Saturday, January 20, 2007

Photography and Super Lag in Maple

Today I'm in the mood to take photo. Wasn't so excited coz I saw a different dragonfly. Black and yellow in color but I was too far to capture it and yes I'm dissapointed. Though I manage to get some other bugs around the garden *sigh. Anyways, around nearly 6pm I saw another different dragonfly which is white in color but couldn't capture it again coz it didn't stop >_<"

Very hot weather today. Wow it's gonna rain. I hope it rain. Very very hot. I'm gaining some weight again. *pfttt so fast lose and so fast gain. So cialat. *sigh. I was playing maple again today. *sigh too slow. Every now and then super lag and I couldn't hit or collect stuff haiyo. This time I'm at mushroom shrine. Hitting racoons and fox hmm. Maybe I need a break from that.

I'm sorry for not blogging, it's not my fault. The line is super lag and I barely could get anything running here. *sigh. Simply saying that if u dun see me blogging, the reason is the line! seriously!

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