Tuesday, November 04, 2014

[Running] Tiens Health Charity Run 10km 2014

Initially I thought I was gonna be on a complete standstill with running after the Hasuu Tasu 28km Trail Run last August.  This is due to the injury I had since last Feb this year which after misc checking and scanning at the hospital, they finally found the source of my injury.  I have a minor tear at my back, both my lower disc are drained according to the MRI.  May need operation but since I am somewhat on the road to recovery (from the testimonial and treatment I am getting at the hospital), I am somewhat okay, as long as my nerves do not touch certain area on my back and as long as I do not feel any numbness around my legs or hips, I am good.  I should ease up on the running but as per doctor advice, I could run a slower pace, gradually increase my speed with some core strengthening exercise.  I have been on a lighter running regime, 5-7km 3-4 times a week depending on my mood and how I feel on a certain day.  Somehow this injury makes me cranky, frustrated and depressed on certain days and I tend to shut down from everything and just sleep on occasion.

No worries, as long as I do not overdo workout or over push during runs, I am okay. 

But...being me, I cannot help myself.  I love to run.  So, last September, I went and register for Tiens Health Charity Run.  10km only mar.  No biggie.  And you think I would just do an easy run/walk?  Here's the thing about me.  I hate walking.  Walking drives me nuts on a training day.  Not unless it's a walk in the city that I never been, that's a different story.  But yeah.  In an event/race, I would run, unless I can't lift my leg, then that's a different story.  Registration for early bird for this event was RM35 but since I paid via PayPal, my card got charge at almost RM40 lol!  So you thought I would just light jog my way till the finishing line.  Nope, I actually have a target to PB my previous record which is at 58 mins for 10km.  Trained 4 times a week and all I feel is sore and pain on my back.  Only when I run below 6 mins pace for too long, my back starts to act up.  I know for a fact that I could not break my PB but I just have to wing it during the day of the event hee~

Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Review] ash be nimble Sports Apparel

Beverly been telling me about this for the longest time.  I have been in and out of the online store every now and then and I finally made my purchase early August 2014.  Okay maybe it got something to do with her birthday wishlist.

Thought I would get her something from there.  So I did, made my first purchase few days after reading her blog post.  Initially, I was gonna get her the Jungle Print Short but I somewhat wanted the same thing so decided to get it for myself first *chuckled.  Bad Massy bad!

So before I get into detail about the product, lets get to know them for a bit.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

[Running] Sutera Harbour 7k Charity Sunset Run 2014

This post is long overdue.

I have been running this charity run since 2010 and just like any year, as soon as they are open for registration, I quickly go register, not sure why I am excited all the time.  Registration was at Marina Sutera Harbour the reception counter, you can't miss it.

Eventhough it's short distance and crowded, I don't mind running it.  Support for charity.  Registration fee for adult is RM30 and for students is RM20.  I remembered the first time I went was with my brother.  This year's shirt has a better fitting compared to the previous years. Yay!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Asics Onitsuka Tiger Footwear

Lets talk about shoes!!!

Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan, tracing its history back to the formation of Onitsuka Co. Ltd. in 1949 when the 32 year old former military officer, Kihachiro Onitsuka started his company with the hopes of raising postwar youth self-esteem through athletics. - Source: Wikipedia.

Onitsuka Tiger is a footwear brand which offers a wide range of sneakers for man and woman of all ages with amazing stylish designs.  Shoes have been created for football, running, martial arts, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, cross-training, track and field, wrestling, golf, cricket, fencing and tennis.  Many use for parkour too it seems.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[Review] Mi Power Bank10400mAh

The recent hooha for powerbanks, Mi Power Bank.  I know I suppose to blog this earlier like way earlier since the time I got it but I totally forgot about it till today.  But then again, I'd probably need to test it for a bit before I could actually write a review.  So here goes. 

