Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's Saturday All About For Me

Saturday is the day for me to relax. Normally I would be sleeping like a pig. But today was different. I hope I can say that it's mind set but unfortunately it's not. I woke up around 7 something if I'm not mistaken. Woken up by both my precious mimis. Yes, they are on on chest. *hard to breathe hahaha kidding..nolah. They're a bit heavy and it's a bit uncomfortable having both at once on me. *lol.

Anyways, I had maggie pan mee for breakfast. I told some that I wanted to wash my car. I didn't wash it for quite some time and it's getting on my nerves. Seriously. So, before I start with washing my car, I actually took some photos. I was so excited when I saw 5 of the same caterpillar on a lime tree. Wait, izzit lime? *blur. I think so. And one caterpillar that I shot before. OMG those are so cute! >_<" I took like so many shots. After all that, I start on washing my car. I started at 11am-ish and dry it or I should say wipe till dry. I dunno wut's wrong with me but I started with waxing too. OMG! I felt like leaving it after that coz it was damn tiring. How ppl could do that? I'm not a machine. >_<" seriously. Anyways, then while waiting for it to dry, I found more caterpillars somewhere else. OMG!

I was totally excited. There's so many. This is the best and worst day of my life. *lol. I'll definately won't do anymore waxing. Though I gotta say my car is damn clean and the colors are great! :) Btw, I finish cleaning my car after 4 hours >_<" roughly~ Oh, not forgetting I was doing some of my quest for maple. I wanna level so badly >_<"

Photos for today

fleas. ewwwwwwwww. i'm still er freaking out

erm yes, i poked it juz to make sure it's alive weeeeeeee~~~

i could be proud of myself for this shot. a fully beautiful shot most definately. for me that is :)

i feel great!

Ok, I've checked, today's shot is er like 175 pcs. Erm, ogie. It's actually more, but I deleted some coz blur.

the hopper weeeeeeeeee~~~ i owez wanted to spot this one. and i did. lucky!


  1. u workin on 'taman haiwan ganjil' isit?? heheh...

  2. *lol...nolah...i like to take shots of lil things :P

  3. Question: how DOES a pig sleep?

  4. I love the pictures! Those orangy-browny thingies (are they caterpillars?) were the best I think cause they were so symmetrical.

    But the first picture freaked me out. Kembang bulu man.

  5. Hey Massy!

    Wow, it's raining insects! Thank God I'm not as squeamish as my friends who are afraid of insects, haha!

    The pictures are good, and it's so refreshing compared to my pictures (I have too much city shots, haha)... The 'fleas' picture rocks the most cos' its so unique! It's a bit freaky though...One of those white creatures might jump migrate somewhere... *laughs*

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  6. lil one: try imagine urself hahahahaha *lol

    haizum: yeah those are caterpillars...banyak oh..there's like 5 of em..i took a lot of was fun capturing it...i'm so very excited. oh the photo of the fleas...try imagine when i take that shot..kembang bulu roma..after take pix yang sampai di bilik pun masih kembang bulu roma..looking at the photo pun bikin se kembang bulu roma...teruk effect dia..

    huiwen: hahahaha i love capturing tiny little insect such as these. the fleas freak me out every now and then still...even the caterpillars, some i nearly kena hehhee, some i had to pull the leaves...hey, i do think ur city shots are great! i wanted to try having city shots coz i rarely haf them. most of my shots are either insect or flower...*sigh~ and i want more scenery >_<"

  7. when i saw the 1st pic i was like, "what the heck is thatttt"... well mas what IS that? caterpillars ka that? coz it looked bit different from those i've seen b4..

    u knw maybe u can start collecting and numbering it.. u can a collection liao.. who knws u might find something NEW, never seen b4 new breed or something... ;p

  8. amy...1st pic tu fleas...hahaha not caterpillars...caterpillars are the number 2 pix..hahahah...

    i already haf a collection ahhahahaha :) i saw few before so not in the state of losing track yet hehehe