Saturday, February 28, 2009

Artsy "Fartsy" Massy

Ignore the word "fartsy". LOL. It rhymes *rofl.

Anyways, today I decided to make a new DS cover. Erm, I chose the color black coz can't see stain mwahhahahaha. Massy is stho smart~

It's incomplete btw. I'm too sleepy to finish it today. Besides, mummy said don't sew at nite. Bad for the eyes.

I actually did this since 3pm, I stop at 11pm (I break every now and then). Could have completed earlier if I don't have other stuff to do. And my eyes decided to "close shop".

Anyways, here are the "almost" finish cover.

Need to touch up the bottom part only.

Till then, gewd nite XD


I was at 1 Borneo with my siblings yesterday and my bro spotted this car. THIS IS TOTAL EPICNESS.


Check this out!

I totally leech these shots from my bro.

The owner sure is lucky if the car wasn't stolen. GG. It was left unattended for god knows how long. Coz when we parked and went back to our cars, it's still like that. *rofl.

Another EPIC WIN incident.

Last nite, my dad called my mum and told her that he can't get home. He was indeed pissed. I think he was hungry too and it was 8pm. Why? It got something to do with the lorries again. The lorry is stuck, nobody can get in or out.

I can't seem to find my previous post about the same incident in the mornings. But what's even more EPIC is the part where my dad told us how this troubled a pregnant lady who's in labour. Instead of driving her to the hospital, they had to carry her since no car is able to go out.

Another part to this story is how crazy my sis's connection can be. She got the DBKK and police to the scene. *rofl. Mum asked her workshop friend and he denied that this lorry is one of his clients. So whose it is? Besides, the container that was carried doesn't have a plat no. on it. AHAH! DUN DUN DUN! The plot thickens! Anyways, the police will come again today to check if the lorry still blocking the road.

New rule for the road. NO LORRY IS ALLOWED TO PARK THERE! We'll see how that goes.

Aight, that's done. Now the gewd part of my days.

I've been watching Nodame Cantabile anime. I love the 2nd part of the ending song.

I bought these cute buttons at 30 cents each at Signature (Kompleks Karamunsing). Oh yeah btw, anyone knows where I can find Japanese cotton here in KK?

On another note, my ravejoint review is in A La Page - February issue. Actually in January issue too but I sort of missed out on having a copy. But I think you can check the e-magazine online, here.

It's been awhile since I got into my jog routine. I'm starting to feel the fats around my thighs *sigh. Anyways, I'd push my siblings to run with me this morning. Well, the plan was to wake up around 5am which I did. I resume my sleep coz it was dark hahahahahaha. Actually the idea was to jog when it's not sunny. *rofl. I'm sorry, it's pretty chilly this morning. It's nicer to sleep you see.

Hey it's no fun when everyone else gets to sleep while you have to wake up rite?

We end up leaving around 7am. Bummer. I only manage to walk 2 rounds and jog 1 round. I've planned to make it a 5 laps today. Dang it!

Anyways, after our 3 laps, we went to Pete's Corner at Asia City for breakfast. Met Arine there.

I had button mushroom omelette with cheese *drools~ I think this cost around RM5++ coz we requested it. Not included in the set menu *rofl.

I love cheese!

This place is slightly crowded. I think the shop is a bit small and people keep pouring in for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to Kompleks Asia City and walk around while my bro went to the washroom.

We went to the Korean Shop near the chicken rice shop. I bought a grape drink for RM2.10. It taste like sparkle juice. I love it. Too bad it's the last can.

And my bro bought this watermelon ice cream for RM2 which taste like honeydew.

Don't you think this is just cute? Those dots aren't seed. I think those are red beans.

I've always wanted to blog about the new pies available at Butterbliz but I keep on having other stuff to do. But here I'm gonna inform everyone that, Butterbliz have mushroom pie (which I'm yet to try, but I heard it's tasty coz everyone can't stop talking about it) and the sardine pie which I think is tasty too. Heck, I had 2 the other day.

Check out my rave, here.

