Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TMBT Ultra Trail Marathon 2017 - My first 100km trail marathon

After 2 years of going haywire from the blogging world (maybe less coz I blogged for The Borneo Blog), I have decided to blog about my first 100km ultra trail marathon experience.  Initially wanted to do it via Instagram but I have reached the maximum number of characters that I had to cancel my post entirely.  I also thought blogging would be easier to backtrack just in case I wanna go back and reflect to the crazy things that I had gone though in life 😅

If am gonna start with my preparation and costings this would take awhile to finish, so am just gonna go straight to race day.  Here goes nothing.

Pre-race: 15th September 2017 (Friday)

I was definitely feeling the pressure, my condition before race day;
  1. I fell on my butt the week before race day.  Actually I fell a couple of times at Bukit Padang before.  WHY?!? 😕
  2. I was on and off of sickness (flu, fever, cough, sore throat) for a month or so, had hives all over my body (every time I feel heaty), was allergic to everything, on antihistamine every 3-4 days.  Had to go gluten and dairy free for few days.
  3. I twisted my right ankle after my B2B training (roughly 50km total) and was still recovering.  Went to chiro to fix it, after 5 days, I started running, slowly.  Went to the sports doctor to check my legs, apparently I still have minor swelling on my right ankle (there's minor pain but that's manageable). 
  4. Had issues with my lower spine few years back and still managing that 🤣 (manageable with stretch).
  5. Diagnosed with plantar fasciitis on my left foot maybe a year ago (manageable with splint and stretch).
  6. Had an allergy on my right eye, was off contact lens for a week.  Blurry vision everyday.
I was also on and off running for a month.  The panic OMFG!  Tried to clock in as much mileage.

Had the hardest time to sleep after I packed and checked everything.  I didn't want to take antihistamine but was itching so badly, I would wake up and rub ice all over to cool my body till it's finally time to wake up.  That's when I realized that both my eyes were swollen, popped a pill *sigh.

Race day: 16th September 2017 (Saturday)

Funny friends.  Lucu ko mond.
The early risers.
I swear I remembered that the bus transfer to the starting point leaves at 3am.  I was at Avangio around 2:10am.  So early.  I could have slept longer if I know it actually leaves at 3:30am lol.  Bummer.  Thanks Pame for getting me buns and mineral water 😘.

Photos before the the journey.

The bus left at 3:36am and I managed to get some shut eye. 
With Pame and the other 100km participants, sorry pacer 🙈

Arrived Lingkubang at slightly before 5am (that was fast) and settled the drop bag before crossing the hanging bridge (that took awhile, traffic jam).  Mind you, I had my glasses on and had to switch to contact lens.

Scanned my timing chip and stretch a bit.  That sudden moment when your back suddenly in pain 😟 maybe it's just nerves.

Group photos with group of peeps! 💜

It was so crowded and there were too many people, sorry if I didn't spot some of my friends.