Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[Running] X3 Challenge - Night Run 21

Now, for starters, actually don't know what I was thinking when I registered.  Okay maybe I do and wasn't satisfied with my BIM HM timing but you know how when you run so often that whenever there's a race, you tend to register on impulse?  I think that was the case.  So I did, exactly on the closing date which was on the 7th May 2015.  Registration fee was RM100 for normal fee, cheaper for early bird.  I thought my registration didn't get through but surprisingly it did.  And I got the confirmation in an instant.  Anyways, before I forgot to mention, this race is organized by AsiaXtreme.  This particular race, the X3 Challenge is a 3 day event, with a marathon (in this case, a half marathon) on the first day, a duathlon on the second day and triathlon on the third day.  Mind you, I have been getting some bad reviews about race organized by this organizer but I am still optimistic.  You won't know unless you experience it right?

Training was as usual, but instead of hiking, I would just run loops at Bukit Padang.  But I'm not always in a good condition to run.  My back pain occasionally will come back to taunt me.  I also thought I would just do long runs one the weekends but my car decides to fail on me a couple of times.  In this case, 3 times.  So, even if I did manage to run, I still think it's not a good enough training. 

Friday, June 05, 2015

[Review] Fitbit Charge HR

I had a lot of stuff to blog about but never did.  Procrastinating.  Today decided to blog about Fitbit Charge HR.  I don't recall as a kid that I have sleeping problem but I know for a fact that during school days, mum would come into my room and have the most high pitch voice you could imagine, telling us to wake up.  I'm experiencing childhood trauma, it's like I'm in this black hole loop.  Exaggerate!  But you get my point.  I didn't care about how many hours I would sleep in a day but I never have noon naps.  As I grew older, not sleeping becomes a habit (gamer's problem, you just can't get your hands off the keyboard or mouse), soon it became a problem.  I barely get enough sleep these days, I would blame it on age.  *chuckled.

So while I was trying to find a fix for this problem of mine, I went to see a doctor to seek medical help.  I was given sleeping pills but I stop taking em after few tries cause I didn't like how it made me feel in the mornings and just sleep whenever I could.  Brain too active maybe?  Neways, to cut story short, and Internet being your best friend, I went and research about gadgets/apps that could get me to track my sleeping patterns.  That's how I first came about Fitbit.  I know it was founded in 2007 but I wasn't sure when came to know about it.  I was sad cause Fitbit wasn't available in Malaysia then.  It was then known for tracking your steps, like a pedometer.  Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm recalling by memory, and it's somewhat vague at this moment.  Now you might think that you could just use that traditional pedometer that you hold and press as you walk.  That thing tires the thumb.  Few years later, I came to use this phone app called SleepBot.  It was good at first, but once they updated it, I got irritated with the updates and removed it.