Who would want to miss a RM36 offer for a 10400mAh powerbank? Heck!  My previous powerbank with lower capacity cost me almost RM50 and it works like crap.  In a way.  After awhile actually.  I did some research in the type of powerbank, I was actually interested in a friend's powerbank (can't remember the brand/model) but I couldn't find it.  Somehow this caught my attention and decided to give it a go.  Mind you, I occasionally doubt it cause I wasn't familiar with the brand.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Colourcoil Hasuu Tasuu 2014

Now, if you have been following my blog or you probably know me IRL (in real life), you would probably know me as a runner but all these years, I have always been a road runner.  I had that occasional hiking session with group of runners/friends in the past but never in my million years (exaggerate) would I ever register to run a race that involves trails.  Heck, for the past say 30 over years of my life, my first Mount Kinabalu climb was 2 years ago.  Even if I go Bukit Padang for hiking, I'd probably was doing that to prepare myself for Mount Kinabalu climb or just for fun.

I had this conversation with my running buddy last year, if I could remember correctly, if this did happen? (vaguely remembers) that, if, he runs/completed a full marathon, I would run trails for the first time.  I mean I had always wanted to do it but if I have doubts in my ability, I'd just drop the whole idea.  So, on 1st November of last year (2013), I registered myself to run the Hasuu Tasu 28km trail run (short for HTTR).  And of course in 2014, I was back on running full marathons, had my usual runkeeper training plan and injured while training (mentioned in earlier post).

If you ever decided to join next year, here's the info.: Sabah Adventure Challenge, here and be prepared for it! (I'm serious).

Friday, August 01, 2014

[Review] Kraftfit compression wear

I never like wearing long tights/pants (this coming from somebody who always wear long baggy pants and shirts years ago).  Ever since I started the whole exercise regime (running mostly) and lost a lot of weight, I always opt for short pants, running or casual. 

But since I venture trail running, I have gotten myself an Asics compression tights (if I remember correctly, Rizwan is making me doubting what I bought) from Spotaka, Osaka, Japan last January.  I've used this for road and trail running before but I felt like my abdomen is compressed, so tightly that it's a bit hard to breathe.

Here I was again, researching for the right compression.  Options were 2XU and Skins, but these are so expensive.  I was browsing through 2ndskin and stumbled upon this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

[Marathon] Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014 (Part 2)

It took me a week to write about part 2.  Sorry about that, I was down with sickness and was in a limbo for a week or so, I'm still in a limbo, I'm not sure if it's the strong medicine or the weather keeps making me fall asleep.  Or I might just need my tea fix?  Either one of that.

Back to where I left it off at part 1.  

Day 3 - Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014.

I actually have a vague memory to what I did in the morning, but thankfully I was referring back to my photos and could at least refresh a bit of my memory.  A sign of old age I suppose.  NO!  I refuse! I'm blaming the strong medicine!

I'm typing this post while listening to Seven Lions new EP - Worlds Apart.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

[Marathon] Sundown Marathon Singapore 2014 (Part 1)

I think I better start somewhere before I procrastinate.  Blog it when it's fresh (in this case not so fresh cause I'm still down with the combo sickness and on meds, so I'm quite distracted.  Gonna try to go with it as I type).

Photos are taken with Sony Xperia Z2 (I'll slot in some reviews about the phone).  I brought along my point and shoot camera but did not use it at all! RAWR! Some are from Rizwan and Pammie (Iphone users).

Day 1 - Arriving Singapore!

I had an early brunch, flight at 2pm but I was hungry.  So I had custard smiley donuts from Dunkin Donuts!  2 of it!  Initially I wanted just 1 but you're not allowed to buy just 1, so got 2 and ate both dammit.

