Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

So, when everyone is bz with their costumes and their halloween party. Massy is bz with this...

Wakakakka it shouldn't be this short but heck I dun care. I feel airy now! And I feel so damn gewd!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you are trying to get to and got the above message instead, don't panic. There's nothing wrong with your browser or anything. Notice the constant error messages these past few months? Yes, there's too much activity going on around the forum that our current host couldn't take it. The forum will be down for the time being and hopefully will be up and running on Friday (worst comes to worst, maybe till next week)

Good news is, WE'RE MOVING TO A NEW HOME!!!! Hope to serve you better! Thanks to dxtremex XD *peace~

Meanwhile, you guys can buzz me through msn or my blog.

Thank yew very much. Stay tuned and keep on supporting CSP! FOR HOBBYCON 2008!!!!

Halloween Parties Everywhere

Photographer: Charles Lai a.k.a Chucky

Editing: Fara & Mars

Model: Cheryl Lo a.k.a Ki Chan

Make up: Jofanna Bridal

For more info. about this party, click here. BarSu is having one too, click here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Being sick for 2 days is not fun

Sorry for the lacking of updates. I'm off work today. Thanks to everyone who commented and visited my blog.

I've been "bedridden" for almost 2 days. At a moment like this, how I wish I have water heater in my bathroom. I know I've showered with cold water almost all my life but it would be totally crazy to do so when you're down with the fever. So instead of going through all that, we do it old fashion. Boil water from the kettle. Ahhh I feel better already.

The funniest part about being sick is that some of us who can't consume tend to find ways to consume. I think I lost some kg from being sick. Don't worry. I'm not starving myself, I'm eating. But since normal fewd taste a bit weird, I've created my own recipe for dinner. To make a less than 5 minute soup. Add rice + hot water + soy sauce + pepper to a bowl. There you go, the perfect dinner for massy. Well at least I could taste some pepper and soy sauce?

On another note, sorry Chris, was suppose to meet you tonite for Sasuka's goodies but don't think I'm fit enough to go out. I might make you guys sick in return *sigh. Uncle, I'm counting on you to get those stuff to me! XD Thanks uncle! You're the best!

Oh yeah, from my previous post. I've gotten some To Love Ru figures from Moe Yume, I might sell off the Misa look alike to my bro. I don't even know about this anime but I like the other 2 characters I bought coz they look cute.

I've also gotten some wooden miniature set. Uh oh! I need chairs! Notice the color difference? Actually those are 2 different incomplete sets. *sigh, why can't they display all at once? Gimme some frigging chairs man! Oh yeah, ignore the re-ment set meal. I got that as one of my birthday present. Hmm come to think of it. I don't really have much food miniatures. Tempted to get 1 set of chinese dish ones but I can't get it this month. I spent too much already. I mean seriously. I've been spending like running water this month. OMG! What happened to budgeting? @_@"""

Ow, my dad is coming back from Jakarta today. I wonder what he's gonna bring back this time!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

H Factor?

So I joined the GoShop team to attend this H Factor thinggie at Pan Pacific Sutera Harbour. The event suppose to start at 10:30am till 6pm (supposely la). But I think it started late and it ended around 7pm. I got nothing against anybody. It just that I was disappointed. As I recall, GoShop were given the opportunity to have front row seats and was "given permission" to take photos and video? Yes? No? I'm left slightly confused. Whether I'm allowed to take any photos? Coz I wasn't allowed to after few shots, and it's such a waste that I had to carry this DSLR with me without fully utilizing it. So, I'm just wondering, WHY THE HELL I'M BRINGING MY CAMERA AGAIN?

Not only that, I lost a chance in sitting at front row, which I ended sitting at 2nd row. That wasn't the problem. I seated with people I didn't know. It's awkward. Seriously. I crap don't know what to do. I had problem with how the seats were arranged. It was such a tight space and the chairs were arranged so closely that there's barely room for my leg to stretch. Not only that, it felt like I was squeezed between people. No matter how hard I tried to adjust the way I sit, it's useless. Someone seem to be taking part of my chair. It a painful few hours. I mean sitting.

I thought we might be given some kinda tag but instead it's a "Sutera Harbour" stamp upon entering the hall. Gawd, makes me feel like I'm their property @_@""

The only food session that was given is lunch. So, my RM30 is for lunch? Ogie, no problem with that. Buffet. Not my department. The food was finish when I got there. But they refill it. But I lost my appetite coz I was so hungry that I didn't feel like eating anything at that time. Lunch was at 1pm btw. I had 1 scoop of rice, 3 pieces of sweet and sour fish fillet, 1 piece of fried chicken (I ate half of it) and a sip of tasteless juice drink. I should have taken breakfast from home earlier, but there wasn't anything prepared at home too, maybe I should have brought along some biscuits?

