Sunday, November 15, 2009

fallenone's Wedding Dinner

Been contemplating about blogging this coz I didn't have too much photo to post but, I finally decided to blog about it on this rainy day coz I wanted to show you guys the wonderful fewd we had last Thursday.

Yes, you heard that right.  Last Thursday was the dinner.  I'll just post photos aight.

Dinner was at Equatorial Restaurant at Tg. Aru Plaza.  I never been there.  Lucky for me, my  brother drove us there hehe.  I'm such a lazy arse.

I wore one of my maxi dress that I bought online.

Yar, this is one of those rare occasion that massy descided to wear dress hmm.  Somehow I look slim here.  Tipu! I am not that slim orz.

Dinner is served around 8pm.  I think.

Entertainment, oldies songs, Nick's uncle?

More fewd.

And in between waiting for the next fewd to arrive.  Neko decided to make something for cube.

Which is this... *speechless.



And more fewd ;)


And a video of Nick singing MWAHAHAHHAHA.

Oh btw, check out the kid at the end of the video XD so cute.

Last but not least, CONGRATS TO NICK AND JEAN ;)


  1. I love your hair! ^____^

  2. @cicak: my hair is longer. Reminds you of my wig doesn't it? @_@"""

  3. waw... your hair is sexayyy!! ;) Love the dress too... slim ba ko... unlike me, just like Gloria the hippo! :*(

  4. @Nessa: OMG I dun think my hair is sexay at all. Macam messy sudah ni. I love my maxi dress too :) I'm fat >.<

  5. Fuiseh, Mas in a dress. Okay bah... :-)

  6. @Dan: @_@""" strictly on rare occasion XD

  7. massy wore dress! massy wore dress!!
    nice bah mas.

  8. massy in the dress look like Ella..huhuhuh

  9. Jewelle10:42 AM

    Macam mana slim baru kena panggil slim :-D You look fab bah. And love how your hair cover part of your face, mysterious...:-D

  10. ohnoes!! my online debut~~ >.<

    lolz thanks mas for the pic. btw you look great like tat, serious!

    also that's not my uncle. He's my dad =)

    And the kid at the end is my cousin's son. cute nuh?

    Thank you so much for attending the wedding reception, massy.

    And the golden question... when's your turn?! XP

  11. @aj: I'm not ella @_@

    @jewelle: Thanks. Erm, I think it doesn't really show in the photo above. I'm actually er fleshy.

    @fallenone: cis, oh! Oh man, salah dengar. But kena announce as uncle so I blur @_@""" Ohhh your cousin's son is very cute. Punya active tu budak. He wants to sing too. Fewd was great. HAHAHHAHAHA my turn? I wonder.

  12. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I was "instructed" to attend elsewhere... split events... ;_; wuuu...

  13. Nice dress, Mas! :D

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  15. @kent: instructed to go somewhere else? @_@

    @cindy: ;) thankie

    @kenwooi: ;)

  16. happy couple there...

    nice dress btw :D

  17. @Henry: yeah ;) and thanks.

  18. massy in dress..ok bah..should wear often.

    mana the wedding dinner? the food look so sedap!!

  19. @Joan: XD hahahhaa I dun wear it often enuff. The wedding dinner is at Equatorial Restaurant at Tg. Aru Plaza, u go in from the parking can see sudah tu ;) Makanan sedap oh.