Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm gonna make it brief and simple for today

I'm super sleepy coz I'm lack of sleep. But I'm excited to do the layout for CSP. Well I got the images from rob-jr already. I juz need to transfer everything to php.

Anyways, I took this today. ENJOY! :)


  1. wowwww... macam national geographic saja ni.... very interesting pictures

  2. Wow Massy! A scroll down through you latest entries, and WHAM, nature pictures!

    *sighs* The more I look at your macro shots, caterpillars and flowers, the more jealous I got. Great pictures, they are! And I HAVE to take some macro shots instead of the usual subjects already...

    Haha, I HATE to lend my camera to anyone, even to my own family. I lent it twice to my 12 year-old brother after I threatened him to buy me a new one if anything foul happens to the camera, haha!

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  3. amy: *lol hahahaha...i wanna take more architeactural shots!!

    zaini: u wanna eat it? be my guest

    huiwen: hehehe thank yew thank yew..funny, coz i wanted to take more architectural shots >_< hahahahahha..i envy u, u envy me ahhahah :P

    oh yeah, i did that threatening thing to my sis before mwahhaha *evil~

  4. Anonymous4:32 PM

    You have a "thing" for caterpillar is it? LoL

  5. The one on the left looks like pure evil man! With tose horns and all! hehehe. Can you imagine it saying "yes, my beauty... come to me!"

    And crap it I want a camera too. I can't waiiiiit. This being in between cameras is not a very good feeling. It's only been 2 months since I've sold my cam (2 MONTHS!) but I can't stand it anymoooooooooreeee....

  6. cindy: no, i dun haf a "thing" for caterpillars. i have a "thing" to shoot them hahahahah and er anything small *lol

    haizum: go go get one!! guess wut? both caterpillar is the same's the same!!

  7. See? That just proves it's up to no good! It's got disguises!

  8. Sa lapar oo nampak... adei...

  9. haizum hahahahaha..*lol...actually i poked it hahahah

    holly ewwwww ko makan ulat bulu? no wonder ko macam ulat bulu mwahhahaha