Monday, May 19, 2014

[Activities] Coral Flyer Zipline - The Worlds Longest Island to Island Zipline

Ever since I saw Jaco's post about Kota Kinabalu Coral Flyer between island on G+, I have been wanting to go.  It was open for public on 10th May 2014.  I was ecstatic!  Well, I initially wanted to go try Zip Borneo at Kiulu but no friends to go with.  I have organized misc events for my group of friends but sometimes it's just not gonna happen.  Just like trying out indoor climbing.  Mind you, if you knew me then (when my self confidence is below zero), I'm the type of person who is afraid of heights and it would take me more than 10x the amount of thinking which leads to doubts which in the end I won't do it.  I'm have and still is making changes with my life this year by trying out new things (more like clearing off some bucket list) so totally feeling it!

Thanks to Beverly for "pulling some strings" and arrange for everyone to go.  Excited and nervous at the same time.  There's over 10 people, 14 to be exact, who's on this trip, including myself.  Excited cause it's my first time ziplining, nervous probably cause I'm always nervous around strangers lol.  But that's just me.  I probably know a handful of people (or not?) who's going.  Slept at almost midnight, set my alarm to 4:30am (I think I got used to waking up at 4am on a Sunday morning, that I automatically woke up at that hour, I think I actually woke up at 3am and tried to sleep back till 5:30am).  Double check some of my stuff and off to Jesselton Point jetty to meet up with everyone.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

[Activities] Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre

I can't remember the amount of times Beverly drag me to try indoor climbing.  She wasn't the only one.  It's been years and she never gave up.  I always wanted to go try at least once.  I used to jog at Likas Complex Jogging Track and I WILL pass this area but, one of the reason I didn't do it the last time is cause I was shy.  I mean seriously, I would want to drag some friends with me if I could.  I had some plans to go with some peeps but they couldn't make it and plans always just turns out to be just plans.  I'm also afraid of heights and I overthink to the state of doubting.  This time around, when Bev asked me again, I was determined to go, even if I end up going alone.  Thankfully, my awesome sis tagged along.  Mind you, my sis is quite big in size and I've been trying to make eat healthy and exercise.  I was also doubting her abilities.

Just in case, for those who aren't familiar with the location of this indoor climbing centre.  Here's a map.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

[Event + Food] BunyiGuitar x:po @ Sabah Art Gallery + Kung Fu La Mian + Jing-Si Book & Cafe

I'd planned to do an easy run this morning but I got lazy from the lack of sleep.  I also initially planned to go for a swim but I don't want to go alone since I never been to that pool before.  I went to meet up a friend's newborn last nite after my yoga class and got back quite late, lets just say I end up sleeping at 1am again.  Planned to check out a guitar exhibition at Sabah Art Gallery today.  BunyiGitar x:po.

See, whenever I attend an event, I'm usually curious or I wanted to check out something cool to blog about.  I almost don't have anything to blog about, well I do but I prefer not to do backdated post unless people request me to, but I prefer not cause memory tend to fail, I'll end up missing out details hee~ Best to blog when memory still fresh!  Like this post hee~  Check out BunyiGitar x:po event page, here.  In this case, I sort of got attracted with these:

Sunday, May 04, 2014

[Running] Borneo International Marathon 2014

Most anticipated race in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah held annually around early May.  Just cause here, in KK, there's not much running events.  I find myself registering whenever registration announced.  This year, I've decided to get back to Full Marathon again.  I've set up for a 6 months runkeeper training program for "Beginner marathon to finish" (just in case you're wondering, here's a link to runkeeper).  Not a beginner but I don't think I can even run 42km for 5 hours, yet.  I haven't stop running since last year's final race which was the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon which was held around October last year.  I should have blogged about it cause I PB (personal best) my Half Marathon and it was fun!  Like never a dull moment fun!  I'll leave that for another time.

