Thursday, February 12, 2009

Furfle is the new color

I'm sorry, this is not the post about me wearing skirt. That one have to wait a lil longer *giggles. Coz after work I went jog kekekekeke.


One of the other million/gazillion things that I like to collect is beanie!!! Erm no, I'm not referring to a bean bag. Though, that's one of the things I want. Maybe I should custom made one for my room. But you know, I want it to go with matching retro curtains and sheets.

Ogie, lets stick to the topic. Anyways, beanies. Yes, I started having em since erm I can't remember. I always love em but I only got em few years ago. My first one would be a black one with colorful stripes. I used to use a shot of me wearing it as my avatar in CSP forum, lotsa people thought I'm a dood. WTH. =_=" Maybe it's the way I talk in the forum ei? No idea. Do I write like a guy? I don't know @_@"""

I was skinny then *sigh

At of this point, I have 8 beanie in different colors YAY~! Oh wait, I got 1 er I wonder if that counts. I got it from Korea in 1997 I think (*points at the photo, does that count as a beanie?).

The beanie I got after that is from my babe, acompy. I was jealous of her beanies then. These are made by her grandma btw. To order, reply to this thread, here (but orders are close at the moment, I'll buzz anybody who's interested if it's open again). Selling for RM20 each.

I love the green combination with pink coz I love the color, yeah well some people said looks like watermelon.

I also have a a striking red color combination. My recent one from her was a blue one. I got the brown with buttons one at this shop at Centre Point.

I got 2 dark grey and light grey ones at RM5 each from Daiso, 1 Borneo.

And this month, I ordered a custom made one from a seller from Penang at The thread, here. Oh I love it! FURFLE IS DEFINITELY THE NEW COLOR *giggles. Well, actually this seller sells the ones for babies, which I think is so cute! Damn those booties are cute! Anyways, I received my new furfle beanie today. Yeah, some of you guys must notice my status message. I was complaining about Pos Laju. It's becoz of this. I was excited ogie, and Pos Laju is killing my excitement.

Btw, this beanie took less than 2 weeks to complete. It's slightly thicker, but I love this one too. Coz it's furfle.

So yeah, that's pretty much about yet another collectibles from massy. I've put up the links for some of the beanies and where you can actually get em.

I'm overly "beanified" now.

OMG, I saw the seller posted colors of the yarn. Must refrain from ordering another one. *breathe. It's becoming an addiction, it's not funny.

Don't you just love my furfle beanie? XD

That's about it tonite, over and out.


  1. Beanies!!! i want!! furfle~~ nice ^_^b

  2. Noooo *looks at the beanie you bought from CP*

    Noooouuuuu T__T

  3. Dizzy chan: OMG! ur display photo is so HAWT! X3

    arine: *giggles, uhu, u lambat alah, we cari again la...daijoubu, sure haf one

  4. Eeeeiii i like the purple furfle ones...cute owh...cute on u massy :D

  5. amy c: kekeke cute kan, u should see the link thread i posted, the babies one the seller make, cute oh the green, I actually wanted that one but erm I wanted a furfle more XD thanks

  6. so those are beanies... hehehe.. baru ku tahu..

  7. Jard: LOL XD yeap these are beanies XD

  8. bah mas mas...wear ur beanieSSSsss and we do a photoshot for u..kekeke...

  9. hahahahha vam vam, bulih bah kalau ko XD

  10. bah...apa lagi..betul ni..haha..habis lah ko mas....jadi model lah ko ni kali..practise lah ko punya pose dulu..hahaha

  11. waaa really into online shopping ah..ehhehe...

  12. vam vam: i sux when it comes to posing for ppl XD oh nois

    fiona: I'm dhoomed. @_@ help~

  13. erm...are beanies for girls only or can boys also wear em?

  14. Perry: unisex, it's for everyone! XD

  15. perry..u also interest to become beanies model eh? haha..bah mas mas..wait u..csp photog vs mas mas!!

  16. vam vam: *rofl wut? but i is newb XD