The event started 35 minutes after the lunch break. I think it started around 2pm? I don't know, I was too dizzy from lack of energy. I seated at the back this time coz the screaming crowd was too loud that it's giving me a headache.

I manage to get 13 shots but posting it to me is pointless. I guess deleting all of the shots I took wouldn't hurt, coz I just don't feel like keeping em. Sorry Intan, I couldn't get what you've requested. It's not possible in that condition.

The event ended at 7pm. It left me feeling hungry again. I went home after the group photo. I tried to smile, but I was too tired and dehydrated to.

Harith Iskandar manage to get me laughing for a moment. Joey Khor's animations are amazing!

Overall it was ok for me. No I didn't say that it wasn't entertaining. I mean it could be great if it wasn't because of the above mentioned. But still, I think attending this event is kinda irrelevant for me. As much as I love music, movies, animation and stuff like that, entertainment is totally not my field. I don't "humiliate" myself in front of everybody. Yes, if you're into this kinda field, you must be bold and take the chances in life, it's just not me. Sorry. This is the field my eldest sis, Lyne is in. I'm a total opposite of her.

I'm blogging about this not to anger anyone, it's just to express how I feel. And this is what I'm feeling right now. And as hungry as I am now, I totally lost my appetite from how I'm feeling right now. Yes I might even sound really EMO right now. The correct word for how I'm feeling right now is STRESS!

Guess I'll fast today.

And that's a wrap.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've finally received one of my kebaya yesterday. This custom-made kebaya is ordered from ebay. This is Thai Silk and it wasn't that expensive hehehe. Am so happy. I'm currently waiting for another one. Which is of another material, Kasa Rubia.

I'll retake some of the shots later on.

Anyways, I was suppose to go to Giant Kolombong with my mum last nite but I seriously thought she canceled it since when I called her and ask whether she wanted to eat dinner she said no, so I figured that the plan was canceled. Silly me.

From my previous post, I was slightly disappointed coz it rained heavily all day. I didn't get to jog today. I suffered a major headache that I have to hit my head few times to feel slightly better. I couldn't say that I was hungry that time coz normally if I get headache I might be hungry or something, but yeah that wasn't the case. So since jogging was canceled (at this point, I somehow there's lotsa things been canceled @_@), mum had us follow her to Giant Kolombong to get ingredients for tonight's steamboat *burps.

We had breakfast at the food court. I wanted to eat Kon Lou Mien but the stall is not open yet. So I had Kon Lou Mien with soup at another stall. The soup was nice only that the kon lou itself was lacking of gravy. Yes I love my gravy!

I think we were there for 2 hours or so, we went back home around 12 noon-ish. But what made me angry was this whole situation with big trucks! Dumb lorries! Hmph~ Our main road home is totally blocked! *sigh.

not only they spoiled our tarred road, they also make us wait for hours *sigh

close up shot of the GG stuck truck

This was the 1st attempt.

our fear was the telephone line!

They've made few attempts in trying to move that truck. But I think after trying more than 3 method they failed miserably!

Guess how long we waited in the car? 1 FRIGGING HOUR MAN! *sigh.

Oh yeah, and guess what I saw?

*points at the trash at the side of the road. @_@"

Steamboat Session

My sis, Tina made 2 different soup. Tom Yam and Chicken Soup.

Here, you can find her cooking. She keep telling me to go away T_T *cries. Evil sister!

My bro putting stuff into the soup.

Here's everyone

And last but not least, myself. Yes, I also need to be in the picture!

er, mind the legs. I like to sit that way

If I calculated correctly, the whole ingredients cost around RM110++ and we didn't finish that whole thing coz 2 person didn't eat that much and some of the other stuff could be use for some other time. But estimated for 5 person, with all those unnecessary ingredients is around RM22 per person. LOL. Imagine this, we had I think 3 different mushrooms hahahahha.

Oh yeah there's a BBQ pot luck thing going on at Impy's place. Sorry Impy, clash with my family steamboat thinggie.

Overall it's a great steamboat session. Except the part where we did it indoors instead of outdoors. We gonna do it again when my dad gets back! YAY! This time I'll make sure it's gonna be outdoors.

Happy Deepavali! XD

Holiday~ Celebrate~

Have a pleasant weekend peeps!



I fall asleep around 9pm last nite. OMG, I left my camera on the bed too. O.O lucky I didn't kick it.

I woke up around 4am today for the morning jog but it's raining. It's raining up till now. Oi! How am I gonna jog? @_@ Back to sleep first.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3 Nite Update

I had the day off, but I sort of misuse it to take shots of my Pinky Street Figures and last I counted. I have a total of 17 figures, and I blogged about it, here. Thinking about the upcoming 5 new ones is making me feel slightly greedy but it'll leave a hole in my pocket. @_@"""

Meanwhile, I went to Likas Square for lunch. I had Fried Chicken Rice Special cost RM6 at OK Chicken Rice.