Aight, now I'm done making you people mouth water, I'm gonna shower XD

Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Usagi Weekdays Promotion

I was at Karamunsing with my sis last nite. Yes! A treat from her. Woo hoo! I hope my salary will come out today. *sigh. I've used too much $$ lately. Oh shite. What happened to me?! What happen to saving? OMG!

Anyways, *cough (sorry distracted).

Usagi Japanese Restaurant have weekdays promotion. I had the Tori Katsu while my sis had the Teppanyaki Set at a cheaper price. Hehehe. Btw, the Tori Katsu is served with Garlic Rice. I think I wanna get more one of these days.

The Teppanyaki Set is ok. I'm not a big fan of chawanmushi.

Here are some other stuff which is on promotion.

For reviews, check my raves, here.

What's with this post? HAHAHAHAHA I wanna make you people hungry. XD


Oh yeah, have anyone tried eating at Nabalu Cafe at Gaya Street? Drop me a message in the comment box and tell me how/what is interesting there aight. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've been indeed contemplating *giggles

I got this whole excuse planned in my head for the reason for not blogging, but somehow it sort of disappear. I can explain myself. Like the above title. That's what I've been doing. I've been complaining, to myself unfortunately of how this world have become. And what it's making me. Sadly it may sound.
I actually was excited about blogging about stuff my parents got me from their Euro trip but I end up being lazy. Heck, I didn't do anything last week. I was sick at home, in a comfie lil nest I called my room. Anyways, the above image is a summary of the items I got, there's more actually but I think posting every single one of it is crazy. Some of the items above I leech from my dad. *rofl. Like the postcards and erm the green beanie XD

Thanks to people who keep dropping by my blog to check on me. I apologize for not being able to fill your days with my silly posts.

But, that won't stop me from posting something that I'm excited with.

I've been trying to control myself from shopping online. As you all know. If you guys notice, at the bottom of my blog page, there's links to "Shop till you drop". Well more like online shopping blogs. The terrible thing about these links is the fact that I check it everyday. I'd be pressing F5 every now and then to see if there's any latest update. Yes, it's that bad. For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been ordering stuff. Heck, even the postman from Pos Laju got tired of going to my office *rofl.

But I guess I'm considered lucky that most of the clothes available are small size. I mean I'm considered plus size.

If anyone have the same addiction as me, I advise you guys not to click it! I swear, if you guys click it, don't blame me. I'M NOT TO BE HOLD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!

If you guys notice, the shirt from the anima project with Flan? I got that online *rofl.

Aight, that's done. I actually wanted to blog about this group? The Pierces? I actually heard one of their songs called Secret from one of the online blog. But I'm more addicted to this song called "It Was You".

I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I do.

I got myself another geek glasses. It's actually more pricey than the one I got before. I think I'll take a shot of myself with it one of these days. Or if I did after this, I'll just edit my post. I just showered and it's already 10PM.

Just wait for the update. And to everyone who's so loyal in reading my posts. Thanks a bunch, I love you people!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Massy got tagged by Nessa

I actually planned to do this yesterday but I couldn't answer some of the question, so put on hold. I think one of the other reason I woke up early this morning *rofl.

Here's her tag (click the link).

And here's mine.


Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each question. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

Sounds easy but it's pretty tricky when you start doing the tag... but at least you get to 'exercise' your brain :)

  1. What is your name? Massy
  2. A four letter word: Mind
  3. A boy's name : Mickey
  4. A girl's name : Maylana
  5. An occupation : Manager
  6. A color : Magenta
  7. Something you wear : Mitten
  8. A type of food : Meehoon
  9. Something found in the bathroom : Medicine
  10. A place : Madagascar
  11. A reason for being late : Missed the bus
  12. Something you shout : Mari bah!!!
  13. A movie title : Music and Lyrics
  14. Something you drink : Milk
  15. A musical group : My Chemical Romance
  16. A street name : Majistret Road (Jalan Majistret)
  17. A type of car : Mitsubishi
  18. A song title : My Girl
  19. A verb : motivate
Ok that's about it, now I can sleep soundly *rofl. Or maybe not. I can't think of anyone I can tag or want to tag. So people, I guess you guys are safe, for now *rofl.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mia Palencia - Call Waiting

I was up early this morning but not fit to go to work. So, I spend my early morning talking to my babe (acompy). She intro me to this song by Mia Palencia called Call Waiting.

