Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Flannie!!!!

Happy Birthday Flannie!!! +1 sudah XD

Anyways, today is Flannie's birthday.

Earlier this morning, me and nic (fallenone) had this random idea to wish Flannie a Happy Birthday. Well since we couldn't celebrate it with him since he's at Ozzie, THIS IS FOR YOU FLANNIE! XD

Sorry, a bit late in posting, got caught up with playing FFCC on DS earlier with Rina and dori *rofl.

This is not entirely everyone and this wasn't the idea I had in mind but pretty much it.

Ehem the initial idea was to take photo with the fewd (Baked Beans). But since I was too hungry. I eat it all up before I could take photo with the erm cardbox thinggie kekekek opps~

This is not everyone, some of them left early and some couldn't make it. T_T


Flan I hope you get this "joke" *giggles.


There's more photos with Jack. Hope he'll post it soon.

Anyways, happy birthday again Flannie, hope you have a gewd one! *cheers!


  1. Haha Thank you so much...

    Oh my gawd... Chiaki.. Her drawing does look like Kamei Eri... /sawan~

  2. Flannie: GG kan. OMG I just realize jack is not in the picture nooooooooooo @_@ jack tolong amik gambar sampai he's not in @_@ oh nois @_@

  3. take a pic of jack.. nanti kasi photoshop dia masuk

  4. dori: LOL XD yeah do dat XD