Monday, April 27, 2009

Pet Society

A friend posted about Pet Society at the forum last Saturday. I've been clicking ever since.

This game is cute and evil at the same time.

Lemme show u some screenshots I took.

I'd blame my blurness. I er actually created the character wrongly. My chara is a dood oh shite =_="""

But thank gawd, can change gender yay!

Now I am

I'm poor, so yeah, please give Emix some gifts. Thanks *cheeky smile.

My bro's chara is same color as me what? @_@

Where can I get this kewl chair?

I wish I can steal this

More Pet Society photos on facebook, here. Oh yeah, didn't I say this is a facebook game? @_@

Besides the whole Pet Society thinggie. I've been slightly stressful lately. Maybe too much mouse clicking? That I had to put a pillow for my wrist.

And slightly off topic. I got myself a Domo kun like bag. Why I said Domo kun like? Coz the teeth ain't full. But I like the material.

It's so big that I can throw loads of "junks" in it. Sweet~

And I got a duck keychain thinggie too. *blames jna for "flashing" me.

Get ready to be eaten.

Till then, off to bed. Pet Society is still on beta testing, expect your firefox to crash every now and then *sigh.

Friday, April 24, 2009

GOODBYE...for now not forever

No no no no. I'm not leaving my blog.

I'm talking about ButterBliz. Today was sort of the last day of operation. CSPians are gathered there today to show our support! It's our "last" meal. ButterBliz is close till further notice.

Today's menu was a compilation of delicious mouthwatering fewd by request by the regulars.

Lo Shu Fun
Fried Rice
Carrot & French Bean
Egg & Chai Po with Rice Wine
Potato Sausage
Nicho's Beef
Spice Tauhu

And I had all the above except the Lo Shu Fun. Compliments the chef for the absolutely delicious fewd.

Group photo. Thanks Ed. Some of them stayed till closing time. Sorry I couldn't. It's pay day. I need $$ XD

Sorry, chef and assistant was bz. They're not in the picture *sweat.

But no worries. Pies will be available at Likas Square, if I'm not mistaken near Merdeka Supermarket?

The whole "journey" (eating and hanging out) been lotsa fun!

Hope to eat at ButterBliz soon! All the best!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vacation: Part 3, Bandung

NOTICE: If you love bunnies, please skip this post. But if you love fewd, please proceed! Thank yew.

Anyways, this gonna be the last part of my 5 days vacation to Indonesia.

This is the hotel we stayed in for 2 nites.

But compared with Ibis Mangga Dua. The fewd there is better. This hotel, the buffet less choices.

Mum's breakfast.

I barely get any sleep after the incident and eating wasn't easy. Mum tried to feed me but I couldn't seem to make myself eat. I manage to push down some watermelons though. So this is pretty much breakfast.

Went off to our destination. Where? Satay Kelinci. What's that? Satay arnab. DUN DUN DUN!

But before we get to the actual fewd presentation. We'll be looking at some cute bunnies. *giggles.

These bunnies are for sale.

Uber cuteness!


Can I is have one of this?

Ogie, since that's done. This part, not for the weak. If you haven't eaten, please skip this post. Or if you have and might get sick, please er avoid this post. Kthxpie.

These are 3 months old "chicken" meat.

I can't remember the taste. Everything I ate was bland. Sorry.

Now that's done. Lets go through the "painful" process. Which actually made me feel slightly better for a moment.

They cut too fast and I was too slow.

I'm sorry to anyone who think this is cruel. But I think this is a fact of life. They do eat rabbit meats there @_@""""

I won't wanna go through the other kind of fewd they have there.

Next, we walk to a nearby stall selling sweet potatoes.

These are must have. I mean it's great. Mum brought some home and I get to eat it when my appetite is back to normal.

Around noon, we went to pick strawberries. Erm, what I don't like about going there is the amount of sellers chasing you. *sweat~ Talking about desperation @_@"""

There's an entry fee, but I couldn't remember how much. But there's horse riding, bungee jumping, kart, fewd stalls, flower stalls etc. Quite a nice place to spend your weekend.

I'm sorry, this is the best I could look like smiling. I mean I'm too depress to enjoy the moment, my sis had to make me smile a bit coz my expression was er way too depressing @_@"""

in the end, we didn't get the one we picked. we bought the ready pack ones @_@"""

Mum got herself "Pisang Keju" (Banana Cheese? Is that how I should translate it?). Anyways, this one, I'm not sure how it taste coz I was sleeping in the van.

Our next destination, Tangkuban Perahu Volcano.

Tangkuban perahu is an active volcano. It is located 25 - 30 km north of Bandung. The name translates roughly to "overturning of (a) boat" or "overturned boat" in Sundanese. Refering to the local legend of its creation. Our tour guide told us of this legend. I think there's a movie about it.

Since it's a holiday at Indonesia. That place is pack with tourist. We only went there for few minutes.

And you can smell sulfur. @_@""" OH yeah, it's not as cold as needing a sweater though. It's just like going to Kundarsang.

This was lunch. Which massy doesn't remember of. I tried eating, failed.

Went to the nursery after lunch.

I slept in the van till everybody gets back.

I think they took quite awhile at the nursery. My mum and the other 2 aunties love plants and flowers.

Went back to the town area and had dinner at this sort of fast fewd place. We had Baso Malang.

