Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 for the change

I initially wanted to start a new blog at weebly coz this blog is so unorganize, like a new start?  But then again, might as well just change the layout and hopefully I don't get so lazy in updating it this time around.  I probably think that I should clean up my room a bit and donate some of my clothes?  Just a thought though.  This is not a sudden change, I already planned to do it just that I tend to procrastinate and everything gets dragged till when I actually have time (plenty) to sit down in front of the computer and do it.

I hope I still have readers, hee.

Neways, why did I made a collage of my running photos as a banner?  Simply, coz I love doing it.  Been doing it since 2009 or earlier than that and I actually joined the 7k Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run in 2010 with my brother and the rest is of the first row photos are from the following year till 2013 (I'll change it when I join this year's charity run), hence the first photo.  Everything else is self explanatory (I made a lot of running friends throughout the years).  I'm still not a good writer/blogger but I try my best to make it as clear and as interesting as possible.

I'm still trying to remove those Ads from my blog, wanted a clean look.  Oh my coding skills are rusted.  I still find Photoshop CS2 is so simple in comparison with CS6.  Oh my headache.

I'll also try to blog about my running experience and share whatever related to running and of course food/travel posts.  Hee~

Till then,  thanks for reading.