Sunday, January 28, 2007

What Did I Do On A Sunday

Normally, I would be sleeping and watching tv like a lazy pig. As usual. Last year has owez been my lazy year. This year, I'm somehow energetic, motivated and erm so called "hardworking". Yeah rite. It won't last long, trust me! Today, my cats woke me up again. Imagine having a cat on ur chest looking straight at u. Hehe, I dun mind. I love both my kitties :)

kon lou mee with chicken cost rm5.00

fish meat soup with kon lou mee rm4.80

It's raining today. I went to Gaya Street with my mum and sis. Met my bro at Thien Thien Restaurant for brunch. My bro reached there early and was finishing his Kon Lou Mee with Fried Chicken. I had Kon Lou Mee with fish soup. We start walking around Gaya Street after that. It was raining again. I'm soaking wet. I should have worn shorts >_<". My slipper and jeans are all wet. *sigh~ Saw these new breed of hibiscus selling around. My mum's fren who was selling em said she gonna charge RM5 per shot I took.
the holes are somewhat natural?

I felt like having another hair wash walking around there. Everyone closed early coz it was raining. My mum bought 5 kilos of mangostein. It's my bro's fav fruit, well one of it obviously. Bought bananas, I like it raw. Bought mango. Uh, I bought myself a pair of silver bangles. Ogie, I got a thing for simple looking thing. Hehe.

bought these for rm5 each

We bought 2 pot of flower. Er, I dunno wut's this in english, but my mum told me it's "bunga seribu"? Anybody wanna tell me wut they call this? There's so many. There's actually 2 types. One small petal and the one we bought was slightly bigger. And look at those color. Got this 1 guy who's picking it up too was having a hard time deciding. But he took the blue color!!!! I wanted it. Mum said we could get it next week. Yay! We gonna get more of it yay!!! :) Ogie, yes, I'm crazy for flowers but er I'm not that crazy to take care of it. My parents will be doing the taking care part yay~ The only thing in mind for me is how to help my parents organize the garden. It's super messy, for me that is. I want a personal flower bed if i can.

OMG, it's raining again. Oh, anyways, after Gaya Street, we plan to go KK Plaza. Mum wanted to do some grocerry shopping. Jam, slow moving. We took the road from CP. Mum make an illegal U-Turn from there. While waiting, we actually saw something disturbing. A gal/lady was sort of hanging herself from a kancil. WOT!? Yes u heard me rite. Seems like an argument with a guy. Wow, something u rarely see. Freakie. That dood is crazy. Seriously. We manage to reach KK Plaza at around 1pm-ish. Walk around window shopping first.

I thought of buying the converse shoe but mum somehow didn't stop there >_<" Maybe next time. My sis bought a dress for RM60. Very nice, very victorian. I love it. I would probably wear it if I'm a bit more feminine? *lol. Our total for grocceries nearly reach RM300. *hiks~ Bought a lot of stuff. Went to the car to put our stuff first then it's dinner for us. I had er wut liao. I forgot wut it's called. Yee Mian Soup? I think.
After finish eating, we went to the gift shop. I bought myself this.
i bought this for rm5.90

I find it very cute! :) Went home at nearly 6pm.

Mum had to rush for dinner at Tg. Aru. Me and my sis helped her with clearing the stuff. I helped her with laundry. Think that she might be tired when she get back later. See, I told u, I'm hardworking now hahahahaha. Yeah rite. Oh, wanna know something funny? Me and my sis is on speaking terms again. *hiks~ We had some argument end of last year. I guess that happened coz I need some peace and quiet. Since now I have em. I dun see that I have any problem with talking to her. I think my eldest sis is crazy. She owez do last minute BBQ party. Wtf?! Or a minor party with her frens. Well who cares anyway. I'll be in my room doing my thing :) OMG, I uploaded all the pic sekali I unaccidently close it >_<" crap man! seriously, I feel crappy!


  1. alot lagi flowers called 'thousand flowers' lah hanging from kancil?? wut do u mean? y dont take pic? hehe...

  2. x sempat take pix...rugi rugi..haih~!!! a gal berpaut from the window bah...

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Ohhh nice pictures. Wah, seems like you had a lot of things to do ya? Makan, shopping, makan lagi.. kekekeke. :D

    Thanks for sharing the photos. :)

  4. heahehaeh thanks :)

    yeah, tu brunch and dinner sija tu...x banyak pun hahaha..makan mee sija lagi tu..pingsan! sekali malam makan benda x patut lagi...

    sah..conclusion..i become fat again haih~..susah la balik