Monday, February 24, 2014

Classic Mani-Pedi with Massage and Foot Scrub

Last 15th February I bought this Classic Mani-Pedi with Massage and Foot Scrub on Groupon for 2 person (my partner in crime, Marseh).  It seems like a good deal (RM29 per person) and it's near.  Being part of New Year's Resolution for growing my nails, and this is obviously the first time for me.

Called up on Monday to set appointment on Saturday at 1:30pm (I was doubting myself - peak hours?!).

The package includes:

Great deal no?

Saturday came and I went for a run in the morning as usual, took an hour nap (if you call that nap),  got ready and left the house at 12:45 noon, did not expect the long stretch of cars.  What usually takes me probably less than 15 mins to get to Metro Town got expanded to almost an hour.  I hate being late for an appointment.  I got there at 1:35pm.  

The shop is located just above Lucy's Kitchen, convenient, parking rate 1 hour RM1.  I estimated that I could finish this in an hour and Marseh could get to her class on time.  Nope, did not happen.  It was crowded on that day.

This shop also offers other services. 

Crazy color scheme,  I couldn't decide, but I wanted something "Electric Blue".  So I pick these.

Oh god, I can grow my fingernails but I don't think I can do the same for my toenails.  *sobs.
It was fun!  I would definitely wanna do more pampering in the future, given that I have money to do so hee~

So many choices for food at Metro Town.

After that went for late lunch + dinner at Qing Bou Leong (first time here).   There's three (3) branch for this which is at 1Borneo, Damai and MetroTown (according to foursquare).

I had Zhi cai wantan mee soup, RM7.

Taste okay, the dumplings were flavorful.  

I also had Hong Kong Style Zhang Fen, RM5. 

Taste nice for vegetarian, the cheong fun is a bit thick though.

I also had coconut pudding, this is a bit dry and sweet, RM3.  The ones at Gayang tasted better!

And also wait was this water chestnut? I don't think it's barley hehe~

We had a long talk and it was fun! :D

That's pretty much how mani-pedi and Saturday went.  Safe from additional parking fees yay!  How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, great colour choice!
    Urgh, Saturday noon traffic is absolutely the worst! I always schedule my appointments for early morning or late afternoons on that day.

    1. Coz that's the only time my fren is free.