I've been repeating it (you can't imagine how many times).

To Mia, I want this as full song!!!!!

Totally love it!

On another note, I'll blog again later, *running nose.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Combined: 3 days post

Took me nearly 3 days to blog. Sorry 'bout that. I've been bz and been sick. Well more like I just got sick. Don't worry, I'm drinking plenty of water and I just had a bowl of porridge. But, this post will be about fewd again hahahahah. I'm sorry.

Just came back from L4D session. I'm feeling hungry now. I had tea for dinner. Well at least I manage to skip dinner and not feel hungry till midnite, which is actually not bad. Anyways, I wanted to blog like since Tuesday but I was caught up with stuff. I mean I'm not busy at work or anything like that, it's just that I was out almost whole day on Tuesday (took the day off for Flannie's anima project) and had some other stuff to do on Tuesday. Then yesterday, when I planned to blog, I found out that my 4GB thumb drive is missing. OMG! I might drop it somewhere *shite!!!

So, lets recap what happened on Tuesday aight.

I met up with Flannie and dori at Teluk Likas at 10am for Flannie's Anima Project. Check out the other photos, here. Oh I'm so happy how my jeans look. That happen to be my favorite jeans, ogie I lied, I overall love jeans. OMG I'm fat. Oh, I love my new sheep shirt I bought that online recently from Peep Boutique. *giggles.

Dori's anima session at the other end of the park.

Some camwhore shots after dori's session.

Photo leech from dori, here.

We walked to the other end for the bench. Very nice place but uber hot coz it was nearly noon, forgot to put on sunblock. I hope I don't get a tan. But, my face started to itch and it was painful.

Here are some shots I took of them. More, here.

Before we left the place, we spotted an abandoned washing machine. I was uber excited. You can't imagine how excited I was that time. Here's some other shots I took during the outing. It was so hot that it's not funny but yeah, I nearly thought my shots were overexposed or something coz I couldn't look at the screen. Thank gawd it turned out ok.

Don't you guys think this is cute? OMG!

I took roughly around 50 shots but am not gonna upload everything. Too lazy and I need to sleep coz cough gone bad.

Oh yeah, check dori's post here.

We left the place around nearly noon. We went to Butterbliz at KAC for brunch. Dead hungry man.

The sambal has a sweet and temporary spicy taste, which is not bad.

Had rice and spice taufu.

Spice taufu is selling per portion for RM2.50. We tried it with mayo and sambal. I later tried it with thai sauce, which is not bad. But I like to eat it when it's less hot, you'll get more of the taste and it's not spicy. I think the cook marinated these with spicey before fry it.

You can't imagine the no. of taufu I had that day.

Oh yeah, they have a new pie filling. Tom Yam Pie which is selling at RM2.30. Hopefully I got that correctly. I tapau-ed it home but gave to my siblings coz of my sore throat. So, I don't really know how does it taste.

Check out more raves, here.

There's more fewd but I didn't get to blog about it yet. I'll make time for the other fewd reviews aight.

Till then, gewd nite.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine

Note: I'm sorry if this post is uber long. I'm just pumped to write this long. Thank yew for reading with patience.

I was gonna have a blog post about my dinner last nite with a little of valentine's plan post for the day itself but I was caught up with doing something else that I end up sleeping at 1am. So I thought, hey maybe I should blog on Valentine's Day itself? Hmm, I overslept and didn't get to jog but I think I was up around 8am. Did my usual routine check on the forum, blog/s and facebook.

Played Habbo Hotel for awhile. Did my laundry, cook lunch etc.

But before we get to the part about today. Lemme just post some stuff about the day before.

