Sunday, January 07, 2007

No Title, Juz Haven't Been Blogging

I'm sorry for not blogging. I've been lazy coz every time I wanted to blog, the line somehow dies on me. Instead, I went downstairs to watch tv. Or maybe took some photos? Oh, I took some photos of bugs. I posted it at my dA page. Check it out.

I'm still trying to make a decision whether I should or not go to JB for a fren's wedding. I really wanted to go but air fare is killing me. >_<" I know I should book my tickets early but *sigh I'm so doubtful. Oh and besides, this is a time where I do need a credit card *sigh. Which I dun hahahahaha... *thinks. Makes me really wanna go after receive the invitation card and the wedding photo. Awww, the photo so cute. >_<" MUST GO! I MUST GO! Uh, I need new clothes *sigh


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Tell you what..

    credit card is the root to all evil!

    LAWL! Sometimes I regret getting them, coz I can't seem to stop buying stuff online these days. *sigh* (but I keep telling myself that I bought stuff that I REALLY need. LoL)

    Let us know your decision on the wedding. Hehe.

    Hope you have a better Sunday than I am. (Literally dying on my table now. :P)

  2. ha..Jb flooding lah massy..C.C will kill u..better dont! :P

  3. zaini: my fren said her place x banjir la!!!!

    cindy: finally decided. i'm going. thanks to my sis for helping me tell my dad..i dun haf the guts to tell him hahahaha...but i haf to pay him back. >_<" i'm so gonna be broke!

  4. Anonymous8:46 PM

    i love weddings.
    (they always make me pokai btw)

    can i come? lol
    *just kidding

  5. * love weddings? i only love em if my frens are there..if not, i'll be freaking out hahahahaha..

    i would bring u if i could weeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    u can come on my wedding...whenever that is..hahahhahahaha....maybe i dun even get married in this life hahahahah *rofl

  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Take lots of photos ya? :D

  7. Hmm, I realised you haven't been updating much. How's work lately? Been too busy eh?

  8. hello~drop by only lah

  9. cindy: will do

    huiwen: the slow line makes me give up on blogging...i was bz lvling in maple hahahahahah

    link planet: hello there :)