Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mid Week

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I wanted to blog but I was too tired to do so. Why u may ask? I was bz editing the main page for CSP forum.

Look! The design now. Oh, credits to rob-jr a.k.a acing for the layout.

Took me 1 whole day to finish this coz I only have very basic or minor knowledge in everything. PHP is so not my thing. I have zero knowledge. >_<" I struggle for few hours. I dun understand a thing. Lucky it's linked to css and html, which I'm so so familiar with. Thank yew lord. Oh, btw, if you notice got some minor error. Like look at the top left part? The home? I have no idea how to remove that, coz when I do, got error msg. So, I give up for now. If anybody know how to, please tell me tq.

Ahhh, finally a gewd nite sleep. Yes, I get very nice sleep without disturbance if I'm tired. Conclusion, tido mati. I feel great! Even every now and then feel lazy to go work. Hehe. Oh, I've uploaded a video of my cat, I posted it at the forum. But here's the link. Sorry but I was too lazy to rotate it. So, yeap, sorry bout that. Anyone wanna volunteer help me do that?

Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm gonna make it brief and simple for today

I'm super sleepy coz I'm lack of sleep. But I'm excited to do the layout for CSP. Well I got the images from rob-jr already. I juz need to transfer everything to php.

Anyways, I took this today. ENJOY! :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Camera

I seriously hate loaning my camera. Scared anything happen to it. Seriously. If anything happen to my camera. I'll blame it on my sis and will ask her to pay for it! Coz I bought that camera with my own money and I dun want any shite from my sis. Again, I would wanna say, my sis is stewped for buying suckie camera. Sometimes I think she's stewped. *sigh~

What Did I Do On A Sunday

Normally, I would be sleeping and watching tv like a lazy pig. As usual. Last year has owez been my lazy year. This year, I'm somehow energetic, motivated and erm so called "hardworking". Yeah rite. It won't last long, trust me! Today, my cats woke me up again. Imagine having a cat on ur chest looking straight at u. Hehe, I dun mind. I love both my kitties :)

kon lou mee with chicken cost rm5.00

fish meat soup with kon lou mee rm4.80

It's raining today. I went to Gaya Street with my mum and sis. Met my bro at Thien Thien Restaurant for brunch. My bro reached there early and was finishing his Kon Lou Mee with Fried Chicken. I had Kon Lou Mee with fish soup. We start walking around Gaya Street after that. It was raining again. I'm soaking wet. I should have worn shorts >_<". My slipper and jeans are all wet. *sigh~ Saw these new breed of hibiscus selling around. My mum's fren who was selling em said she gonna charge RM5 per shot I took.
the holes are somewhat natural?

I felt like having another hair wash walking around there. Everyone closed early coz it was raining. My mum bought 5 kilos of mangostein. It's my bro's fav fruit, well one of it obviously. Bought bananas, I like it raw. Bought mango. Uh, I bought myself a pair of silver bangles. Ogie, I got a thing for simple looking thing. Hehe.

bought these for rm5 each

We bought 2 pot of flower. Er, I dunno wut's this in english, but my mum told me it's "bunga seribu"? Anybody wanna tell me wut they call this? There's so many. There's actually 2 types. One small petal and the one we bought was slightly bigger. And look at those color. Got this 1 guy who's picking it up too was having a hard time deciding. But he took the blue color!!!! I wanted it. Mum said we could get it next week. Yay! We gonna get more of it yay!!! :) Ogie, yes, I'm crazy for flowers but er I'm not that crazy to take care of it. My parents will be doing the taking care part yay~ The only thing in mind for me is how to help my parents organize the garden. It's super messy, for me that is. I want a personal flower bed if i can.

OMG, it's raining again. Oh, anyways, after Gaya Street, we plan to go KK Plaza. Mum wanted to do some grocerry shopping. Jam, slow moving. We took the road from CP. Mum make an illegal U-Turn from there. While waiting, we actually saw something disturbing. A gal/lady was sort of hanging herself from a kancil. WOT!? Yes u heard me rite. Seems like an argument with a guy. Wow, something u rarely see. Freakie. That dood is crazy. Seriously. We manage to reach KK Plaza at around 1pm-ish. Walk around window shopping first.