So, Friday the 13th was the day that me and my sis planned to go to Centre Point (CPS) to get something. My sis wanted to make those stamps but after a discussion with my bro, cubex, we decided to have dinner at 1 Borneo. Well, it's not fun having to cook dinner when you're tired from all the walking or from all the not doing anything at work thing. Well actually more like I spend most of my time at work surfing the net but that make my eyes tired, no doubt about it.

Susy (I hope I spelled her name correctly) from Butterbliz made a special pie. A heart shape pie. Oh I forgot to take a shot of it. Jack did. I'll try to get it from him. I get a taste of it today. I think it's chicken pie. Very tasty! But it's too big for myself, it'd be great if I can share it with everyone else.

Oh yeah here's the actual pies and curry puff from Butterbliz.

I got these photos from Nex btw

Sorry, I tend to jump to different related stories sometimes.

Anyways, we had a hard time picking the things we wanted to eat on Friday for dinner. We actually went to Daiso first. I bought 2 new miniature and some cloth.

Oh!!! Did I mention that I've received my 3 pinky street figures from Series 8? The shipping cost is painful. I should have ordered from the local shop. *sigh. I've learnt my lesson. Or so I think. But don't worry, I'll try to make some time to take photos of them when I'm free.

Here's dinner.

Chicken Rice at RM6 from the fewd court. Additional 50 cents for drumstick.

My rave, here.

Three (3) of us were sort of window shopping and was helping my bro with his gift. Talking about exercise, that's a gewd way to exercise. I mean boy how tiring it is to be walking around 1 Borneo.

There's a new fewd stand!

Hot Roll!

You must be wondering what these are. Paratha Wraps! Yeah, I know, my first impression was, "har? paratha and cheese? what?"

We couldn't help ourselves but to try it eventhough we've already had dinner. But when we saw there's samples of the paratha, we just had to try. Chicken Cheese paratha. Surprisingly it taste really gewd. I mean GEWD!!! Couldn't help ourselves. We bought 2 different flavours. 1 Pizza Paratha that cost RM4.50 and 1 Chicken Cheese Savoury Crispy for RM6.50.

My raves, here.

We left 1 Borneo at around 10pm that nite.

Anyways, on Valentine's Day. I had a card game outing at Butterbliz around 2pm with the CSPians.

They had few rounds of Marriage Material card game. It's funny when somebody loses the game. XD

Remember I talked about a stock exchange card game that looked so complicated that we didn't play last week?

Well guess what? We manage to play it this week. And it's not as hard to play. It's uber fun!!!! I totally love it now! XD

How do you play this game? Simple. This is a trading game. Maximum no. of player is 6. If I'm not mistaken. Each player gets 10 cards. If there's 6 player. You'll get more cards if the no. of players is less.

The players

Anyways, once all the player got their cards, the dealer will place 1 card at the center as the start of the trade. When trade started, players must get the majority no. of cards that they've selected. It's exactly like the stock exchange, chaotic and fast game.

The player who closes the trade gains 5 extra points. The player who holds the max card of a company, they get 2x the no. of cards in hand. But, if the players card is same with the one placed at the center of the trade, he/she is declared bankrupt. Minus points according to the no. of cards in hand.

The game ends when everyone becomes a dealer.

I hope my explanation is not as confusing.

Some shots Jack took of us at Butterbliz playing Wheedle. Notice Nex at the background *cough.

More photos, here.

Here's a video Jack took with his LX3 of us playing Wheedle.

Final score. I lost to "alien" by 1 point. Aiyak~

We were there till 6pm. Thanks to Nex for being such a sport and let us hang out there. I think we were loud. I mean uber loud from all the laffing.

If you're around KK (Kota Kinabalu) and wanted to join our card game session, feel free to drop us a message at the forum, here.

Our plan today was also to play L4D versus. I drove to Citymall after the card game session to have dinner with my bro and his gf at Tenom Station.

I had Sweet and Sour Fish with Rice. Check out the rave, here. It blacked out around 7pm-ish. I was eating in the dark. It wasn't fun. We make jokes about the how romantic it is. Candlelight dinner. *rofl.

