Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Ticks ME

*sigh. Sometimes I think my "boss" or we should call him supervisor instead is a baboon. Wait, more like lembab. A computer purchase here would normally take months. Quotation normally expire and I have to ask to re-quote *sigh. Oh, but this is the most "fun" part of being here. >_<" Yesterday, this "boss" ask me whether the computer is confirm already? WOT?! wtf! WOT?! I was blank when he asked me that. Feeling annoyed. *confused. Isn't he the one who should be the one confirming so I could proceed with the purchase? Huh?! *confused again. Conclusion, there will never be an end for this. Off topic: Whole day at work yesterday, I was compiling my photos. I was indeed motivated. Most of it I did some resizing and thumb for the page. I manage to put in less than 50 photos. I think. As soon as I reach home, I choose to relax hehe. I need to create some icons to represents each category too hmm..

Wut's wrong with page? Hmm, every now and then can't get in one :(


  1. Yap, I couldnt get the CSP page this early morning, but it's ok now.

    Your boss is somehow a little bit nyanyuk I must say. :D

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Try purchasing it without telling him how? LOL

  3. Massy, do you know how to get that Flickr icon?

    And I can't wait to have a look at your photo portfolio. All the best!

  4. sr215 yeah i think so too

    cindy: aiyo..i'm dead if i do that..besides, have to go through the stingy accountant

    huiwen: er, at flickr page, i think u have to save it and cut it? omg, there's so many hehehehe

  5. Your work sounds SOOOO stressful... NOT!