Monday, March 03, 2008

Kittens For Adoption

My mum told me she found these 3 kittens IN A PLASTIC BAG!!!! (come on!!!! "yiu mei yiu ren sin oh?!"), near the dumpster when she was throwing rubbish. =_="

(punya sakit hati when i heard dat)

Anyways, my mum couldn't leave them there, so took them in with us instead till we found new homes for them. T_T

All of these 3 kittens are female. Sorry. I guess that's one of the reason the previous owner threw them away.

I would take care of them if I dun haf too much cats at home *sigh.

Here are some shots I took of them

Kitten 1

Kitten 2

Kitten 3


  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    ArGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUdu jg the orang put in plastic!?!?! Nanti they in hell, they reach there in plastic tu whoever threw the kittens! jahat!!!!!! Nasib ur mom jumpa the cats...sigh!

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Aren't they all look the same..~ So cute!!! I would adopt all three, but I have asthma. My mama's definitely gonna kill me.

  3. amie: yeah :-\ i know how u feel, speechless ni when my mum told me. took me awhile to respond..punya plastic bah =_="

    aya: alamak~ T_T noooooooo...yeah they're cute but i can't keep em T_T *cries

  4. Kesian juga the cats, just cos they're females, kena buang2 seja... dlm pastik lagi tu. They have lovely blue eyes kan :)

    You guys have a heart of gold. Sori, I can't adopt... too far away bah.

  5. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Aww.. they're such cute little kitties!! :D I hope they'll find a good home soon.

  6. to whoever put those poor kitties in the bag, let's just hope that karma will bite them back in the butt! punya kesian those kitties.. luckily your mom saw them..

  7. nessa: yeah they haf lovely blue eyes..i think as they grew older the color change to green ni XD

    cin: i hope so too..

    jacq: >.< yeah i hope so too..kesian ni..when i take photo of them, diam diam ni.

  8. stupid no brain people!buang buang saja, bikin geram!if my dad tidak marah memang sia adopt sudah tu kittens!i just adopt one myself..well ,it came to the house,so me and my sis jaga lah,until he besar sikit baru i let him wander outside the the moment,he's a housecat.kawaii.uh huh..he's so kawaii sampai we named him kawaii..ehehe

  9. i wouldnt mind taking one since my cat which been with the family for 10 years died last month..

  10. shana: yeah i know wut u mean ^^;; i got too many sudah can't liao

    adz: gewddie...which one u wan? and how am i gonna pass it to u? XD

  11. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Hope they're doing well so far. :-)

  12. impy: yeap, they are fine.. XD

  13. Hey there, was just passing by and omg I can't believe anyone would buang such cute kittens, apa lagi in a plastic bag! So inhumane! Thank God you and your mom came to the rescue! Hehehe

  14. hey rozella: thanks for visiting..yeah T_T it's so depressing when i first heard it. it took me awhile to even respond @_@

  15. massy! so sorry about the kittens, that night i ask about it 2 my parents and they say this time they wanted a persian cat! :(

  16. Adz: It's ogie..thanks anyways for the effort

  17. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Cute juga oh kucing2 tu uii.. bagi satu..

    Etavasi with
    Share Something 2 You

  18. hey etavasi..u wanna adopt kittens?

    go to this link XD