Friday, April 24, 2009

GOODBYE...for now not forever

No no no no. I'm not leaving my blog.

I'm talking about ButterBliz. Today was sort of the last day of operation. CSPians are gathered there today to show our support! It's our "last" meal. ButterBliz is close till further notice.

Today's menu was a compilation of delicious mouthwatering fewd by request by the regulars.

Lo Shu Fun
Fried Rice
Carrot & French Bean
Egg & Chai Po with Rice Wine
Potato Sausage
Nicho's Beef
Spice Tauhu

And I had all the above except the Lo Shu Fun. Compliments the chef for the absolutely delicious fewd.

Group photo. Thanks Ed. Some of them stayed till closing time. Sorry I couldn't. It's pay day. I need $$ XD

Sorry, chef and assistant was bz. They're not in the picture *sweat.

But no worries. Pies will be available at Likas Square, if I'm not mistaken near Merdeka Supermarket?

The whole "journey" (eating and hanging out) been lotsa fun!

Hope to eat at ButterBliz soon! All the best!


  1. Pies will be inside Merdeka Supermarket ^^ only in Likas Square! =)

  2. eh! y close eh?!! :(

  3. Close??? But why? I didn't even get the chance to try. :-(

  4. amy c: not enuff crowd qua? but they gonna find new place soon..I hope

    dino: T_T like what I said to amy. anyways the pies are available at likas square merdeka supermarket there starting may XD

  5. too bad.. so now, i guess you need a new place to hang out..

    patah tumbuh hilang berganti they say..

  6. cyril: yeah, need to find a new place to hang out XD delicious and reasonable, you know any?

  7. need a new place??!! if need more crowd, better near a high school or college!!! barula kena redah by the students, kan! XD

  8. Amy C: but we want a place to hang out also ahhahah XD