Thursday, January 25, 2007


*paranoid. I didn't do that intentionally ogie! Juz so my colleague was reading the letter so loud that I could even hear it. So, it doesn't really count as eavesdropping does it? OMG! Sins~! loads of sins~ >_< must not listen. Bad massy bad~!

Ogie, so the story goes like this. The "bitch" didn't come to work again. Something about kidney failure. That's wut she said la. Wut a bunch of crap!! Anyways, I doubt she have a kidney failure. She got a new BF. That's wut's going on? And here she tells us that her husband was cheating on her. Like hello? Hmm ogie, I know I shouldn't bitch about this but umm I juz can't keep myself shut. Anyways, as I was saying. Earlier, not sure since when it happened but earlier today, a chinese lady called the office keep asking for the "bitch". As usual, we had to tell her that she didn't came to work. Like would we lie? Common! I think this lady was really pissed and frustrated coz she keep calling for few times. After awhile, a guy called asking to speak to the boss. So, my colleague pass it to the 2nd boss. I have no idea wut kinda conversation they had but I know the guy, meaning the loan shark wanted to meet with this boss. So, he did. I think I saw the guy or should I say "along" came. My boss is around so he met with the boss here. No idea wut they talked about but it wasn't long. After noon, boss draft out a letter for the typist to type. I unaccidently listened to it coz she was reading it loudly. Conclusion, the "bitch" gonna get fired. End of story. Oh wait, I juz heard that her last day is end of Feb yay! Finally!

I think the boss has a candidate for a new secretary already. She came earlier. She look younger than me though. Juz hope she isn't hahahahah *rofl..I enjoyed being the younger one here hahahahah. Anyways, I played maple today. I went to the new map area. Shanghai! It's so kewl and so much fun! Yes, somebody told me to grow up? No thanks. I'll enjoy life the way I want :P Anyways, my fren showed me some hair style. Ohhh I totally love these.


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Aww... your boss is cutting a Donald Trump on her, eh? lol.

    Hey, nice hair style. You going for it?

  2. yeap...hahahaha but she's not around to get that "u're fired" thing yet..hahhah soon..anyways...i thought of the 2nd haircut though i'm tempted to do the 1st one...

    wut do u think?

  3. I vote for the 1st!!! Though I'd do it a little shorter! (Thought to self: No noo!!! Keeping hair long remember??)

    Good to know the thorn is being plucked out of the group!

  4. Hey Massy!

    Both hairstyles are so chic! Too bad they need so much maintenance...

    Oh well, you don't have to listen to people who discourage you to play Maple. There's a child in everyone, and we should all be proud to enjoy our interests. Way to go, Massy!

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  5. hmm i need my hair short..that's the easiest way to take care of it...>_< long hair doesn't really suit me somehow hahah or i think so

  6. the bitch is gone, whos next??to be bitching about??'ll gonna miss tht bitch no hehe

    ah..i dun like em both..bald style better hahhaha the mawi style :P

  7. ewwwwwwwwww excuse me...dun bother to miss the bitch la dood :P

  8. 1. "Bad massy bad~!" Yub yub, we know you're bad :)

    2. And so ends an era of your office life :P

    3. Younger than you... well, thats quite easy to achieve ;)

    4) Just the cut or the colour too?

  9. rum the cut only..the color is too extreme for me hahahaha...
    wut? it's a fact ok..that she's a bitch and everyone bitch about her

  10. Thats mean... my dog is a bitch and SHE's well behaved! :P

  11. hahahhah ur dog is a bitch?