Friday, February 20, 2009

Mia Palencia - Call Waiting

I was up early this morning but not fit to go to work. So, I spend my early morning talking to my babe (acompy). She intro me to this song by Mia Palencia called Call Waiting.

I've been repeating it (you can't imagine how many times).

To Mia, I want this as full song!!!!!

Totally love it!

On another note, I'll blog again later, *running nose.


  1. Her name sounds familiar...

    Nah, tisu... hehehe

    BTW, you have been tagged :)

  2. Love this love this love this love this love this love this love this

    Thanks for sharing massy :)

  3. waaaaaaaa.... ku tlh jatuh chenta dgn ini lagu!

  4. i love mia palencia too...her new song eh?

  5. Nessa: XD kekekek ogie, I'll check it and do my tag XD in a bit *giggles. Yes, she's a malaysian jazz artist, correct me if I'm wrong XD

    Mell_f: thank acom instead, she got me so addicted to it.

    Jard: me too me too!

    Joan: yeah, I think what started as a ringtone turned into a full song XD oh gawd, I wants this!

  6. So, have you caught your nose already? LOL! Hope the sniffles go away soon ...

  7. Nick: almost. thanks