Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

I'm sorry I haven't finish my Bangkok, Thailand trip post yet. I'm too lazy to resize photo and upload and arrange at this moment. Yes, I have been lazy or should I specifically say, been lazing around for days. Wait, more like since I came back from my trip. Coz, I've been sick. I had the sore throat at first, then slowly evolved to flu and fever and I seriously feel like crap. All I taken was 1 flu medicine which make me dead sleepy, some sore throat medicine and 1 panadol. I try not to rely on medicine that often. If you know wut I mean? Dood! I'm getting old. I dun wanna depend on medicine.

I miss both my kitties. They are so cute. Anyways, that's not mainly the point here.

New year's resolution!

  1. I would probably say that I would want to lose some weight again? Yes! It's my ultimate goal. I won't wanna blow myself up do I?
  2. I would definately wanna life a happy and healthy life.
  3. Try not to be so freaked out by stuff. Which I do most of the time? Yes, I'm scared of everything.
  4. Maybe I should try out some of the stuff my sis suggested to me? Say like parasailing, rock climbing, water rafting and etc etc which would probably freak me out. (Gawd, I must be losing my mind).
  5. Try to remain calm. More like try not to lose temper. Wait, that would take some time. People owez tend to push my button often these days.
I'll list somemore when I thought of it. Till then, I'm off to bed. Have a great one people! :)


  1. year resolution ah...hopefully u'll achive all that :P gambate hehe [ i learn quick ah ] heeh

  2. All the best with the resolutions!

    How many kilograms do you want to lose?

  3. huiwen: not sure..but hmm..definately wanna lose...hmm i think my weight now is like 56kg or more...maybe lose till 50kg?