Wednesday, February 12, 2020

[Event] Shopee Launches Sabah-Dedicated Online Store

Shopee App

Shopee, Malaysia's number one e-commerce platform, is expanding its presence in East Malaysia with the launch of its Sabah-dedicated online store called S-Mart Sabah.  The move is expected to serve the local market with greater convenience and help reduce cost of living on daily essentials for Sabahans.

S-Mart Sabah, which can be found on Shopee by searching for "s-mart sabah", offers one-stop access to a range of groceries and household necessities from leading brands including MILO, Maggi, Nescafe, Oral-B, Harpic, and Downy, with more coming on board such as PetPet and Genki.  According to Nielsen, Malaysians are becoming more financially prudent and seek to save on daily necessities .  In 2019, 88% stated that they are adjusting spending to save on household expenses, while 4 in 5 are seeking the lowest prices on necessities.  S-Mart Sabah caters to the need for greater value by offering quality products at competitive prices, with up to 10% savings daily and up to 40% during special campaigns.