Thursday, January 04, 2007

Anger Management

I seriously got a problem with being angry. I'm easily tempered. *sigh. Not loving it. I might get in trouble coz I tend to lost it every now and then.

Like today for instance. Wait, this didn't happen once. It happened most of the time if ppl block my way.

Imagine a straight road. Only roughly 1 car can fit. Another car can fit, but try stopping at the bushes. >_<" Hate saying this but yes, I won't give way. Seriously. Anybody in my way, I will honk them lotsa lotsa times or when they come near to my car, I'll yell at them. Plain and simple. Yes, not happy that I did that but umm, when I'm back from work, I prefer to have a nice straight road. So, yes, I'm sorry but I hate big lorries. And I'm not gonna let any stewped idiot driving big lorries ruin it do I?

Till then... -_-"


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I'm very temperamental too... I cannot tahan when dealing with stoopid people or people who are plain stoopid. LoL.

    And I can't stand stoopid drivers too. I tend to give them "the finger" when they pisses me off! LoL. I hate driving, really. Hence why I got myself a driver.... *teehee*

    I need some anger management some time. If you're planning to sign up for one, I'll come with you. LoL!

  2. *rofl...i guess we haf one thing in common. hate driving. though i love to speed hahahahah >_<" too bad i dun haf a driver. *rofl

    oh i hate slow drivers too. piss me off. they can't differentiate between the lanes. and uh uh...parking at my work place is like a war zone *hiks

  3. hold on there both of ya have some "road-bully talent" i can see :P

  4. I hope I dont drive next to your car in the future, massy.


  5. Haha, road bully talent! I don't know whether I have that talent or not (since I don't know how to drive yet), but I'm temperamental too.

    Thank God you're in Sabah, haha!

  6. Wan to hire ahmad anot??

  7. zaini: hahahaha road bully talent *rofl. ppl bully me first *rofl

    sr215: wakkakakaka...*rofl

    huiwen: *rofl..most likely *rofl...

    aceone: sepa ahmad?

  8. Ahmad tu driver la!!!! kakakakaka!!!!