigh.

pink water lilies. woo~~ *cries

ogie. this is a terrible attempt to make the background slightly b&w *sigh i know it's terrible

We walked around the park, near towards the end. But not quite. Saw this hut. Took some pix. Main point is to wait for sunset so, yeah.

Walked along the beach. Guess wut we found?

a dead fish *uhuk



is dat a dead rat? sorry. looking at it gross me out a bit. erm, oh that's my slipper. my sis suggested we did a measurement. btw, i'm using size 7/8 so roughly u know wut's the length of that thing?

a bottle. the lifeguard aren't doing their job

sepalah pandai sangat pg timbus ni baldi ah?

our shadows

and yes i was bored. i was gonna write something else. or maybe i love you . the only problem here, i dun like to write something i dun feel. so this is wut i feel! XD

abandoned and empty

the sunset i was waiting for. this was taken last year at 6pm?

and look wut we haf here? not as great as it was that time? oh notice the couple sitting on the log

this is the best of sunset for friday. erm, not as great as i wanted it to be. this was like almost 6:30pm man

We went to Karamunsing coz my sis wanted to buy some stuff from Watson. Usagi is still not open yet. Wut's taking them so long? Lack of staff ka?

Btw, went to fewd court instead for some claypot mee. Or better known as yee mee? It wasn't great. I was juz ogie.

And my sis had fried tang hoon.

Erm, a bit tasteless. Looks nice though, dun u think?

Went to Watson, bought some stuff. Went back at around 9pm. I think.

This morning shower both kitties. Yes, they need it. Busuk sudah. XD They hate it as owez hahahahha.

Sorry for delaying this post. I was having a hard time picking the right photos to post.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Amy came here to have lunch with me. TQ very very much Amy! If not I'll be eating suckie fewd again. *sweats.

Anyways, wanted to eat spagetti for quite some time bah ni. But, boring go eat alone. I know! I sound a bit pathetic!Lunch set for spagetti + soup of the day + pepsi and 4 breadsticks = RM7.90
Lunch set pizza + soup of the day + pepsi and 4 breadsticks = RM8++

Cheap~ kekekekeke XD

Oh, the other day, actually wanted to blog about this. My right hand. Notice the part where I circle it? Can see that scar? I couldn't really remember wut happen there. I even asked my mum about it and she also dun remember. But I somehow remember it as when I was young, I unaccidently cutted my finger off when I was cutting something. No idea wut though. Maybe got stitches but seriously. I can't remember lalala~

And! I was craving for cheddar flavoured ruffles. But they were out. So instead, I saw some BBQ flavoured ones but, expired liao. See, like this one for instance, near to expiry date man.

The past and present. Future yet to come *uhuk

You guys must wonder why I didn't blog? Actually I did. Acom caught my recent post which I deleted. I was annoyed. I was seriously annoyed and erm somehow lazy. I was playing game and was on CSP forum all day, everyday. Talking about not having a life ei?

Nothing much happen this past few days. Haven't been taking photos lately. I wonder if my fren gave birth oledi hmm. *curious.

Reasons why I'm annoyed and how people could possibly annoy me:
  1. I need a haircut! (but switching shampoo is really a gewd idea. I love using head and shoulders but damn it's damn pricey, so I'm using dove now. My hair is smooth and silky *uhuk).
  2. I somehow did a personal research about a person's personality. Does music they listen to reflects their personality. Say if u're listening to rock, does that make u a rocker? From the way u clothes, could actually tell part of wut a person you could really be or are. Izzit? Help! (I need this figured, if not, I'll be having pointless thoughts).
  3. I had a terrible lousy lunch yesterday. I dunno. It's sort of tasteless.
There are actually few reasons but umm, let us not go there as yet.

Anyways, it's weird how songs from the 90s could make u go hyper again. Yes, I've been hearing/listening to 90s songs from the radio. Omg, from one till the other. Imagine me playing prodigy, babylon zoo, suede and all those famous songs during that time in my head! Seriously. Even one single word could make me start singing, IN MY HEAD!!!

