Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Camera

I seriously hate loaning my camera. Scared anything happen to it. Seriously. If anything happen to my camera. I'll blame it on my sis and will ask her to pay for it! Coz I bought that camera with my own money and I dun want any shite from my sis. Again, I would wanna say, my sis is stewped for buying suckie camera. Sometimes I think she's stewped. *sigh~


  1. haha..same here...thts why i hav 2 cameras..if anyone wanna loan i'll giv the cheaper one haha...

  2. *lol...i asked my 2nd sis to take..coz i dun trust my eldest sis to take hahahahha...

    but lucky after few mins she gimme back mwahhahaha

  3. Hehe I don't mind if my sibs wanna borrow, cause they're all camera freaks too! I know they know how to take care of it. Except for my brother Hasanal... He is... I don't know what he is. I can't say. I just can't imagine it. No. Never.

    But I don't have a camera NOW. =(

    Soon soon.

  4.'s from my experience. my sis unaccidently bang my camera before. so, no way i wanna let that happen again? hehe. besides, she should get a gewd camera than a suckie one *sigh >_< she never learn haih~

    i should ask for some cash and get her a new camera