Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lunch Outing

I took the day off for this!!! XD

Acom dun scold me. U come back I promise i go with u XD

Anyways, today went to Wan Wan for lunch with doridori, rob-jr and gnd.

Anyone who never been there, should go and try! It's located along the road pass Beverly to Penampang, well it's actually before the traffic light. On your left.

We were there since around 11am-ish, and moved to Big Apple at Citymall right after. Yes I had 2 Iceberg donut but it wasn't enuff T_T *cries

And not forgetting I got my copy of the mars-and-uranus artbook. Finally! Autographed! YES!

Oh yes and I is cut my hair @_@ The hairstylist wrongly cut my hair super short @_@

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I is tagged

I is tagged by acom. Sorry, I is forgot about this.

It's a short one so I'm fine with it.
  1. I love to eat: fish! I is cat XD
  2. I hate to eat: non crunchy vege hehe
  3. I love to go on: holiday!
  4. I hate to go on: driving with retard drivers around
  5. I love it when: it rains. Ogie, no lah, when I found something nice to take photo of
  6. I hate it when: my cats hate me T_T
  7. I love to see: green
  8. I hate to see: people argue
  9. I love to hear: gewd music yes acom it is nice to hear gewd music. indies is my genre XD
  10. I hate to hear: people who talk big @_@ habuk tarak~
I'm not gonna tag ppl, since I'm a gewd person *cough cough XD

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I got tagged by acom. No worries, it's a short one. I'll do it tomorrow morning or maybe later. Since I'm too excited from today's outing.

Cloverfield is a 2008 American monster movie produced by J. J. Abrams, directed by Matt Reeves, and written by Drew Goddard. Source: Wikipedia.

Here's a less than 5 mins spoiler. Well actually I watched this before, so I got the idea of wut this movie about XD

TEAM VERTIGO VS CSP in CLOVERFIELD was suppose to be a challenge to Julian a.k.a sotong. I'm there to document it, I mean take photo of him vomiting. *kidding!

More reviews from the forumers, here.

But before planning to watch, please dun ignore this note/sign. Pinjam ah, gambar sepa amik ni?

The idea was to follow my bro, but I end up driving myself T_T kesiannya. Oh well. I missed out American Idol audition for this man!

Enuff of dat, here's some before the movie shots of sotong.

he's ready! well, i think he's having 2nd thoughts XD

I won't give any reviews, but maybe I'll put a spoiler in the forum hmm see how it goes. Actually, I brought along 2 plastic bags for ppl who feel like vomiting XD *rofl.

After 1 and half hours, well, I was hoping it would be longer a bit maybe? XD Here's some shots of him after the movie.

he vomited! nolah..kidding XD

see, he still can pose bah

Everyone else oso can! XD WE SURVIVED!

After the movies, we had some discussion, outside the cinema. *rofl. Can't get enuff XD

We continue our discussion at Salim after that. And had an exclusive interview by kcishere. See after watching Cloverfield still can eat roti telur. *rofl

Wait for some blog posts from kcishere, sotong and doridori.

More photos, here.

Overall, it was fun! And funny! I enjoyed watching it XD Dun mind watching it again *rofl

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Voice Acting

So I end up sleeping for 4 hours today @_@ I seem to be very blur. I guess plus medicine it makes me feel a bit terrible. Coz I dun think I'm able to remember anything ppl said @_@ well roughly speaking.

Anyways, yeah, the plan was to jog on Sunday. But since my sis canceled it, I end up sleeping for 4 hours coz she bug me. @_@ asked me whether I wanted to follow her and mum to Gaya Street. Like hello?! @_@ I'm sleepy ogie. I followed my bro to Mindslaver, KAC today. Well actually I'm suppose to be blogging and resting on Sunday. Well, wut can I say, Sunday is my lazy day. I get very very I mean VERY lazy on Sunday. I would prefer stay at home man. Seriously!

Some might enjoy this, KEEP IT TO URSELF!. NOT MY FAULT! He willingly one ah!

Enuff of dat. I didn't document/take photo of the D&D session. @_@ Yes, something must be really wrong with me. Instead, I was playing MKDS (Mario Kart DS) till it died. Oh nois~ We were there till 5:30pm (roughly).

Well, as promised, to my sis of coz, that I, my bro and IRT would do voice acting for RTM? I think. So, we did. We went for dinner at Jati Tom Yam at Putatan (somewhere near KFC?), I think my bro loves the tom yam there, I didn't get to try it yet, scared stomach upset. After that, we went to Ampal Studio around 7pm-ish.