I had to share this with my mum. But it's refreshing. Slightly gaining back my appetite but not entirely. Our tour guide was nice enuff to ask how I was doing and was trying to make me eat.

I'm sorry the names of places where we had our fewd. I'll try to post it up soon. My mum wrote it down. I didn't XD

That's day 4.

- to be continued -

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Flannie!!!!

Happy Birthday Flannie!!! +1 sudah XD

Anyways, today is Flannie's birthday.

Earlier this morning, me and nic (fallenone) had this random idea to wish Flannie a Happy Birthday. Well since we couldn't celebrate it with him since he's at Ozzie, THIS IS FOR YOU FLANNIE! XD

Sorry, a bit late in posting, got caught up with playing FFCC on DS earlier with Rina and dori *rofl.

This is not entirely everyone and this wasn't the idea I had in mind but pretty much it.

Ehem the initial idea was to take photo with the fewd (Baked Beans). But since I was too hungry. I eat it all up before I could take photo with the erm cardbox thinggie kekekek opps~

This is not everyone, some of them left early and some couldn't make it. T_T


Flan I hope you get this "joke" *giggles.


There's more photos with Jack. Hope he'll post it soon.

Anyways, happy birthday again Flannie, hope you have a gewd one! *cheers!

Vacation: Part 2, Bandung

I'm sorry if this took awhile.

It's just that part 2 is a bit harder to post than part 1. *sigh. I've been thinking and going about it everyday to how I'm actually gonna tell my readers to what happened when I was at Bandung. Would you wanna read about the gewd news or the bad news first?

I think this whole thinking thing gotta stop one way or another coz it's making me sort of go insane. I had more typos than ever. I hope I won't make too much typos here. LOL.

Anyways, let me just go on with how my day went by. It would be easier than me jumping from one story to another rite?

9th morning, we got up, early, dammit, why can't I have more sleep? Had breakfast at Ibis Mangga Dua hotel. Buffet btw. By 9am, we checked out and brought our luggage into the van and head off to Bandung. To Bandung is 3-4 hours drive, depending on traffic. You could also take the train, it takes the same amount of time as driving there. Heh, why can't one be faster than the other? Weird. Anyways, it's like a road trip around KK to somewhere remote. It was a pleasant view.

Like in Jakarta, the road to Bandung is no difference. 3 lanes become 4 lanes. GG!

We arrive there around 1 or 2pm. Went to our 1st factory outlet. That place sell misc clothes, shoes and etc, we didn't get to finish the whole floor. My sis got herself 7 new clothes urgh with my money oi! apa ni? (oi! what is this?!). I only got myself erm 2 pants? I wanted to get more but urgh my moneh~!

To the next place, I think I bought 3 items too. Lemme just say the whole area have around more than 20 factory outlets you can go about. Parking there is not as spacious as ours here. And to walk from one to the other outlet is erm @_@ a bit far. For me that is.

I'm sorry I can't remember most of the names. Very italian the name. I think. But I like the 1st place we went to (I'll ask my mum if she wrote it down). Our final place was Rumah Mode. Note that Mode is pronounce as Mo de. Yes, no shock there. Anyways, in this place, got cafe, different compared to the other factory outlets that I went to. Lets just way branded items here are cheaper than in Malaysia. You'll be surprise how much difference in pricing.

We went to Daun Pisang Restaurant for dinner. This is the place where we eat Nasi Liwat/Liwet?

Here's the Nasi Liwat/Liwet. It was serve in a pot hehe.

After eating mum said "Liwatnya sedap" @_@ astaga *facepalm.

This is dinner urgh. So many @_@"""

The reason why I gained a lot of weight on the way back omg!

I'm so not gonna eat Kangkung again. Urgh. Everyday confirm got Kangkung. @_@""" Don't get me wrong. It's delicious. Only I'm not fond of Kangkung that much *rofl.

We had our dinner around 7:30pm and finish dinner around 8:17pm.

We were adoring the place and the fewd. How we wanted to go back again in the future. We were laffing all the way back to the van. Little that we know that something happened. *sigh.

To cut the story short. I lost something precious, well it's not just me. My mum friend lost a handbag. But it was way damaging for me. It was the most miserable hours of my life. Having to lost something and couldn't do anything about it.

Too much cursing on my side @_@""" Need to stop doing that.

Went through the whole reporting to the police thing too. It's so farked up that I was sick to my stomach. I don't know why I left it in the van. I couldn't even cry. I was too speechless to what happened and I didn't wanna talk about it. It took most of my energy trying to take it in. I keep thinking about it and have question to why it actually happened. Maybe I'm just unlucky that day? Why I brought it, why I left it in the van etc. I thank my tour guide for helping me out with the report. She end up with paper work till 1am at the police station. Lets just say that police are busy bodyers. They talk so much about it for few hours and only do the report after that few hours. Yeap, imagine from after 8:30pm to 1am. Notice the time duration? Our tour guide only manage to go home around 2:30am. Urgh.

Sleeping wasn't easy for me. The whole process after it happened was a painful torture. I feel sick thinking about it even till this day. I'd blame myself for this *sigh.

The final 2 days of my vacation is the most horrible feeling ever.

Moral of the story: Never leave your belongings unattended *sigh.

- to be continued -