Friday, March 14, 2008

A Night at CarcaSean

I was at Citymall yesterday around 3pm. Sent the kitten to their new owner.

Went back home, went off around 5pm-ish again to Citymall for dinner. Had dinner at KFC coz we couldn't think of a place to eat. Bought 2 packs of oreos, 2 big packs of cat fewd and 2 packs of kitty litter. Thanks dori and 540 for helping me carry those heavy stuff to my car XD

Went to CarcaSean rite after. OMIGOSH! It's an addiction I tell j00. Save massy!!! Please save massy from EBIL boardgames! I ordered Oreo Milkshake. OREO MILKSHAKE = HIGH. XD

This drink cost RM11.90. Check out the rave here.

While enjoying my drink, we start playing Ubongo. Not U Bongok ogie. This game is actually kewl XD

Here's how u play Ubongo. If I get the explanation all correct la.

No. of players:
2 - 4 players.

The board of this game consists of six rows. There's 12 gems (of different colors) that are arranged on each row. Each player places his/her pawn in front of one of those rows.

Each player receives a playing card on which a shape consisting of several squares is depicted. The rows looks like tetris tiles. Each player also gets 12 tiles consisting of 2, 3, 4 or 5 squares in some shape. A player rolls the dice and turn the sand glass, the 1st player to complete the "puzzle" says "UBONGO" and gets to move his/her pawn (3 steps) and also allowed to collect 2 diamonds. 2nd player gets 2 step, 3rd player gets 1 step and the last to say "Ubongo" has no move.

In the end, the player with the most diamond (of the same color) wins.

It's not as easy as u think man. But it's fun! XD

And the players. Crazy ppl.

After 2 rounds of Ubongo or "YOU BONGOK!" *rofl..funny u the thrill. We had 2 rounds of Blokus and 1 round of Settlers of Catan. I kena "bully" kao kao T_T

Went off around 10pm-ish coz I got headache. @_@ more like my whole right part of the head including eye were in pain.

Anyways I'm fine now.



  1. Anonymous2:26 AM

    i gotta stay clear from boardgames... Cant commit to another addiction. If i do, hancur... lol

  2. impy: lol...i feel hancur XD hahahahhaha XD kuyak man..i haf like control myself @_@ noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo save me!

  3. Adrian !! FYI Adrian = Mr Valentine Wawasan Plaza 2008 @.@

    For some reason massy kips reminding me to checkout Carcasean all the time, consciously AND subconsciously ¬_¬"

  4. nick: yes adrian..i got a bit blur about the spelling XD sorry adrian...XD kewl dood...anyways, he so damn fast playing ubongo..punya tension se >.<

    XD kekekekekeke lai lai go carcasean play boardgames omigosh i sound like i'm so damn addicted to it nooooooooooo save me save me!