I actually wanted to post some photos from the past but erm, too many. Maybe next time hohoho. Till then, have a nice day *hiks~

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I wanted to get more sleep on Sunday but hmm, got a present from my cats around 7am. *sigh. Here it is~

Other than that, nothing interesting happened. Oh, cin! I finally watched "The Holiday", I cried at the end part hehe~ I know I know, I weep easily. I'm a weeper. Who cares rite?

Ahhh, other than that, I watch er anime only, now super lazy. *yawns. Better go sleep la like this. I'll blog again ppl

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Artjam 3 & lee hng belated b'day surprise XD

I was looking for damselfly early this morning. My mum told me yesterday that there's caterpillars around, but when I went to see, those weren't really caterpillars >_<. Those are leaves adoi~ I manage to get 13 clear shots of the damselfly and 1 blur shot *uhuk. Took shots of this thing oso. Is this a praying mantis?

Went to pick acing up at his work place around 12. Went to Damai for lunch at Rafflesia Chicken Hut with him and Amy. Met my x colleague. Hehe, surprising when I owez meet her at Rafflesia Chicken Hut *lol. Surprised to see her there. I had Roasted Chicken Rice

They had Pandan Chicken Rice.

umm, I can't eat too much around noon. Wait, I can't eat too much at all XD These are the time when my appetite reach the very low. If you get wut I mean?

We went to Burger King after lunch, I think it was around 1:30pm-ish. Me and acing went to get the cake. Umm, it was so hot, seriously. *uhuk~ acing was sweating pretty bad. I mean yeah pretty bad man. We had to take the longer route back coz we didn't want julian to see coz it's meant to be a surprise. Went to the back door and hand it to the BK staff. And I went back in. acing was still outside. My bro had gotten napkins and er ada lighter ka tu? Se pun blur.

a shot of amy and me, taken by *uhuk "hensemboy" (rambutku yang gerbang *sigh~)

a shot of the lovey dovey couple *uhuk (sollie had to crop hehe)

Termiss take a shot of lovey dovey couple opening the lock. XD key and lock *uhuk~ Wrong sitting la me woo~~ *cries

Umm, se termiss sikit. I only manage to get a video when they started to sing the b'day song. Here's the video. Click sini plz (here).

did ya make a wish rempit man?

And I had to cut coz I wanted to get a shot. Yes, I was a bit far (I sit at the end of the table!!! :( *sobb). Dan got a better shot of him with the cake (check it out here, diasrandford's blog)

rempit pun rempit jugak, must take photo of the cake man

a shot of the japanese cheese cake. *uhuk~ cheer! LONG LIVE REMPIT MAN!!! XD (funny when i think that i thought of that *uhuk)

rempit man: "macam mo potong ni ah? hmmm"

everyone gets a piece of the cake hohoho

Another video, when he's cutting the cake giving to everyone, here.

a shot of hensemboy taken by nemesisRella. think this is a kewl shot XD

A drawing for julian from acing. Sorry, there's more but didn't get to take shots of it. We'll have to wait for julian to blog that part *uhuk~

some junji ito comics acing brought for me. to kill time. i didn't get to read it coz i'm bz taking photos hohohoho

Amy came back after her meeting, she actually left at 2 something. Requested Dan to draw for her. *blinked. Wuah draw on the spot. *amazed~

Group photo before everyone starts leaving hehe. Group photo is owez needed. Thanks to BK staff XD Sorry, it's a big dark with the flash, should haf used program mode *isk~ maybe should ask that fellow take more shots hmm. Maybe next time.

actually a shot of everyone on the left side of the table. but had to crop. *sigh

a shot of the best fren *uhuk

After some of them left, took a shot of wut julian drew. Amy was holding the paper.

popeye ka?

Meanwhile, dan is drawing something for lee, I think. Is he? I think so.

noted, he's a lefty and *uhuk he got long lashes *blinks

¬_¬ I'm not a stalker ah.

Went off at 5:55PM. Or izzit earlier. So, this is when we gonna get shots of rempit man~ hohoho

Btw, in this case, we could think of a case scenario. I.e.

Amy: "lambat butul oh, se mo naik ni motor"
Rempit man: "sorry sorry, se kasi clean now"

*rofl. Ogie, mind me, *scratch that part *uhuk

tada~~~ sepa lagi mo pose di rempit man's bike?