While my bro had Wantan Mee Tuaran for RM5.

Oh yeah, in this post, all these photos, I use my SE W810i to take photo with. Why? Coz my mum borrowed my P&S camera.

I went to jog with my siblings after work. We jogged in the rain. Well we're not the only ones.

yes my bro jogged with an umbrella, and guess what? he's not the only one

i'm in need to lose weight

Went to have dinner at Inanam Restaurant and Cafe. We had

Pari Bakar at RM9. I love it! We nearly thought that it won't be enuff for 3 person.

Chicken fried with Foo Chuk er ok ok la and

Baby Kailan fried with Garlic.

That's a wrap! Thank yew very much.

And now it's time for me to sleep. Gnite~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Update

Thinking for a title could be hard sometimes, hehe. I'm sure everyone have the same problem.

Lets start with last nite's Runebound boardgame session. The players this time, me, uncle, uncle's sis (rach), his neighbour (Iwan ka his name? or izzit Irwan? blurs) and sotong (who arrived late). The first few rounds was way too depressing. We "dieded" (died) so many times. Dice roll sucks that day. Seriously! My luck changed when sotong arrive. Oh hail the sotong GGness. @_@""

Oh yeah, I used a different character this time. The gewd thing about this character is, I need 1 less experience point to level up. MWAHHAHAHAHAHAH. I feel gewd~

Here's my ending character, experience and equipments. I manage to kill 1 monster from the white deck, I died trying to defend myself in killing the 2nd one @_@""" 6 life WTH!!! It's unfair! T_T

But overall I win the game hehe. I wanna try the other character. UNCLE!! RUNEBOUND BOARDGAME EXPANSION!!! WHEN U FREE? I wanna play! XD

I had Singapore Chicken Rice at Karamunsing for lunch. The chicken looks nice in this shot rite? Well it doesn't taste that great. I mean the gravy is tasteless. Not unless you add chili, ketchup and garlic, then only it's gewd enuff for my taste bud.

My bro was all excited about fresh springrolls selling at 4th floor Palm Square of Center Point Sabah. Located next to Kobe Cream Puff kiosk. 1 piece cost RM2.70. I'm not a big fan of fresh spring rolls but this is absolutely tasty. The taste reminds me of fried springrolls dipped into chili paste! *drools~ and not fond of em peanuts.

Ahhh, finally a chance to try the Kobe Cream Puff. 1 piece cost RM2.60. Ogie, it's my first time eating cream puff from Japan. So I don't really know what to compare with. I think the taste is ogie. Not too sugarly sweet which is fine for me. So yeah, that's about it.

that's how big it is

a bit hard to tear it into half @_@

inside filled with cream

Meanwhile, there's a big HU-HA about being invaded by bunneh~ LOL (reminds me when CSP turned lemon for a day).

Bunneh sure is cute.

Last but not least, my bro asked me to listen to a song by Oasis called I'm outta time. I'm addicted to it @_@"""

Lyrics (copied from the above video link):

Here's a song
It reminds me of when we were young
Looking back at all the things we've done
You gotta keep on keepin' on

Out to sea
Is the only place I am asleep
Can get myself some piece of mind
You know it's getting hard to fly

If I'm to fall
Would you be there to applaud
Or would you hide behind them all
Because If I am to go
In my heart you grow
And that's where you belong

If I'm to fall
Would you be there to applaud
Or would you hide behind them all
Because If I am to go
In my heart you grow
And that's where you belong

If I'm to fall
Would you be there to applaud
Or would you hide behind them all
Because If I am to go
In my heart you grow
And that's where you belong


Aight now I'm done with my post. There goes my sleeping early plan. LOL. Maybe tomorrow XD Nitey~

Monday, October 20, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

First of all, please check Fara's blog for a quest quiz Whose boobs is it? This quiz will go on for a week? Ngam ka Fara?

Anyways, she also created a tag for "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (having pink in my blog is sure is weird).

To start tagging, please follow these simple rules. Thank yew.

Tagging rules:

  1. Put the logo in your blog. - check!
  2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you. - in this case, it's Fara - check!.
  3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs - 1. KadusMama, 2. IRTeA's Pudding Paradise, 3. angriani, 4. chegu carol, 5. babyphoenix, 6. MimieLuv, 7. N.O.Y. - check! .
  4. Add links to these blogs on your blog - 1. Fara, 2. massy - check!.
  5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog - check!.
Now all that is done. Somebody should have "Lung Cancer Awareness Month". My boss is smoking in the office and it's making me cough badly @_@"""

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Green Park Cafe Brunch Outing + Runebound Expansion (Round 1)

I actually planned to jog with my sis around 5am this morning but I got a lil lazy XD opps~ so I actually woke up around 4am and played maple for an hour. Return back to the bed for 2 hours and when I woke up, I played Maple Story for an hour.