I thought of buying the converse shoe but mum somehow didn't stop there >_<" Maybe next time. My sis bought a dress for RM60. Very nice, very victorian. I love it. I would probably wear it if I'm a bit more feminine? *lol. Our total for grocceries nearly reach RM300. *hiks~ Bought a lot of stuff. Went to the car to put our stuff first then it's dinner for us. I had er wut liao. I forgot wut it's called. Yee Mian Soup? I think.
After finish eating, we went to the gift shop. I bought myself this.
i bought this for rm5.90

I find it very cute! :) Went home at nearly 6pm.

Mum had to rush for dinner at Tg. Aru. Me and my sis helped her with clearing the stuff. I helped her with laundry. Think that she might be tired when she get back later. See, I told u, I'm hardworking now hahahahaha. Yeah rite. Oh, wanna know something funny? Me and my sis is on speaking terms again. *hiks~ We had some argument end of last year. I guess that happened coz I need some peace and quiet. Since now I have em. I dun see that I have any problem with talking to her. I think my eldest sis is crazy. She owez do last minute BBQ party. Wtf?! Or a minor party with her frens. Well who cares anyway. I'll be in my room doing my thing :) OMG, I uploaded all the pic sekali I unaccidently close it >_<" crap man! seriously, I feel crappy!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's Saturday All About For Me

Saturday is the day for me to relax. Normally I would be sleeping like a pig. But today was different. I hope I can say that it's mind set but unfortunately it's not. I woke up around 7 something if I'm not mistaken. Woken up by both my precious mimis. Yes, they are on on chest. *hard to breathe hahaha kidding..nolah. They're a bit heavy and it's a bit uncomfortable having both at once on me. *lol.

Anyways, I had maggie pan mee for breakfast. I told some that I wanted to wash my car. I didn't wash it for quite some time and it's getting on my nerves. Seriously. So, before I start with washing my car, I actually took some photos. I was so excited when I saw 5 of the same caterpillar on a lime tree. Wait, izzit lime? *blur. I think so. And one caterpillar that I shot before. OMG those are so cute! >_<" I took like so many shots. After all that, I start on washing my car. I started at 11am-ish and dry it or I should say wipe till dry. I dunno wut's wrong with me but I started with waxing too. OMG! I felt like leaving it after that coz it was damn tiring. How ppl could do that? I'm not a machine. >_<" seriously. Anyways, then while waiting for it to dry, I found more caterpillars somewhere else. OMG!

I was totally excited. There's so many. This is the best and worst day of my life. *lol. I'll definately won't do anymore waxing. Though I gotta say my car is damn clean and the colors are great! :) Btw, I finish cleaning my car after 4 hours >_<" roughly~ Oh, not forgetting I was doing some of my quest for maple. I wanna level so badly >_<"

Photos for today

fleas. ewwwwwwwww. i'm still er freaking out

erm yes, i poked it juz to make sure it's alive weeeeeeee~~~

i could be proud of myself for this shot. a fully beautiful shot most definately. for me that is :)

i feel great!

Ok, I've checked, today's shot is er like 175 pcs. Erm, ogie. It's actually more, but I deleted some coz blur.

the hopper weeeeeeeeee~~~ i owez wanted to spot this one. and i did. lucky!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Photography Session

I took this few days ago. "kids~ dun do this at home"

I pulled the leaves so I could get a shot of it hahahahah :P

Just for laughs...
She's definately annoyed


*paranoid. I didn't do that intentionally ogie! Juz so my colleague was reading the letter so loud that I could even hear it. So, it doesn't really count as eavesdropping does it? OMG! Sins~! loads of sins~ >_< must not listen. Bad massy bad~!

Ogie, so the story goes like this. The "bitch" didn't come to work again. Something about kidney failure. That's wut she said la. Wut a bunch of crap!! Anyways, I doubt she have a kidney failure. She got a new BF. That's wut's going on? And here she tells us that her husband was cheating on her. Like hello? Hmm ogie, I know I shouldn't bitch about this but umm I juz can't keep myself shut. Anyways, as I was saying. Earlier, not sure since when it happened but earlier today, a chinese lady called the office keep asking for the "bitch". As usual, we had to tell her that she didn't came to work. Like would we lie? Common! I think this lady was really pissed and frustrated coz she keep calling for few times. After awhile, a guy called asking to speak to the boss. So, my colleague pass it to the 2nd boss. I have no idea wut kinda conversation they had but I know the guy, meaning the loan shark wanted to meet with this boss. So, he did. I think I saw the guy or should I say "along" came. My boss is around so he met with the boss here. No idea wut they talked about but it wasn't long. After noon, boss draft out a letter for the typist to type. I unaccidently listened to it coz she was reading it loudly. Conclusion, the "bitch" gonna get fired. End of story. Oh wait, I juz heard that her last day is end of Feb yay! Finally!

