Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mid Week

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I wanted to blog but I was too tired to do so. Why u may ask? I was bz editing the main page for CSP forum.

Look! The design now. Oh, credits to rob-jr a.k.a acing for the layout.

Took me 1 whole day to finish this coz I only have very basic or minor knowledge in everything. PHP is so not my thing. I have zero knowledge. >_<" I struggle for few hours. I dun understand a thing. Lucky it's linked to css and html, which I'm so so familiar with. Thank yew lord. Oh, btw, if you notice got some minor error. Like look at the top left part? The home? I have no idea how to remove that, coz when I do, got error msg. So, I give up for now. If anybody know how to, please tell me tq.

Ahhh, finally a gewd nite sleep. Yes, I get very nice sleep without disturbance if I'm tired. Conclusion, tido mati. I feel great! Even every now and then feel lazy to go work. Hehe. Oh, I've uploaded a video of my cat, I posted it at the forum. But here's the link. Sorry but I was too lazy to rotate it. So, yeap, sorry bout that. Anyone wanna volunteer help me do that?


  1. bangun..bangun..go feed ur cats n dogs haha...err...css very easy lah massy...coz i dun know it either hahah

  2. i said php was hard la coz i dun understand shite :P

    i know css easy...very basic mar

  3. ah...i mean aged oredi hehe

  4. Hey Massy!

    What's the 'clickstartplay' thing for? A forum of some sort?

    Curious, Hui Wen

  5. Wah..U terror leh. At least you managed to do it. Can teach me anot?

  6. *smacks zaini..

    huiwen: yes it's a forum. come join us :) it's about all the happenings here in sabah. if i got that rite hahahahah :)

    aceone: adidididid, i still dun get php :( i need some teaching

  7. The new design and colour scheme for CSP is very eye catching. Good job! :D