Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rearranging post and labels

As per the above title.

I am gonna go through all my 1029 post that backdated since March of 2006 and list out all the labels I ever use.  Coz I HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO DO IT! NYAHAHA!

I'm gonna make this a scheduled post and so, I will have a post each day (not that I'm gonna blog once a day), just saying that there will be incoming traffic coming your way (if, you are following me of course?).  Hmm, I have an idea of blogging about my nails.  Next blog post after this one, more like when I manage to completely arrange my labels from all those posts.  Notice my 11 draft?  Previous post that I lazy to blog about.  Sorry.  

Motivation level: 95% (bulihlah ah).

  1. I wonder if I update the labels of my previous blog posts, will you get the update too?  Sorry if you do.   
  2. I will need to filter the blog list since some become dead link.
  3. Need to expand the width for my posts.
  4. I'll use my sharpie!  OMG sharpies are so much fun! (I sound like a crazy person).

Uhhhhh I learn something new! *excited.

Reach page 30 with 3 pages of labels listed.  Dafudge!?!  What was I thinking?

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