I think the boss has a candidate for a new secretary already. She came earlier. She look younger than me though. Juz hope she isn't hahahahah *rofl..I enjoyed being the younger one here hahahahah. Anyways, I played maple today. I went to the new map area. Shanghai! It's so kewl and so much fun! Yes, somebody told me to grow up? No thanks. I'll enjoy life the way I want :P Anyways, my fren showed me some hair style. Ohhh I totally love these.

I couldn't sleep

So yes, I couldn't sleep. Guess wut I did, I took photo of myself and did the above. Gawd. I'm so bored and I can't sleep >_<" force sleep it seems *sigh.

I was feeling crappy earlier. Now I feel great! Well, after reading other people's blog that is. Motivated at times. I want to get motivated all the time! That did not happen. I got this jigsaw game installed at my computer at work, I finish all the puzzle already :( I need new game. Hmm maybe I'll play maple tomorrow weeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

:( *cries blood

I noticed it this morning. It's GONE!!!! Noi~!!!! I tried to comfort myself thinking that it might fell somewhere around the bed, but noiiiiiiii~~~~~~~ :( it's not there, I search many many times :( I lost my anklet huhuhu~~~ I wanna cry~ I search high and low for it. I couldn't find it. *sigh. I dun mind that I lost 2 of my jade ring but this anklet :( WHY?!!?!?!?!?!?

History: I had this anklet since I was 18 years old and I never taken em off even the "bell" thinggie is gone *sigh~~~~ :( so sad...

I got another one but it's not the same, I dun like that one. I want the one I owez had :( so sad~ haih~ WHY?!!?!??!?!?!?! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ why!?!

*prays hard! hope I find it

I did my portfolio main page

>_<" It doesn't look as great and my photo arrangement sucks >_<" Need to redo.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Ticks ME

*sigh. Sometimes I think my "boss" or we should call him supervisor instead is a baboon. Wait, more like lembab. A computer purchase here would normally take months. Quotation normally expire and I have to ask to re-quote *sigh. Oh, but this is the most "fun" part of being here. >_<" Yesterday, this "boss" ask me whether the computer is confirm already? WOT?! wtf! WOT?! I was blank when he asked me that. Feeling annoyed. *confused. Isn't he the one who should be the one confirming so I could proceed with the purchase? Huh?! *confused again. Conclusion, there will never be an end for this. Off topic: Whole day at work yesterday, I was compiling my photos. I was indeed motivated. Most of it I did some resizing and thumb for the page. I manage to put in less than 50 photos. I think. As soon as I reach home, I choose to relax hehe. I need to create some icons to represents each category too hmm..

Wut's wrong with page? Hmm, every now and then can't get in one :(

Sunday, January 21, 2007

So much for compiling my photos

I'm still in the process of compiling my photos for my portfolio. >_<"

I have to resize everything and put it up nicely. So many yet so lil time. My mum woke me up this morning coz yesterday I told her I wanted to have some other thing to eat. Yes, I get bored of the fewd sometimes. But, oh I love cotton candy. Mint flavour specifically. Too much sugar last week. I had like 4. OMG I'm sick. I know.

I notice one of my kitten is super fat. Wait, she's a teenage now. I'll take shots of them later. I should really bath them. YES! I won't deny. I love them more than any other cats weeeeeeeee and I feed them as much as I can weeeeeeee... :)

Ogie, I'm totally blank now. Morning is so not my thing. Weird, I feel so much energetic now. Must be motivated hmm..maybe not so sure. Anyways, I woke up like 3am-ish this morning again for toilet hahahahah. Gosh, after 3 hours of sleep, I juz have to wake up? Oh I told my mum that I wanted to paint my room and she was like, "go ahead" and ask me wut color, I was like hmm "lime green?" I'm thinking how am I gonna start it coz so many junks?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Panic

I was compiling my photos when, I notice some of my photos are missing. Did I unaccidently delete it from my hddisk or I copied it to a cd or dvd? OMG! Seriously panic rite now. But that's my photos for my outing OMG!!!!! I'm so screwed rite now. OMG!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! SCREWED SHITE! *think mas think!!!! Where u put it :( shite man~!!!!