This is actually my 1st time. So, I'm a bit blur when asked to speak in Sabah english. Well, how do ppl actually speak in that language? @_@ major blurness. Anyways, I juz use my normal english, I sound seriously weird. I got a lil confused coz my sis were cutting some lines without telling me @_@ major blurness.

omg, we totally covered the equipments @_@

Oh forgot to mention, we met Asmin Mudin (lyricist for the song Gemilang by Jacklyn Victor), he's the one who did the recording. Fun experience XD

More photos, click here.

We finished at around 9pm and went for yamchar for awhile at Putatan and went home after dat. Well it was fun doing voice acting, well excluding for some tongue twisting moments @_@ hehe.

Please take note! Guest DJ for 1st Feb 2008, will be KC *cough cough. Check his blog post here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ravejoint Outing and Dungeon & Dragons (D&D)

This is gonna be a very long blog post.

For those who missed out Julian as Guest DJ for Sabah Vfm moment, click here. Thanks to zero for this copy.

I was suppose to go out early, I wonder why I was late @_@ yes, I was late. Gomen ppl, thanks for waiting for me. T_T We arrived at Wawasan Plaza at around 11am-ish. Well maybe it was around 11:30am?

Planned this outing since the 15th January 2008, a rave outing to Ssam Station, FYI, it's korean fewd, check out our discussion thread here (there's also a menu there hehe). Surprisingly nobody raved about this kewl place. @_@ no worries. I'll do the honor. XD Loved the interior and the fewd presentation + fewd *thumbs~

Check out some raves here.

this is a must try dish! seriously! this is called Do Si Rak. there's a selection of beef, chicken and seafood. a regular bento cost RM13.80 and a deluxe one cost RM23.80. as some said, the beef/chicken = heaven XD

my first visit to this place, i tried the ra-myun noodles (chicken). this cost RM7.80. i'm quite ogie with it. slightly disappointed coz it's not spicy T_T but the chicken omg i lurve~ well actually i choose this coz i scared i can't finish if i ordered rice XD low on appetite T_T (sucks to be me *tsk~), actually i wanted to try the kimchi fried rice hehe, but scared my stomach can't take it hehe XD

this is called Bi-bim-bap (fragranced steam rice. spicy) - RM 9.80 i'm speechless when i saw this. coz it's too cute to look at XD yes something must be really wrong with massy hehe @_@

Wut? Only 2 photos of me? *sigh

We were there till around past 1pm. We went to Mindslaver at KAC after that for Dungeons & Dragon (D&D) session by kcishere. Actually today's session is for noobs. Hehe. No, I did not play, I'm documenting it, and I'm the OBSERVER!

First thing to do, is to create your character, well obviously u need the character sheet.

well, juz like in the games, u need to name ur character, the race (human/orc/elf/dwarf and etc), class (druid, cleric, barbarian, paladin, rogue and etc). this took them 3-4 hours. @_@

That's not the only thing you have to think of, you have to have at least some characteristics to how your character behave, look like, his/her background etc etc.

*uhuk uhuk, here's the player's handbook. *tempted tempted~

filling the character sheet. ahh now i remember, it's cubex's hand XD

the players and the DM *cough

dias playing dementium: the ward on ds. urgh punya men laju! chapter 5 or more tu T_T i only reach chapter 2 man *sigh. nvm, i play FF mwahhaha XD

Well, since I know that I won't be gewd at explaining some of these stuff, might as well go here.

For more photos, click here.

Took some photos of fewd at Anjappar, check it, here.

Pretty much it. Will post up more photos at my facebook album soon. Tonite too tired. Enjoy reading! XD

Friday, January 18, 2008

Julian as Guest DJ on Sabah V FM

Well juz to remind everybody, that "sotong" a.k.a Julian will be a Guest DJ for Sabah V fm tonite. The show starts at 11:15pm till midnite.

Radio frequency: 92.7fm

Or you could listen to it via winamp.

Some instructions:

open winamp
go to shoutcast
and search for sabah v fm
click on it and it will autoplay in winamp

or go to their official website

Here's the discussion thread, click me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been "literally" dead

I'm sorry I haven't been updating. I have plans on Saturday, I promise I'll post a long one mwahhaha.