Our game session was suppose to start around 8pm but with the current condition, we couldn't help ourselves but to whine. We were hanging out at Arena for quite a bit till we finally decided to find a CC (Cyber Cafe) coz we wanted to play L4D. Since there wasn't any sign of the electricity at Citymall being restored anytime soon.

We went to Powernet after that. We manage to get seats facing each other. I mean for versus mode. We were logged on for few minutes and I was just started shooting zombies when the conection died and we tried to reconnect but that place blackout too.

WTH. That's the suckiest point there. I've waited a week for it and it totally killed my excitement. I wanna blow some zombie brains!!!!!

I think it was nearly 10pm that we decided to go to Fruit Monster, Lintas to yamchar. And yeah, we had some card game session there. We're divided to 2 group. 1 group playing Wheedle and the other play Marriage Material. LOL. We were there till midnite. Gawd. It was still fun but I still wanna blow some zombie brains.

Should I say that the menu at Fruit Monster looks so tempting. And being me, I love cheese, I can't stop looking at it. But I can't eat after 8pm. I must watch my diet. I dislike the flabbiness, I feel fat. Oh yeah, near this place got Luk Luk which only available for supper! WAHHH!!!

Another reason why I should try eat at Fruit Monster next time.

This was Jack's dinner btw. Oh the smell of cheese. I so love. But I notice it's a bit pricey. But yeah.

Anyways, it's almost 4am and I'm feeling uber hungry. I guess I better be sleeping. Oh gawd, I hope I could wake up 3 hours later for the photoshoot. If not, I GG.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Furfle is the new color

I'm sorry, this is not the post about me wearing skirt. That one have to wait a lil longer *giggles. Coz after work I went jog kekekekeke.


One of the other million/gazillion things that I like to collect is beanie!!! Erm no, I'm not referring to a bean bag. Though, that's one of the things I want. Maybe I should custom made one for my room. But you know, I want it to go with matching retro curtains and sheets.

Ogie, lets stick to the topic. Anyways, beanies. Yes, I started having em since erm I can't remember. I always love em but I only got em few years ago. My first one would be a black one with colorful stripes. I used to use a shot of me wearing it as my avatar in CSP forum, lotsa people thought I'm a dood. WTH. =_=" Maybe it's the way I talk in the forum ei? No idea. Do I write like a guy? I don't know @_@"""

I was skinny then *sigh

At of this point, I have 8 beanie in different colors YAY~! Oh wait, I got 1 er I wonder if that counts. I got it from Korea in 1997 I think (*points at the photo, does that count as a beanie?).

The beanie I got after that is from my babe, acompy. I was jealous of her beanies then. These are made by her grandma btw. To order, reply to this thread, here (but orders are close at the moment, I'll buzz anybody who's interested if it's open again). Selling for RM20 each.

I love the green combination with pink coz I love the color, yeah well some people said looks like watermelon.

I also have a a striking red color combination. My recent one from her was a blue one. I got the brown with buttons one at this shop at Centre Point.

I got 2 dark grey and light grey ones at RM5 each from Daiso, 1 Borneo.

And this month, I ordered a custom made one from a seller from Penang at The thread, here. Oh I love it! FURFLE IS DEFINITELY THE NEW COLOR *giggles. Well, actually this seller sells the ones for babies, which I think is so cute! Damn those booties are cute! Anyways, I received my new furfle beanie today. Yeah, some of you guys must notice my status message. I was complaining about Pos Laju. It's becoz of this. I was excited ogie, and Pos Laju is killing my excitement.

Btw, this beanie took less than 2 weeks to complete. It's slightly thicker, but I love this one too. Coz it's furfle.

So yeah, that's pretty much about yet another collectibles from massy. I've put up the links for some of the beanies and where you can actually get em.

I'm overly "beanified" now.

OMG, I saw the seller posted colors of the yarn. Must refrain from ordering another one. *breathe. It's becoming an addiction, it's not funny.

Don't you just love my furfle beanie? XD

That's about it tonite, over and out.