After a long search and cursing, I finally found it. >_<" in my photography dvd *phew~ thank gawd. So, this is part of me. When try to find something urgent, I'll panic. But once I found it, I find myself being stewped for not looking properly >_<"

I guess it's a sign of getting old, I dun think I'm careless or anything but I'm forgetful yes, that's it. I'm forgetful. <--- trip kasi senang ati

Featured in other ppl's dA journal *yay~

It wasn't my first time. Happened few times. Well maybe less than 5 times? I dun remember. But I was happy. This time, I was featured at webworm's dA journal. Yay~ 2 of my photos, Caterpillar and lemme out... was featured in her journal entry, here.

Ahhh found another feature at babyducks's dA journal entry here. I should keep track of these stuff hehe~

Photography and Super Lag in Maple

Today I'm in the mood to take photo. Wasn't so excited coz I saw a different dragonfly. Black and yellow in color but I was too far to capture it and yes I'm dissapointed. Though I manage to get some other bugs around the garden *sigh. Anyways, around nearly 6pm I saw another different dragonfly which is white in color but couldn't capture it again coz it didn't stop >_<"

Very hot weather today. Wow it's gonna rain. I hope it rain. Very very hot. I'm gaining some weight again. *pfttt so fast lose and so fast gain. So cialat. *sigh. I was playing maple again today. *sigh too slow. Every now and then super lag and I couldn't hit or collect stuff haiyo. This time I'm at mushroom shrine. Hitting racoons and fox hmm. Maybe I need a break from that.

I'm sorry for not blogging, it's not my fault. The line is super lag and I barely could get anything running here. *sigh. Simply saying that if u dun see me blogging, the reason is the line! seriously!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is why ppl use auto cars

I have the thought of changing my car. I love driving manual cars but looking at the condition of my leg. *sigh. I'm doubtful. No wonder my bro drives an auto. My mum too. >_<"

Might as well juz endure the pain while I still can. I did some vacuuming last nite. This is because my sis finally moved downstairs yay! Woohohohohohohoho. I know I can be mean at times but I need my space. She ain't giving me space when I need peace and quiet. Poor kitties are scared of vacuum hahahah so cute. You should see how they're terrified of it weeeeeee...I changed my bed covers. I think I wanna get those quilt type again. Uh uh. I love those quilt type of bed covers. Actually I'm thinking of painting my room. The dull white is killing me everyday. I want it to be retro! Hehe.

This morning, I looked at my car and I'm disgusted. It's been awhile since I last wash my car. It's been raining, so, hmm, not such a gewd idea to wash it but I hope I could like get it done this weekend. Hopefully! I watched American Idol Season 6 audition last nite, they only pick 17 people? omg.

Ogie, wut my colleagues are gossiping again? They're talking about bitch's debts again. Ooooh, something funny I heard from the office. Somebody called the office and curse? Wut? Huh? Weird.

I'll be playing Maple now...lvling again

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The excitement

I hope we get to go to Chiang Mai this year. Looking forward to it. I had a short chat with an ex-colleague of mine. He's one of the kewl boss from my old company. I wasn't under his supervision but it's very nice to talk to him. We used to talk about computers. Yes, sometimes I get really hype up with tech. And we talk about handphones and holidays. He's planning to go Bangkok for holiday. So, I was telling him about my trip.

Omg. I wanted to go to so many places. But with this little cash. Forget it! I mostly would save few hundred to my personal savings but I didn't do that for 2 months. Which sucks. OMG that sucks!!! 2 months man...wadda~

Oh, my boss came to the office today. Hmm, that's odd. I'm hungry. I'm so so hungry. Too much acid. HUNGRY!!! I wanna eat!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It felt like high school all over again hee

I still couldn't drive to work yet. There's still minor pain from my knee. Oh, thanks for the medicine, last nite, I was hyperly active. My fren, acing or better known as rob said I must be overdose. Hahahhaha maybe. Coz ideas come pouring like rain. And I was in the mood of listening to the same song again and again and noise doesn't seem to bother me that time.

