Tuesday, January 29, 2019

[Activities] Aura Montoria, Kg Sayap, Kota Belud

Wow, this took awhile to blog about.  I was excited last week but my schedule was pack and I didn't have time to blog about it.

You can't imagine how long it takes me to get here.  Every plan there is had been put off for the longest time.  Not anymore!  I finally reached Aura Montoria!  This trail doesn't disappoint, it's really beautiful and I love it!

I probably should get to blogging about my past trips to Mount Minodtuhan and Kowatuan too huh?

Now before we get started with the photos, here are some info if you plan to get there.  

Some basic info.

If you never been to Kg Sayap, Kota Belud, here's some stuff you need to know.
  • You can get there by car.  I managed to get there with Myvi and Proton but best is 4WD.  Lowered car, you can say bye bye to your rims/bumpers hehe.  You go through part gravel road (some part is tarred).
  • If you're lucky and when fruits is in season, you get durians (I was looking forward to this but not in season *cries), tarap, pineapples, rambutan etc. 
  • The Eko-Edu Tourism at Kg Sayap consist of many products, it's just right next to each other, and most are different!  You'd be surprised of how affordable the fees are.
Other than that, just enjoy the journey.  The people there are super friendly.  Love the vibes.  I been to 3 places there and I love all!

Difficulty level:  Beginner to Intermediate (with a weebit on the technical side, hurts my knee a weebit from previous knee injury).  Mostly single trail.

Starting point, for registration and where you park your car.  They have 2 showers and 1 toilet there.
Daytrip package:

Fees: RM37 per pax (7km) or RM35 per pax (6km) - includes entrance fee and certificate.  This fee will also go to charity i.e. school funding and the villagers, also the uncle who stay along the first part of the trail.

You also can camp by the river which is 1.5km from the starting point.  Different fees :) 

There's toilet and showers available at the starting point and campsite.

Guide fee: RM50 to be divided among the number of pax.
1 guide for 1-5 pax.
2 guide for 6-10 pax.

Exclude: food, porter and insurance.  You can bring instant noodles in cups or coffee.  They have kettle, BBQ sets there.

Other useful items to bring along:
  1. Torchlight/headlamp - you will go through caves/bat caves/caves with waterfall.
  2. Medicine.
  3. Insect repellent - mosquitoes, no leeches spotted (dry season).
Other items for rent/purchase (optional):
  • Fish food - RM2.
  • Natural trekking pole - RM1.
    • Adidas kg - RM2.
    • Goggles - RM1.
    • Porter - RM5 per 1kg.
    • Pelampung - RM1 to RM5 (depending on size).
    • Briefing/warm up - briefing by one of the guide, Sandra.

    The first part after the starting line, a small rubber plantation, we will pass a house here.

    • Aura Montoria.
    • Batu Mondou (Gung-Gung Cha)
    You go through the tree.
    • Gua Mulut - mouth shaped cave.

    • Waig Minorol - tested and safe to drink! Mineral water.  Our guide, Josipin (gini ka eja nama ko?) said he drinks this water all the time.  It is cooling.

    This part a lot of caves and mineral water.

    • Gua Wongking
    Coming out from this cave is Liogu Ourod and the waterfall before making your way up to more waterfalls and caves.  Amazing isn't it?
    • Liogu Ourod & Waterfall

    Now if you wanted to fly your drones here, make sure you know where the wind is blowing.  Friend's drone got caught up in the trees, thankfully our guide managed to save it in 1 piece.

    Water not so strong coz it's dry season.

    After the ladder.

    • Gua Kelawar (Bat cave).
    • Waterfall & Ikan Tagal - waterfall inside a cave! OMGOSH! Unfortunately my camera phone doesn't do well under low light.  Sobs.

    This photo doesn't do justice!
    • Pegimpaan 1

    Getting to Pogimpaan Ko-Duo (second lookout point), I think everyone fits, not too sure if there's a limit.

    • Pegimpaan 2

    • Plants.

    • Marathon trail
    • Rock wall
    Dry season, notice the mineral water coming down from the wall
    • Moris Poris
    • Ponsinidang di todu
    • Campsite (lunch and river) - you can pre-cook your meals or bring a cup maggie, the guide will boil water there.  We were there for an hour, chilling and did some rafting :)

    Exiting the camp site.  This is such a beautiful view.

    • Lubuk Hijau (Liogu Otomou) - can swim, tubing, there's also a bat cave.
    • Batu Mondou
    Some part I didn't take photo, maybe too tired.  This always happens towards the end.
    Return to starting point.

    Thank you guide for the fresh pineapple, he was apologetic saying the pineapple waasn't sweet enough, to me it's nice and sweet yums.
    Overall it was great trip!  Our guide was awesome, the guides were friendly.  I should have showered though.  I just changed my clothes and went back to KK for dinner, boy, I was tired.

    Will be back soon.

    For more information and booking please contact the following:
    Rina: 012-8668075
    Sandra: 012-8263588
    Mieck: 011-25141044

    Don't forget to follow their social media platform at Aura Montoria Eko-Edu Tourism Kg Sayap Kota Belud Sabah.

    Feel free to leave a comment.  Thank you for reading.  Will do my best to visit all these beautiful places around Sabah, support local product! 


    1. I believe you had fun and enjoyed the trip. Thank you for your great posting and sharing. I will make sure this place one of I must go!

      1. Awww thank you so much for reading this post. I try to post as soon as I come back from a trip. Hope you get to go there. Don't forget to drink the water :)

    2. Awesome, plan to go there dis Kaamatan.