Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Combined: 3 days post

Took me nearly 3 days to blog. Sorry 'bout that. I've been bz and been sick. Well more like I just got sick. Don't worry, I'm drinking plenty of water and I just had a bowl of porridge. But, this post will be about fewd again hahahahah. I'm sorry.

Just came back from L4D session. I'm feeling hungry now. I had tea for dinner. Well at least I manage to skip dinner and not feel hungry till midnite, which is actually not bad. Anyways, I wanted to blog like since Tuesday but I was caught up with stuff. I mean I'm not busy at work or anything like that, it's just that I was out almost whole day on Tuesday (took the day off for Flannie's anima project) and had some other stuff to do on Tuesday. Then yesterday, when I planned to blog, I found out that my 4GB thumb drive is missing. OMG! I might drop it somewhere *shite!!!

So, lets recap what happened on Tuesday aight.

I met up with Flannie and dori at Teluk Likas at 10am for Flannie's Anima Project. Check out the other photos, here. Oh I'm so happy how my jeans look. That happen to be my favorite jeans, ogie I lied, I overall love jeans. OMG I'm fat. Oh, I love my new sheep shirt I bought that online recently from Peep Boutique. *giggles.

Dori's anima session at the other end of the park.

Some camwhore shots after dori's session.

Photo leech from dori, here.

We walked to the other end for the bench. Very nice place but uber hot coz it was nearly noon, forgot to put on sunblock. I hope I don't get a tan. But, my face started to itch and it was painful.

Here are some shots I took of them. More, here.

Before we left the place, we spotted an abandoned washing machine. I was uber excited. You can't imagine how excited I was that time. Here's some other shots I took during the outing. It was so hot that it's not funny but yeah, I nearly thought my shots were overexposed or something coz I couldn't look at the screen. Thank gawd it turned out ok.

Don't you guys think this is cute? OMG!

I took roughly around 50 shots but am not gonna upload everything. Too lazy and I need to sleep coz cough gone bad.

Oh yeah, check dori's post here.

We left the place around nearly noon. We went to Butterbliz at KAC for brunch. Dead hungry man.

The sambal has a sweet and temporary spicy taste, which is not bad.

Had rice and spice taufu.

Spice taufu is selling per portion for RM2.50. We tried it with mayo and sambal. I later tried it with thai sauce, which is not bad. But I like to eat it when it's less hot, you'll get more of the taste and it's not spicy. I think the cook marinated these with spicey before fry it.

You can't imagine the no. of taufu I had that day.

Oh yeah, they have a new pie filling. Tom Yam Pie which is selling at RM2.30. Hopefully I got that correctly. I tapau-ed it home but gave to my siblings coz of my sore throat. So, I don't really know how does it taste.

Check out more raves, here.

There's more fewd but I didn't get to blog about it yet. I'll make time for the other fewd reviews aight.

Till then, gewd nite.


  1. Who the heck throw a washing machine there lar??!!! haihss...but cute oso lar..Kekekekee....

    Woah massy! i like ur jeans..but so panjang juga...overall...nice shots!!! keep it up yah! :D

  2. Amy C: kekekeke I have no idea, kalau kretaku besar, I bring it back man, cute ni...not for junk sake but for props cantik oh..

    kekekekeke and yeah I love my jeans too, I got it from ozzie, I should haf get more isk~

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Looks like the large Clark Kent spectacles are back in fashion. LOL!

  4. nice washing machine shot..

  5. Aj, nice kan the washing machine...thanks XD

  6. washing machine remind me of wallie lah..hahaha

  7. Eat well and get well soon! ;)

  8. alah massy...get well fast!
    i was looking out for ur updates..but teda teda.
    Cute bluey washing machine..i think they throw it there for a purpose, it blends with the sea XD

  9. rach rach: kekekekeke sorry, my update inda ngam timing coz i blog earlier the day, i mean i type the first few lines then postpone my post to another day kekekek sorry 'bout dat. but yeah, i was happy to discover a washing machine there XD

  10. TYC Pie RM2.50 XD

  11. Arine: Eh naik harga XD