Thursday, March 29, 2007


Amy came here to have lunch with me. TQ very very much Amy! If not I'll be eating suckie fewd again. *sweats.

Anyways, wanted to eat spagetti for quite some time bah ni. But, boring go eat alone. I know! I sound a bit pathetic!Lunch set for spagetti + soup of the day + pepsi and 4 breadsticks = RM7.90
Lunch set pizza + soup of the day + pepsi and 4 breadsticks = RM8++

Cheap~ kekekekeke XD

Oh, the other day, actually wanted to blog about this. My right hand. Notice the part where I circle it? Can see that scar? I couldn't really remember wut happen there. I even asked my mum about it and she also dun remember. But I somehow remember it as when I was young, I unaccidently cutted my finger off when I was cutting something. No idea wut though. Maybe got stitches but seriously. I can't remember lalala~

And! I was craving for cheddar flavoured ruffles. But they were out. So instead, I saw some BBQ flavoured ones but, expired liao. See, like this one for instance, near to expiry date man.


  1. wah, super fast uploadddddddd.. ;p

  2. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I'm still lying on my bed when I'm reading this *yawn* and those photos makes me hungry!! ><

  3. amy yeah! harus! XD

    ar? cin still sick ar? kekekeke...hope u get better...oh..u know u posted fewd oso..make me hungry hohoho

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Not sick.. just woke up bah. ;P

  5. astagaaaaaaaa~~~ *lol

  6. yummy! pizza! o0o0o0 u updated twice?

  7. yeap..i've updated twice *uhuk

  8. Anonymous8:38 AM

    hmmmm ... looks tasty indeed .. and certainly cheap! But I must say you like your food greasy!! If you don;t mind my saying so .. take it easy a wee bit! Bon appetit ...

  9. *uhuk~ once awhile..not owez...*uhuk~~

    i skip lunch/meals most of the days actually *uhuk~

  10. not yet reach expiry date bah...hantam jah!

  11. lucy..actually the ones i saw yang bertimbun tu expired january this year bah...yang i take lain pulak date..juz realize after i upload the pic..damn! >_<