Vague memory is vague, I think I started my actually training program with Pammie and Rizwan in December 2013? Everything was good till I overdid my training (too much hill training or run too fast or running downhill like a madwoman or did not rest enough, either one of these is the culprit) and got injured real bad around end of February.  I didn't know what was going on for a month.  Off running till I feel no pain.  Went to full body massage twice thinking that I might pulled a nerve and tried fixing it, nope, I was still walking funny.  Went to the doctor and was on nerve and painkillers for 3 weeks or so (meds make me wake up cranky and depressed *hates).  Went for physio at Sport Care Plus at Likas twice and went for a 10km test run (easy pace) the next day.  Mind you, I was still sort of working out by walking or hiking (my so called low impact exercise is not low impact at all *chuckled).  I constantly get scolded by close friends for being stubborn.  I think some of my friends know me too well.  But you can't put a leash on a mule (or whatever or however the saying goes lols, I have no idea what I'm trying to relate this sentence to ehehe).  Nope that ain't it either.  I actually couldn't pin-point the source of the pain for so long that finally in the end, a runner friend arranged for an x-ray at the Hospital.  I had my hip, pelvic, groin and spine x-rayed.  Finally, found out the cause of my problem.

Monday, April 28, 2014

[Boardgame] King of Tokyo

Love and hating Blogger app.  I had this drafted via smartphone and it didn't sync with the browser and hang!  RAGE!  Retyping this, OMFG!  And when retyping, everything that's typed is not the same huhu~

Last Friday, I went for boardgame session at Jack's place.  He just got this new boardgame called King of Tokyo.  I went after my Yoga class.  I was slightly hungry.  Thank god I brought along 1.5litre of water with me hee.

What's King of Tokyo?  King of Tokyo is a game from Richard Garfield, designer of Magic: The Gathering and Android: Netrunner.  Basically, it's you (the players) taking roles as monsters, robots or aliens destroying Tokyo!  Minimum 2 player max up to 6 players.  There's only three (3) of us that night.  That works to, test run.  We need to test 6 players one of these days peeps.  Anyone interested to play? 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

[Event] Eclectic Ecstatic 2 @ El Centro

I usually don't have time for events cause I tend to focus on my running schedule, but since I'm on force rest from running, might as well fill up my time with something interesting.  Everyone needs to chill once awhile no?  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[Food] Secret Recipe: Beyond Veggie

I have been wanting to go to Beyond Veggie for awhile, but most of the time I didn't have anyone to come with (yes, eating alone could be lonely sometimes).  This is Secret Recipe take on "eating healthy".  No meat!  Now why can't they have Subway Sandwiches here?  Just saying.

Finally went to have late lunch with Marseh after Thomas Sabo Summer Spring 2014 Collection Event Launch.

There's probably two (2) branch of this franchise which is at Suria Sabah and Metro Town. 
Looking at the menu, everything looks interestingly appetizing.  Randomly picked one of the pasta selection.  

I had Spaghetti Carbonara which cost around RM16.90.  Need salt but I alternate for pepper.  The tempura mushrooms and veggies tasted nice though.  Or just cause I'm not a big fan of creamy sauce?

Monday, April 21, 2014

In pursuit of happiness

Oh wow, my last post was around end of February.  The same time when I injured my left leg (more like pelvic/hip area), I was on painkillers and joint meds for almost a month and couldn't sleep on my left side.  Somehow, thinking about it, I actually looked funny trying to drag myself off bed or car coz I couldn't lift it.  Even trying to put on pants I would need to hold on the table for support.  I feel so old! 

Keep reminding myself that I shouldn't push myself even if I want to.  I could be really stubborn sometimes, I think I'll only stop running if I'm dead.  Haven't had a proper run for almost 2 months is driving me nuts, was alternating with hiking but I recently found out that I shouldn't be doing that either.  Canceled Mt. Kinabalu climb last Friday via feratta.  Gone through a series of ups and downs (more like a pile of frustration) and trying not to occasionally break down from it. 

