Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3 Nite Update

I had the day off, but I sort of misuse it to take shots of my Pinky Street Figures and last I counted. I have a total of 17 figures, and I blogged about it, here. Thinking about the upcoming 5 new ones is making me feel slightly greedy but it'll leave a hole in my pocket. @_@"""

Meanwhile, I went to Likas Square for lunch. I had Fried Chicken Rice Special cost RM6 at OK Chicken Rice.

While my bro had Wantan Mee Tuaran for RM5.

Oh yeah, in this post, all these photos, I use my SE W810i to take photo with. Why? Coz my mum borrowed my P&S camera.

I went to jog with my siblings after work. We jogged in the rain. Well we're not the only ones.

yes my bro jogged with an umbrella, and guess what? he's not the only one

i'm in need to lose weight

Went to have dinner at Inanam Restaurant and Cafe. We had

Pari Bakar at RM9. I love it! We nearly thought that it won't be enuff for 3 person.

Chicken fried with Foo Chuk er ok ok la and

Baby Kailan fried with Garlic.

That's a wrap! Thank yew very much.

And now it's time for me to sleep. Gnite~


  1. LOL wanna lose weight konon but keep posting photos of food. You know, aku pun cannot lose weight if like this coz your food pics keep reminding me to eat something! Muahahaha!

  2. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Mas, you're suffering from the Yo Yo syndrome.

    Lose weight is part exercise, part good diet.

    One of them is not being practiced properly...

  3. cin: LOL, i can't help myself

    panja: yeah i'll skip meals too

  4. wanna lose weight but u still dat lot..kekekekee...n u went Likas Square for lunch, u din inform me??!!!i work there...ngeh ngeh ngeh... =) but luckily im not free lunchtime... =)

    i always order at OK Chicken Rice, sana the food nice...sumtime i order Tuaran Mee Ayam Goreng Diatas...hehehehe..special one~ =P

  5. Jogging pun ambil gambar ka? HAHA

  6. LOL! He actually jogged with an umbrella?

    Yeah, Cindy is right. How to lose weight la with all those yummy food pix ... hehehe ...

  7. amy: alah i forgot about dat..XD and i dun haf ur no. alah. XD yeah i used to work somewhere there, owez eat there XD

    rule: YAH!!! sengaja! minta puji ni XD

    nick: yes, seriously, there were few other ppl who jog in the rain, and some with umbrella so funny XD

    and er I don't know how to lose weight like this LOL...i can't eat bland fewd man XD

  8. hi im the guy with the red umbrella
    nice to meet you all

  9. LOL it's not my fault! u're the one who told me I could blog about it! XD i'm innocent!

  10. Anonymous5:20 PM

    aduh bikin beliur ja buka ni web mu maslight...

  11. maya: lol, my blog misti ada gambar makan XD kekekeke

  12. i think its safe to say ' there goes the jogging' heheh :P


  13. xander: Nooooooooooo @_@

  14. Massy! I don't like coming to your blog lah! Everytime come my diet mau terbocor this! Hahahaha

  15. Anonymous9:22 AM

    How come I saw lots of makan-makan photos ere already.. everytime I'm at your blog now always lapar suda nih.

  16. Rozie: hahahahah I'm sorry, I can't help myself but to post it. Hey, nice fewd must owez share with others bah the experience so others would know mana makan sedap kekekekeke XD oh man I'm hungry again.

    eshark: Hahahhahahahahh coz within each week misti ada kluar makan XD