Saturday, March 15, 2008

2nd Ravejoint Outing: Bella Italia

Date: 15th March 2008
Venue: Bella Italia (Jesselton Hotel, Beside Stamford college/Menara Jubili)
Time: 11:30AM till 1:30PM

Check out the discussion thread, here.

The interior

Everyone arrived at roughly around noon. Had to pull another table coz we got extra ppl. Gewddie.

The people (CSP forumers/ravers)

somehow i feel tiny ^^;;

Here's wut we ordered. Click here, to check the details. Also check the raves here.

Thin crust pizza are great btw. XD

Add some chili oil?

The desserts *drools~ This one u haf to check the forum link coz I can't rave these.

Another group photo before we go.

i is felt like a midget. anyways, i didn't stand straight coz i scared tercover ppl behind me *sweat

Till the next rave outing! XD Enjoy raving! XD

But before I end this post. A little something for sotong *rofl

wow punya gentleman..he was doing everyone a favour by tearing it off


he's still a sotong! banana dreamboat make him high! seriously!


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Is it food week??? More and more people posting pics of food! I think the next time i surf people's blog, I have to prepare a snack by side. heh...

  2. impy: lol~ hahahahahah yeah sorry 'bout dat..i've been posting too much about games lately.. XD

    so since there's a rave outing, blog about it lur XD

    and yes, u should prepare some fewd at the side juz in case XD