In the process of healing, estimated recovery time is 6 weeks.  Going through physio, slow exercise is so slow.  Took up Yoga and Swimming.  Lost almost 5kg in the process.  Friends are good support system.  Next race pending Borneo International Marathon on 4th May 2014.  Not sure if I'm able to run for this but being hopeful since there's only minor twitching. Probably just do a relax run not with target time.  Looking forward to meet IG and facebook runner friends. 

I'm planning ahead for next year's activities!  YOLO!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Classic Mani-Pedi with Massage and Foot Scrub

Last 15th February I bought this Classic Mani-Pedi with Massage and Foot Scrub on Groupon for 2 person (my partner in crime, Marseh).  It seems like a good deal (RM29 per person) and it's near.  Being part of New Year's Resolution for growing my nails, and this is obviously the first time for me.

Called up on Monday to set appointment on Saturday at 1:30pm (I was doubting myself - peak hours?!).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Growing my nails

Now see, I've never had long nails before.  Remember in high school, they make you have a certain length for nails?  I got used to that.  My nails were crooked and square.  Bad! I know.  It runs in the family (not everyone though).

Look just how ugly it was!  I tried making it colorfully cute.

Here's another attempt of painting it lols.

 This was last year by the way.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rozella Music

Good afternoon!

Yesterday, I received a private message from Rozie about her new song.  She's doing an online campaign for her new song Genevieve to raise awareness for onebillionrising.

See, I actually know Rozie from blogging years back but I met her for the first time recently at WebcampKK: New Year's Resolution Edition which was held at  Wisma Bandaraya.  And bought her new EP.  

"Rozie!!! I still want an autograph on it!"
Glad I went that day.  Please mind the way I look here.  This is my after work look, so make up confirm melt already.


Rearranging post and labels

As per the above title.

I am gonna go through all my 1029 post that backdated since March of 2006 and list out all the labels I ever use.  Coz I HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO DO IT! NYAHAHA!

I'm gonna make this a scheduled post and so, I will have a post each day (not that I'm gonna blog once a day), just saying that there will be incoming traffic coming your way (if, you are following me of course?).  Hmm, I have an idea of blogging about my nails.  Next blog post after this one, more like when I manage to completely arrange my labels from all those posts.  Notice my 11 draft?  Previous post that I lazy to blog about.  Sorry.  

Motivation level: 95% (bulihlah ah).

  1. I wonder if I update the labels of my previous blog posts, will you get the update too?  Sorry if you do.   
  2. I will need to filter the blog list since some become dead link.
  3. Need to expand the width for my posts.
  4. I'll use my sharpie!  OMG sharpies are so much fun! (I sound like a crazy person).

Uhhhhh I learn something new! *excited.

Reach page 30 with 3 pages of labels listed.  Dafudge!?!  What was I thinking?

Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 for the change

I initially wanted to start a new blog at weebly coz this blog is so unorganize, like a new start?  But then again, might as well just change the layout and hopefully I don't get so lazy in updating it this time around.  I probably think that I should clean up my room a bit and donate some of my clothes?  Just a thought though.  This is not a sudden change, I already planned to do it just that I tend to procrastinate and everything gets dragged till when I actually have time (plenty) to sit down in front of the computer and do it.

I hope I still have readers, hee.

Neways, why did I made a collage of my running photos as a banner?  Simply, coz I love doing it.  Been doing it since 2009 or earlier than that and I actually joined the 7k Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run in 2010 with my brother and the rest is of the first row photos are from the following year till 2013 (I'll change it when I join this year's charity run), hence the first photo.  Everything else is self explanatory (I made a lot of running friends throughout the years).  I'm still not a good writer/blogger but I try my best to make it as clear and as interesting as possible.

I'm still trying to remove those Ads from my blog, wanted a clean look.  Oh my coding skills are rusted.  I still find Photoshop CS2 is so simple in comparison with CS6.  Oh my headache.

I'll also try to blog about my running experience and share whatever related to running and of course food/travel posts.  Hee~

Till then,  thanks for reading.