Anyways, I went to Karamunsing today. *sigh wut's wrong with the clothes these days? @_@ I seriously in need of a new sling bag *sigh. Hikosen Cara one is too ex *sigh. Sakit jiwa.

Went and eat at Usagi Japanese Restaurant. Shitake Tempura oishii~ XD Check out my raves here.

Other stuff, I've been bz playing Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. I'm going crazy yes. I'm addicted. *roll yes. I'm talking about games again aren't I? O.O"" gomen~

And last but not least, my 6th pinky street figure!!! MWAHHAHAH! I so loving it!!!! MANY Thanks BakaNeko! XD

Monday, January 14, 2008

TDD Meeting + ArtJam + NDSL Session

I'm sorry for the delay. I've been tired and lazy at the same time *rofl.

I was late for the meeting so, dun really know wut it's all about.

Some drawings from ArtJam.

this is done by clerence. check his other artworks here (well his and choco's artwork)

something from rob-jr

astaga who made kobyakawa cry?

look at shadow, concentrate tu playing game XD

Anyways, I missed on the MTG (Magic the Gathering) session also, coz I was bz playing NDSL. Though I got shots of cards.

And finally, group photos. Well thanks to the Kopicat staff for helping to take this. XD And sorry to the other ppl who missed out on the group photo. It usually comes in the end of the day ^^;;

Last but not least, wut IRT doing? O.O And choco, r u enjoying ur view? ^^;;

Anyways, that's pretty much it! XD Till the next gathering. CSP FTW!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's a long

I'm dead tired now, but I'm in a very gewd mood, so I'm gonna blog first then only go shower.

a shot of me by chucky

Started the day with a photo outing with Flanegan and Chucky at Bandaran. Suggested by Flan actually, check the thread here.I think it's educational and fun. Yes, well excluding my blur expression every now and then. And of coz the camera *cough difference *cough cough. No, I dun haf a pro cam yet *cries.

I shall post up some photos here

WARNING!!! DO NOT CLICK THIS PHOTO IF YOU'RE EATING. I won't be hold responsible if you vomit blood. ^^;;

Here's a shot of a dead rat omg ewww! click me.

I'm gonna put it on link coz scared some ppl might be scared of spiders.

So, this shot here is from the photo outing, click me.

And this shot here is from home ^^;, click me.

Btw, for more street/urban photos from the photo outing, click here.

I'm too tired now. Maybe I'll upload some other shots later.

Was there since 9am (*urk I was a bit late) till 11am (*roughly). I went home directly afterwards. I reached home around 11 something ish. Showered, ate lunch and went off to Toybox, Damai for NDS Gathering.

itu "scarlett" minta puji tu di tengah

not enuff chair, some had to stand XD but still it was fun! XD

There were 7 NDS user. Myself, Shadow, cubex, doridori, kanariya, toybox, and BakaNeko. And other CSP member who were there includes, diasrandford, MasterMune, dxtremex and rob-jr.

We played a lot rounds of Mario Kart DS. OMG! We were loud. Seriously!!! We were there since 12 something till 4pm. ^^;; imagine that. Well, it didn't end juz there, we went to Yoyo after that, and played a 4 player game of Puyo Pop Fever and Namco Museum. OMG! It was seriously fun! XD

After yoyo, followed the other 6 guys to cyber cafe. They wanted to play CS. But the cc dun have that game. So they played Call for Duty 4 instead. It was 3 vs 3. They were loud and it was funny. I didn't wanna play coz it's too confusing for me and I'll expect headache after that. NO thank yew! XD

We got off maybe around 7pm. Went to dinner. Thought of having dinner at Rafflesia Chicken Hut but it was closed due to renovation? *blur I think la. So, we went to KFC Foh Sang instead. But guess wut? It rained and I barely can see the lines on the road. And it was dark and the lights are like *sigh. Yes, I can't see clearly at nite *sigh >_<" me hate me eyes! Anyways, yes, I lost my way, called my brother but can't reach, so called his gf instead. THANK GAWD! He came and "pick" me up and guide me to the place ^^;;

Went home after 8pm. Yes, I haven't shower yet. Urgh I'm so tired. I decided to blog directly before I forget everything. I should blog directly since my brain is pretty much active rite now. And resize all the photo XD

Overall it was a fun exciting day! XD

Thank gawd I took holiday for tomolo. If not I'll be cranky XD kekekeke

Happy reading!