Sunday, January 21, 2007

So much for compiling my photos

I'm still in the process of compiling my photos for my portfolio. >_<"

I have to resize everything and put it up nicely. So many yet so lil time. My mum woke me up this morning coz yesterday I told her I wanted to have some other thing to eat. Yes, I get bored of the fewd sometimes. But, oh I love cotton candy. Mint flavour specifically. Too much sugar last week. I had like 4. OMG I'm sick. I know.

I notice one of my kitten is super fat. Wait, she's a teenage now. I'll take shots of them later. I should really bath them. YES! I won't deny. I love them more than any other cats weeeeeeeee and I feed them as much as I can weeeeeeee... :)

Ogie, I'm totally blank now. Morning is so not my thing. Weird, I feel so much energetic now. Must be motivated hmm..maybe not so sure. Anyways, I woke up like 3am-ish this morning again for toilet hahahahah. Gosh, after 3 hours of sleep, I juz have to wake up? Oh I told my mum that I wanted to paint my room and she was like, "go ahead" and ask me wut color, I was like hmm "lime green?" I'm thinking how am I gonna start it coz so many junks?


  1. Anonymous1:45 AM

    3 hours of sleep only? :P

    Hey, lime green is a nice color. Very refreshing, very au-naturel. :D

    You gonna post the photos here in your blog or your dA?

  2. oh most of the time i post my photos at dA. but for my portfolio. some photos are not posted. it's juz to compile my best works hehehe..

    yeah~ my dad painted the new area lime green..very nice to shoot oh... :)

  3. Hmmm... YOU had 4 cotton candies and your kitten got super fat?

    Thats a neat trick!