Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since fewd is a problem at my current work place, I decided to make my own.

This is  my lunch for the last 2 days.  I wanna see how long I can take it till I get bored of it, like the time when I had vegetarian brunch or instant noodles almost everyday.  Lets just hope this healthy meal will last.  IT was carrots and chicken burger yesterday, today's menu is carrots and french bean, or maybe additional salad? 

I seriously don't lose any weight from thinking about it too much LOL.

Anyways, November has been tense for me.  I'm guessing it's bad feng shui.  I'm tense all the time and I don't like it coz it's affecting everyone else.  I apologize for my behavior.  I need to be quarantined from everyone else.  I can't handle noise well, reason why I spend most of the time in my room.  It's peaceful there, me and my music ;)

Lets everyone eat healthy ;)


  1. woah! rabbit food?!!! looks like crash diet....hopefully u can lose weight, more weight...ganbatte massy!!! :)

  2. @Amy C: yes, those carrots need to be crunchy so I could sound like one LOL kidding.

  3. I salute you for eating this food. I seriously don like carrots and french bean, inda mo masuk tekak oh :( But carrot kek lain crita la... hehe!

    it's normal Mas, I oso don like loud noises and i get cranky pretty easily too... but I don eat people! ;)

  4. wahh.. sedap bah itu.. and healthy too :) used to cook that in KK whenever i have time :)

  5. tiba2 i feel like going to burger king! wahahaha

  6. @Nessa: Have to, I wanna skip the whole rice thing but today hmm I had Prosperity Burger for dinner. *blames ppl who posted the photo of it hmph~

    @Henry: Yes, it's nice I love it ;)

    @Sal: wuah punya kijam. Lucky I already eat Prosperity Burger ;)