Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Panic

I was compiling my photos when, I notice some of my photos are missing. Did I unaccidently delete it from my hddisk or I copied it to a cd or dvd? OMG! Seriously panic rite now. But that's my photos for my outing OMG!!!!! I'm so screwed rite now. OMG!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! SCREWED SHITE! *think mas think!!!! Where u put it :( shite man~!!!!


After a long search and cursing, I finally found it. >_<" in my photography dvd *phew~ thank gawd. So, this is part of me. When try to find something urgent, I'll panic. But once I found it, I find myself being stewped for not looking properly >_<"

I guess it's a sign of getting old, I dun think I'm careless or anything but I'm forgetful yes, that's it. I'm forgetful. <--- trip kasi senang ati


  1. olang tua hahah...need thicker glases no?? heheh

  2. You either

    a) don't have that many pics


    b) you have the memory of an elephant.

    Since you like to take photos, I don't think it's option a.

    How can you remember all the photos you have?!

    But good to know you've found them!

  3. *smack zaini..alah se tua pun ko lagi tua bah hahahahah

    haizum hehehe I remember most of my pix hahahhaha...that's the thing, i compiled it in a dvd oledi..but i think i dun remember that i organized it in folder...and i search under the wrong folder hahahah kuyak~

    photos are importante in my life hahahaha..

  4. See? See? have to use cane to walk, then can't remember where things are... ... you're getting OLDDDDDD....

    Thats why you're the ANCIENT AUNT!