I did the Thailand quest and the Halloween quest. I got myself some halloween masks! XD

I'm HAPPY!!!


I had planned for a brunch outing at Green Park Cafe a week ago, check here (at the forum). Well this happens after I had breakfast there with my siblings 1 week ago (last Sunday, my post, here) It's considered as a successful outing since 12 CSPians (me, panja, cube, IRT, rina, dias, shadow, dori, mika, uncle, sotong and chucky) came to this outing.

I was tempted to eat the Laksa but, instead I ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup which cost RM5. Check out my rave, here.

My bro had Beef Noodle Soup which cost RM6.

I also had the Fried Springroll at RM4.

The fried springroll is one of the MUST EAT list!

My bro ordered the Hot Red Bean Soup, which cost RM2.

I had my doubts with this, since I normally eat sticky kind of Red Bean Soup. Surprisingly, this is pretty nice. Not too sweet and not too bland. Well balance.

Mango Salad. A complementary dish from the shop owner!

It's their first time making this. Special for us! LOVE it! I dunno how to describe the taste. I think it's a mixture of slices raw mangoes, shrimp, prawn paste and "bunga kantan" (torch ginger?)? I'm not sure. Thinking about it makes me drool. But I know for a fact that Panja LOVED it.

People who came.

I think we were there for nearly 2 hours. We had a 5 player Mario Kart DS session.

"I'm losing!!!" *blames panja, karate his hands

We left around noon. Went back, I showered coz I feel all the stickiness from sweating. Oh the weather @_@ It's so hot. I went to uncle's place at around 1pm. I think. IRT, Rina, my bro and dias followed my car. This is where the 1st round of runebound expansion started. It started to pour as we reach uncle's place. Oh yeah, remember I blog about runebound expansion before (click here)? And I got no idea what is what? Ogie, in this post, I'm gonna explain the stuff that I know ogie? XD

Before I start with explaining. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bryan for getting this boardgame for dear uncle rainer all the way from Singapore XD (don't kill me)

Finally IRT gets to play Runebound boardgame for the first time. We actually plan to leave around 4pm but our play sort of extended till 5pm-ish. Opps. Went home again to change car. LOL funny rite.

The players.

sotong baru abis "mandi"

"don't stress uncle XD"

I get to pick my character first. *evil grin. I chose er I forgot his name. But his melee attack is way GG. I rike! Deals 3 damage man! XD I manage to level 3 times (+6 to melee attack). Actually this shot was not my final belongings when the game ended. I actually had a +2 would to monster which cost me 12 gold dammits!

Anyways, these are Maps. You need a set of blue and green maps to look for Legendary Items. Which you can collect when you went for a Voyage (but before that you need to whack monsters).

These are Legendary Items.

Actually I manage to get one of these Legendary Items. But didn't get to use it T_T *sigh. We had to let the game hanging and leave early.

we actually didn't know what are these for

But when a green event card opens, we get to grab all these (actually we have to flip it), to get paths, notice the ones with red borders. That made going to another island easy.

Without those, traveling to another island is nerve wrecking. Why? Coz you have to go to the town, do a market phase, and get a captain (with sucky stats) to travel to another island. If you or your captain dies, you'll be knocked out or er shipwreck? @_@ That's bad man. Seriously BAD! Oh yeah, I haven't explain about those hexagon looking thinggie with the anchor symbol. After you got your captain, you didn't need to roll those movement dices. Instead, you move adjacent to that hexagon symbol with the anchor symbol. The "wonderful" part about doing that is, you need to whack a monster from that stack of cards with the anchor symbol. Trust me, if you don't have luck for dice rolling that day, you'll die easily @_@

You'll lose the captain once you reach another town. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that you can loan the Captain too. But the bad part about doing that is, he'll get your merchandise (gold, item and exp).

Oh yeah, uncle sort of lost his voice due to sore throat. So, he got those husky sexy voice going on rite now, which is sort of weird for me, except the part where he said something to my bro, which make it sound kewl coz it sounded like those movie intro voices XD So uncle, have you thought of something to say before your voice returns back to normal? Record it man! Seriously!!!

We went to Kompleks Karamunsing to check out the new stock from Moe Yume.

BakaNeko's shop, Moe Yume, at 1st floor Kompleks Karamunsing is selling these cute chibi characters from "To Love Ru" at RM29.90 each. OMG it's absolutely cute! I want!!!! =_="

We had to leave A.S.A.P to bring dinner home. Tonite's dinner was KFC! *nyum~ again. So gonna spoil my diet @_@.

Finally!!! I'm done with this post! Now I can shower!!!! WEeeeee

- end -

* black monday @_@*