But before that, took shots of rempit man with his bike wakkakaka XD who want this photo. It's available for sale! *koff koff~! Limited Edition ni. Alah! lupa ask him pakai helmet lagi! XD (kasau la tu tiang)

Last but not least, would like to thank IRTeA and diasrandford for the drawings! XD TQ very very much~ Love it so much :)

Ogie, I'm super tired, super hungry, blum mandi. Go mandi now~

Elliot Yamin

Everyone well know who Elliot Yamin is. Who don't, umm, he's one of the contestant for American Idol last season, hello? The soulful one. Anyways, I manage to get my hands on his new self titled album. And I gotta say that the songs are great! Wut's even greater is this song (*hint: I would love if somebody could sing me this)

blue eyes~!!! omg!

*crap, darn blogspot. Can't post youtube or imeem isk~~! here

The lyrics


Sometimes I sit and I wonder
And I just can’t seem to believe
What a blessing it’s been to be loved
You’re an angel sent to me

You’re the star who lights up my sky
You’re the one who made me see
That you don’t need wings to fly
Your love has set me free

Cause you are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
And just like the sun you showed me the light
I’m amazed and you’re the reason why

Before you I was so blind
I didn’t know which path to choose
You poured all of this love in my heart
And now there’s no way that I can lose

And when i have no faith in myself
You’re the one who makes me strong
I wouldn’t have a story to tell
Or an ending to my song

Cause you are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
And just like the sun you showed me the light
I’m amazed and you’re the reason why

Oooohh you’re the reason why
Oh ooooooooh

You are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
Just like the sun you showed me the light
I’m amazed and you’re the reason why

Cause you are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
Just like the sun you showed me the light
I’m amazed and you’re the reason why

You are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
And just like the sun you showed me the light
I’m amazed and you’re the reason why

Hmmmmmmmm Ooooooh

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Blog Mood

I've notice a lot of people somehow lost their mood to blog. Hmm, actually, that includes me. My excuse is that I'm lazy hehe. Well, maybe, I dunno, too lazy to do anything somehow. Must be one of those days where u juz wanna sit and relax? Oh wait, I'm juz telling but yeah I still blog.

I spend too much time at CSP forum, ppl might assume that I dun have a life. Uhuh uhuh. Sure, I'm such a boring person.

And yesterday, somehow, I realized I spent most of my money. Wot?! Ogie, next month, I can't/won't spend on anything. Must control myself. Well maybe some presents for my sisters, nothing else. I still need that retro like converse shoe woo~ *cries~ *pray pray pray more money more money.

I couldn't quite play maple at work these days coz my boss comes to the office everyday. I'll be hearing door slamming and sucking smokes from the other room everyday!!!! EVERY FARKING DAY MAN! geez~ dumbarse. Can't these ppl read signs?! geez~ At this point, I have no respect towards ppl who pisses me off hehe~ ogie must calm down.

Ahhh, and u know wut ticks me the most? When this darn slow mo exec ask whether I gave him the documents I got from the email. Wtf. He's definately is old and forgetful. Not forgetting he loses documents all the time. Huh?! So, yeah, when these kinda ppl ask me stewped Q, I surely automatically will raise my voice. I'm the kind of person who dun really care when I'm pissed. I only realize wut I did when I'm calm *uhuk~

Ahhh ogie scratch that part. *uhuk.

Ahhhh gewd news...took some video of the kittens..I'm sorry for the background sound

Well, this was suppose to be the 2nd born. Got blood but woo~ can't really see, it was dark. Should have extra light to see woo~~~

This is a video of wut I took the next day. 4 lil cute kittens XD all orangie I likey!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Family Member!

Hohoho, this is QD the day before. Lookie how big it is. Hohohoho. I ask her the same Q everyday. "When u wanna beranak dis?"

It happened last nite, the 1st one came out at 10:30pm, followed by 10:48pm and er after that I'm not sure. Have to ask my mum. Coz I'm damn sleepy and it's so long *uhuk~

Took these this morning. Hohoho. Sorry for the blurness. I used the camera phone *uhuk~

4 new kitties!!! XD nyahahhahaha. Ogie, I need names ppl! Oh but then, I have to know their gender first hohoho