My mum sent me to work today. I was having flashback on when I was in high school. Where I had to wake up early but be the one who gets to reach school late. But I wasn't late for school, I'm juz the person who's not the 1st the reach school. At some point of when I was in those years, I sometimes was frustrated coz I didn't want to wake up early coz my mum sure will send my other siblings to Sabah College first and finally send me to my school at SMK Putatan. Well, it's not her fault that I went to a different school. I juz didn't wanna go to the same school as my siblings. I dunno. It's juz hard for me to find new friends all over again. It's frustrating to change schools. Seriously. Oh, why u may ask I talked about this now? Coz juz now mum send us to work, I'm the last person to reach my office even I start at 8am. >_<" She sent both my sister first, last send me >_<" adei~ paning eh...This is why I can drive and both of them can't. heh~ Anyways, enuff complaining for today, I'll be having this chicken cold dish for lunch. I have to take lunch coz I need to take my medicine >_<" hmmm...oh well. I would prefer beef though huhu~
Oh I forgot to mention. Last week, I went to Warisan Square with my eldest sis, Lyne, the DJ. Bought 2 new top. One for work and the other one is more casual. Both brown color. I'll post the image later. I forgot to take photo. Bought it with the money my sis gave me mwahhahahah *grins~ omg~ I'm a brat!

Monday, January 15, 2007

So Wut's Wrong With My Leg Actually?

I couldn't walk properly for 3 days. Today planned to go to work. But I couldn't trust my leg. I couldn't even drive. I can't balance my leg. *sigh. This gotta suck. No worries. I went to the doctor today. He gave me 3 kinds of medicine. 1 for pain, 1 to reduce the swelling on my leg and another one is for "gout"!! WOT?! u heard me rite. I got gout. *sigh. Or if nobody knows wut is gout. Go search at Wikipedia. Another name for this is "metabolic arthritis". *hiks~ and my mum was like "wut? so young got gout?". And doctor owez got an answer for these kinda Q. A 15 year old could get it. So, here, most of my fav fewd is down the drain. I couldn't eat lotsa stuff now. I can't eat peanuts, seafood, beef, some fish, some vege. >_< how terrible is that?

Well, the pills is making me woozie~ I could sound depressing and hyper at the same time. *hiks~

Anyways, my current craziness is to listen to this song by numero called letih. >_<"

aku tau... engkau letih
dengan luka hati yang selalu menyiksa batinmu
teriris, terasa perih
namun ku selalu coba tuk menepis
sudahlah hatimu takkan pernah sanggup bertahan
derita cinta mu... ooooooo

Bila kau rasa yang terjadi kini
selalu saja buat hatimu sedih
hanya diriku yang pasti menemani

kau menangis, datang padaku
bercerita tentang luka mu padaku
sudahlah hatimu OooooOOo.....

back to reff

Cepat pergi jauh darinya
ku tak ingin engkau bersedih
Jiwa ini tak pernah rela

back to reff 2 x

Thursday, January 11, 2007


That's it! I'm not going! *sigh. Everything is screwed!

My dad booked my ticket on monday but found out today it didn't get through. *sigh~ went to air asia office and queued. Ticket cost higher. I feel like crying and cursing rite not in the mood... *sigh~

The weekdays

I was in the mood to blog last nite. But I did it today coz I wanted to sleep early, so I could wake up early (kunun!!!). I got so many things in mind last nite. Today somehow turn blank. *sigh~ my bad.

Anyways, this is the day to complain. Complain complain and complain. Streamyx sucks! Big time. The line was terrible last nite. Even today. Well at least the line at work is working but not as fast as I wanted it to be. Oh well.

I was mapling for days. Finally lvl 35 Page. My weapons still suck and my clothes suck. Ugly fugly. I hope I could hit faster and get to lvl 40 yay! I wonder when my brother gonna decide to talk to me. Coz I need him to maple and I need him to get the ores from me coz my inventory space is limited. Very limited. Huhuhu~

more info on where u could get this. click here

I'm getting a death note notebook! Woo~! Been wanting this for quite some time. I wanted to get some pinky street too.

