Thursday, June 29, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

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Monday, June 19, 2006

So for those who haven't know that I've cut my hair. Here's my recent photo. Not so pretty but yeah, that's how I look like now *pftttttttt

Monday, June 12, 2006

Con-Woman continues:

So, today I heard from somebody at work that it seems like one of my colleague seems to slip some money to the PA's hand. I wonder. If she loaned the money from the mentioned colleague? Ooooooo

Oh and I just found out this PA's annual leave is only 14 days. Next year only she'll get 19 days leave.

to be concluded...

Tamu Besar Kota Belud (11th June 2006 - Sunday)

So, I was really anxious to go. Planned to take lotsa photo. But I only manage to get few. *sigh. Anyways, the night before, I couldn't sleep. I was up converting mp3 to wav format as ringtones. Guess I was too excited. I only went to bed at around 1am-ish. Woke up around 5am-ish. Looking at the ceiling till I heard my parents room door (means somebody finally awake). Hey I thought they said 6am we start going? We only started to get out from the house at around 6:10am. Wasn't sleepy at all. There's only 3 of us. Me, mum and dad. Dad is the one driving. Hehehhe. I'll probably drive if it's my car hehehe.

Stopped at Tuaran for breakfast. Most of the shops aren't open yet. I had meehoon soup. It was ok. Not gonna say totally drooling for it. After breakfast, we continue to our destination. Actually the main purpose of dad wanting to go there is to look for fish. They call it "ikan liking" (sounding like li not lie). It's actually dried fish with chili on top. Most people said it's tasty. I haven't tried it yet. Just fry it and eat with rice. I wonder.

On the way there, I noticed the sky. Wut a beautiful scenery. Saw some water lilies. Wanted to take photo but dun think dad would stop by for few second/minute? We reached there at around 7am-ish. Couldn't remember the exact time. Dad wanted to stop for fuel at Petronas and thought maybe he would only do that on the way back. Anyways, there's a lot of people selling vegetables, fruits, handicrafts, traditional medicine, bedsheets, clothings, fresh fish, crabs, oyster and etc. Me and mum had to go to the toilet first. Well, actually I had to go so badly. Dad went the other way and look for stuffs he wanted to get.

These are the photo that I took on that day.


Mum bought this. Dunno what it's called

Not so much though I enjoyed going there. Went back at around 10am-ish. On the way back to Kota Kinabalu. Dad brought us to this stall selling coconut drinks and puding to try out the tasty scallops, clams and mussels. Anyways, we had "kerang", "lokan" and "kupang". Ohohoho I didn't know what these are till my dad pointed it to me. Oooooooo so tasty! I love to eat "kupang". It cost RM7 for I think 20 pieces of it. Bigger ones cost around RM12. Oooooooo I'm so going there again. So tasty! *drools. Here are some photos that I took there.

This is the stall where you should go try those delicious scallops

How they cook it

Look at those tasty scallop. *nyummy~

Tasty mussels. Oooooooooooo I so love this.

After lunch (well that doesn't quite consider lunch), we went to pick my sis up. She just came back from "Manukan Island". Reached home at around noon. Watch tv whole day heheheh

Saturday, June 10, 2006

For those who loves cats (LIKE ME!). Here are a series of Timmie's (mumu) personal photo shot. The sleeping pose of mumu. Enjoy viewing.

after dinner or during rainy days. mumu will be sleeping soundly

poked mumu's stomach with the remote control, he'll move a bit and start posing

mumu playing dead ^_^"

sleep! mumu sleep!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Con-woman at Work?

Hooo~ *paranoid

As usual our office PA (personal asst) will always be missing after noon. Her reasons would always be about settling issues at bank or went to pos office etc. I thought she might not have anymore problem with money since she loaned some from the company recently. Oooo I guess I was wrong. Never assume. Money will always be her problem forever and ever. I wonder what she did with those amount of cash. Makes me wonder. Today (refering to the day before - Tuesday), some lady called the office from a local bank asking for somebody who doesn't work here. The lady called for more than 4 times looking for the same person. We informed her that there's no such person working here. It comes to a shock to us. Questions, unanswered ones.

The actual story, the PA has asked one of the colleague here to lie to the person who called from the bank. Telling them that such person she mentioned existed. But no one wants to be part of her lies. So, everyone told the truth. The PA create a fake name and a fake payslip and applied for a loan from the local bank. *shame shame. Everyone (4 of us) was furious. Wish the boss would do something about her. She haven't been in the office all the time. Wait, most of the time to be exact? She's not at work most of the time. I think she used up all her annual leave. I wonder if she gonna take up more leaves like last year. I think she took up 3 months of leave. The management informed us that they would deduct her salary by the end of that particular year but no action was taken. How sad is that? She seems to be the center of attention with all her problems.

Today (Wednesday), as told by the Accountant, she came early to the office and left. And two of my colleague told us that she's on MC (medical leave) for 2 days. Wow. And guess what? This morning, so many calls looking for her. Even her mother and sister looking for her. Hoohoho, till then, to be concluded...

Oh she did it again.