Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend DIY Project: Camera "Box" Pouch?

I've been wanting to sew something but I tend to laze around and watch tv every other weekend too.  This week was different, I was motivated.  ;3 kana sama.

Since my current camera pouch (for the PNS camera looks fugly, gawd, sometimes I'm embarrassed by the looks of it that I decided to make one today).

Anyways, lets get started.  Tried to draft my pouch and try to imagine it as a box.  Could roughly see how my pouch gonna look like.  Phail.  Then, I took an A4 paper and try to fold it into what I think it should look like, quite successful in making it with paper.  And I'd referred some photos from Project by Jane, click here.  Written instruction seriously doesn't help.  I'm too lazy to read.  So, I decided to go with the flow and try to make it my own way.  Trial and error.

Aight, so first, I lay an A4 paper (I'd measured the camera for a rough estimation of how big the camera would be but an A4 paper worked), cut two (2) different cloth, in this case, the red hippo design that I bought online ;) (so cute) and for the inner layer, I'd use a blue polka dot cloth I bought from Kamdar (Kamdar is your friend).  And since I need protection for the camera, I'd added sponge.  Now, of course you can't forget the zipper.  7 inch ones is enough in this case.

Next, I'd cut the hippo printed cloth into two (2) cause I didn't want it to look like it went through a loop and look weird (of course if you have a single design you can skip all those cutting it into half part).  Sew the edges  and attach it to the zipper (shown as photos below).

It looked something like this.

Once I'm done with that, I took the blue polka dot cloth and sew the sponge together.  This is to prevent the sponge from moving around LOL. 

Then I attached it to the sewn hippo cloth, should look something like this (as shown below).

Done with this part.  Look, can make it as arm cover :) *giggles.

Last minute changes to the pouch, I add a strap holder.  I think it's easier to hold in this case.

It was tricky fixing it to the pouch.  Oh yeah, that ended my session with the sewing machine.  I hand sew the rest.  I was gonna sew it the way the tutorial had shown but it doesn't seem to work, lets just say after that whole arm cover thing, I had been sewing and taking it off coz my brain stop functioning at that time.  It was 2am btw.

I'd continue my sewing today after lunch.  And this time my mind was clear.  Had to took off the sewing I did the night before and started folding it.  It looked like a pencil case.  I'd ironed it, and folding it in so that it'll look neat.  In this case, I got tired and almost give up and it really shows in the way I sewn it.  *procrastinating.

Thank gawd, I finish one side, it should be folded like this.

Once done, I fold it in a triangle shape and attach it to the outer layer. and cover it up.

I did the same for the other end.

FINALLY!!! I finished it! ;)

And this is the final product.  Cute no? ;)

Hang it.

I'm very satisfied but I need to sew the other side just in case.  Soon.

Till then.  Happy weekend and thanks for reading ;)


  1. wow, another DIY section by massy. ^_^v

    4 thumbs up - *_*b

  2. @Nova: kekekekek yeap, I couldn't help but to make tutorial of the DIY hehehehe ;)

  3. Love it love it love it!! >__<

    God I wish I can use my mum's electric sewing machine.

    Takut jari kana jarum bah. Haha.

  4. @cicak: electric sewing machine ada lampu? bulih nampak bah tu..try sewing at 2am, you see double ;)

  5. an you do one for a Canon 400D?

  6. Well done! :)

    Especially when the pouch itself is machine washable.

  7. @duck: I'll make one for myself XP

    @Danny: Thanks, yes, especially if it's cotton ;)

  8. ello mas.. lama tak dtg sini.. ehehe..

  9. @Jard: yeah lama jua aku inda visit blog mu XD

  10. Amboiii.. pandai pula ko jahit-menjahit ni!! Tak ku sangka Mas... hehe

    So kiut... can make for me?? ^-^

  11. woah! hebat! nice nice! :)

  12. @Nessa: Ikut mood, sometimes pandai malas wakkakakakak

    @baity: thanks ;)

  13. @Donna: thankie ;)