Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Suprise suprise SlowPanja! XD

First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in making this surprise b'day party a success!!! *hugs everyone. And would like to apologize for the last minute plan and changes etc etc.

Special thanks to Fara, Sotong, IRTeA, cubex, fallenone, jackjack and Impy.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIVER a.k.a SlowPanJaBie a.k.a Ninja Die a.k.a Daniel

"Slowpanjabie = Slow Panda Ninja Zombie"

The plan ...

I have a confession. I never, I mean seriously NEVER! plan any form of b'day for anyone before. This is actually my first plan to make the ninja cry. The plan started after sotong's b'day. Heheh. *plotting.

The initial idea was to bring Panja to CarcaSean and celebrate there. But since he said he'll be bz with planning for "World Domination", we had to totally change our plan @_@

Secret meeting with Fara and Sotong the day before, brainstorming how and where we can do it. Multiple PM were sent to everyone. It was crazy!!! SERIOUSLY!

Change of location from CarcaSean to KFC to Pizza Hut to finally VedaBlu. Thanks to msn and sms XD

*stuck for few mins. Too many photos to choose from *sweats.

Ogie, so, the nite before, I was suppose to wish him Happy Birthday and convince him to put his plan on hold and join me for dinner. SUCCESS!!! Well actually the plan was the lure him out for lunch and surprise him but since he couldn't make it for lunch, we do it for dinner weeeeeeeeeee XD

I was excited and was slightly paranoid. Most of the ppl who were chatting with me on msn know how paranoid I was. *gulps~

Note: I'm sick (coughing) and I had slight fever the nite before @_@ XD I blame it on walking.


On the day of his b'day. We actually told everyone not to wish him on his b'day XD Well except me of coz *rofl

In between working hours, went to settle some "stuff" (I was super duper hungry becoz of this). After work, pick up the cake, went home, get ready and went off around 6:30pm to Citymall. I was driving in circles for 3 rounds coz I wanted to park near Vedablu =_=" juz to drop the cake adei~ I moved my car near to CarcaSean after dropping the cake. Dun ask! I know I'm paranoid. I was still considered early, so decided to get some sweets from Giant (I need sugar, super duper hungry). Amy called me in between those waiting hours and insisted she join us for dinner. XD

I was thinking really hard to how I'm gonna drag him Vedablu when having dinner.

Meanwhile, we were roughly helping Amy with her letters. We actually finish dinner at around 8:30pm and I was on sms with Fara @_@ gomen ppl. Tried to hint Amy few times, even smsed her that we need to go. @_@ *paranoid. Check out how everyone become ninja at fara's blog XD Oh man! I wanna be like evading ninja too.

tears of JOY ka ni? XD

Went to Vedablu and SURPRISE!!!! I dun think he's the only one who's shocked in this case, I was shocked too XD OMG thanks everyone *worship worship.

There were a lot of ppl. I mean A LOT! CSP FTW!

THE PARTY WAS A SUCCESS!!!! Words can't express how grateful I am to have everyone there. Thank yew guys!!! *hugs everyone again. I can't stop saying thank yew or sorry. And I sound high sorry.

Anyways, before we head on to the videos and photos, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN PANJA!!!! XD *cheers!

he totally stabbed the cake. kesian cake tak bersalah man

CSPians - there's some ppl missing from this group photo ah T_T

There were a lot of camera flashes. It was crazy! We head on to CarcaSean after that and played a new game. It was fun! Lets play again! XD We were loud btw.

this is ur guide card, juz in case u dunno which is which ah? XD

How to play this game? It's like playing killing villagers. XD Or police and thief or wutever u call it XD Max number of player is 24 ka? If i'm not mistaken. Anyways, this is fun! XD Must play with a lot of ppl!

In other words, it's a game of sleeping and waking up XD

Before we end the nite, uncle introduced a new game (no name game). Here's some vids.

Note to self: Don't think about walking so far in heels again.

More photos and videos:

photo slide show from Impy

Blog coverage by bobidom a.k.a Fara, here.

Some other photos, from chucky and me.

Some other vids, here.

I'll do the photos do all the talking/describing for me. Too many photos to choose from XD Will post more videos tomolo. I hope.


  1. I demand for there to be a birthday party or some gathering with the intent to eat in June!

  2. XD compy...bulih bah kalo ko XD

  3. punyaaaa banyakkkk orggg.. terkejut besar when we enter vedablu that nite man... seriously~