I seriously need to stop bitching this year. I did a lot of bitching last year. I wanna be the gewd lil innocent angel this year. But I couldn't coz this bitch at work keep making me bitch about her with other colleagues. This is bad. Really bad. Somebody fire her already!? So, the latest story I got from others is that she's still in debt and loan shark still looking for her but she still going around asking people if they could loan her some cash. The amount is not small I must say. Sometimes RM600 and sometimes RM1, 500. So, where did she get the money to buy all the new clothes? New handbag, new shoes, new purse, new handphone and etc? This is a gewd example of a dumbarse. Like my colleague said to me yesterday. "Biar bergaya, hutang tak payah bayar" ahahhahahaha...*lol so funny. She still have the same excuse if she didn't come to work. Either she have to send her children to school or she's sick (sick? my foot la). Yesterday a colleague saw her at some restaurant and she calls in sick. *lol. Oh ogie. Tak boleh pakai punya urang.

Last nite's salted fish fried rice is so nice. Tasty. But I remove all the mix vege. Yuck! I dun like those type of mix vege (consist of carrots, peas and corns). No worries, I take my time removing it. Oh and the chili. Damn tasty. But I suffer after that. Stomach ache hahahahahha *rofl. No worries. I'm fine now.

And I'm gonna maple again today weeeeeeeeee.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

No Title, Juz Haven't Been Blogging

I'm sorry for not blogging. I've been lazy coz every time I wanted to blog, the line somehow dies on me. Instead, I went downstairs to watch tv. Or maybe took some photos? Oh, I took some photos of bugs. I posted it at my dA page. Check it out.

I'm still trying to make a decision whether I should or not go to JB for a fren's wedding. I really wanted to go but air fare is killing me. >_<" I know I should book my tickets early but *sigh I'm so doubtful. Oh and besides, this is a time where I do need a credit card *sigh. Which I dun hahahahaha... *thinks. Makes me really wanna go after receive the invitation card and the wedding photo. Awww, the photo so cute. >_<" MUST GO! I MUST GO! Uh, I need new clothes *sigh

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Anger Management

I seriously got a problem with being angry. I'm easily tempered. *sigh. Not loving it. I might get in trouble coz I tend to lost it every now and then.

Like today for instance. Wait, this didn't happen once. It happened most of the time if ppl block my way.

Imagine a straight road. Only roughly 1 car can fit. Another car can fit, but try stopping at the bushes. >_<" Hate saying this but yes, I won't give way. Seriously. Anybody in my way, I will honk them lotsa lotsa times or when they come near to my car, I'll yell at them. Plain and simple. Yes, not happy that I did that but umm, when I'm back from work, I prefer to have a nice straight road. So, yes, I'm sorry but I hate big lorries. And I'm not gonna let any stewped idiot driving big lorries ruin it do I?

Till then... -_-"

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

I'm sorry I haven't finish my Bangkok, Thailand trip post yet. I'm too lazy to resize photo and upload and arrange at this moment. Yes, I have been lazy or should I specifically say, been lazing around for days. Wait, more like since I came back from my trip. Coz, I've been sick. I had the sore throat at first, then slowly evolved to flu and fever and I seriously feel like crap. All I taken was 1 flu medicine which make me dead sleepy, some sore throat medicine and 1 panadol. I try not to rely on medicine that often. If you know wut I mean? Dood! I'm getting old. I dun wanna depend on medicine.

I miss both my kitties. They are so cute. Anyways, that's not mainly the point here.

New year's resolution!

  1. I would probably say that I would want to lose some weight again? Yes! It's my ultimate goal. I won't wanna blow myself up do I?
  2. I would definately wanna life a happy and healthy life.
  3. Try not to be so freaked out by stuff. Which I do most of the time? Yes, I'm scared of everything.
  4. Maybe I should try out some of the stuff my sis suggested to me? Say like parasailing, rock climbing, water rafting and etc etc which would probably freak me out. (Gawd, I must be losing my mind).
  5. Try to remain calm. More like try not to lose temper. Wait, that would take some time. People owez tend to push my button often these days.
I'll list somemore when I thought of it. Till then, I'm off to bed. Have a great one people! :)

Lazing Around for few days

*points at the title